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Week ending Friday 6th March

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we are looking at the text Supertato. We are even spending two weeks with this book because we think it is so fantastic!


We started off the week with a new number of the week - Number 15. We love teaching a number a week, it has been a great way to dig deeper into our learning and to really think about the numbers we are using. We use our number of the week to think about all our maths topics including quantities, weight, money, number recognition, patterns, capacity, number sentences and thinking about 1 more and 1 less than a number. We love sending home the homework sheets as well, if you complete any of the activities fill out a WOW moment in class and we can celebrate it all together. 

I think our favourite task this week has been designing our own Sueprtato. We didnt all create the same and the children really thought about what they wanted to do to recreate Supertato. They have turned out amazingly! 
We have also been working on matching numerals and quantities. We read the number and had to count out the correct amount of potatoes to match. This was tricky but when we took our time we were fantastic at it. 
We also thought it would be a good idea to taste some of the fruit and vegetables in our story. Although sometimes we thought we didn't like it, when we tried we were pleasantly surprised. The children then wrote which fruit or vegetable they liked best. 
We finished the week with a fantastic trip to Salford for World Book Day. We have been learning songs written for the story 'The Princess and the Pea' and we went to perform these songs with lots of other school. It was such an amazing experience and the children all looked fantastic - thank you for helping the children dress up to create such a special day. 

We've had a lovely week and we are all looking forward to another week on Supertato. 

Have a great weekend,

Reception F