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Week ending Friday 8th December

Welcome back to Reception W's blog. This week the Christmas spirit has truly taken over. We have been so busy. Let's take a look at our learning this week.
We have been busy in Santa's workshop. This has been so much fun. We have developed so many skills as a result - we have been learning about sizes, shape, cutting, problem solving and communication and following instructions - all as a result of wrapping gifts! 
We have been busy developing our knowledge of the number 4 - we have been looking at different ways to represent 4 - writing it, using fingers, using marks, using number lines and number tracks etc. What is amazing are the number of different ways children discovered to represent numbers. Net week it will be all about 4.
We have of course, been busy working away on our nativity. I am sure that when you see the final performances you will be bursting with pride. The staff are smiley
We have also been very busy developing our ability to identify the first sound in lots of different words. WE have been playing games and putting decorations on the Christmas tree with the correct initial sound. The children are great at hearing these sounds.

Finally, a great big thank you to all of those parents who came back early to attend the RWI workshop. I am sure that you'll agree the information was invaluable and the resources we gave away are perfect for supporting your child in their ability to segment and blend sounds together in order to read words.


Don't forget the nativity is next week on Monday pm and Tuesday am - if you haven't yet requested tickets please go to the front office as soon as possible.


Have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe. Staff and children in Reception w