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Week ending Friday 8th November

Hello and welcome back to our class blog. This week we have been very busy exploring our text Tiddler. We have loved this story and there has been so many different learning opportunities within the book. 
We started off the week with our new number. This week we were learning all about the number 7. We started off the week as we always do with our magic carpet activity. The children love this and it is such an amazing source of fantastic conversation and critical thinking about what objects can go on our magic carpet. 
We've done some fantastic writing this week. We've been completing our challenge to hear the initial sounds in words relating to our story and we have been fishing for our sounds to make different characters from our story.  We are working really hard on hearing the different sounds in our words and our writing is improving every day. 
Everyday we are trying to complete our funky finger challenges. Whether this is squeezing and rolling playdough, threading, practising using our scissors or carefully placing colours to make a mosaic - it all makes such a difference. Look at this fantastic octopus, mermaids tail, fish tank and a mosaic picture frame that we have made this week. 
This week we have all worked together on our display to make our very own Tiddler fish (although we added a lot more colour!). We were thinking about creating repeating patterns on each of his scales and I think it looks fantastic. Make sure to come and have a look because it is on our display in our creative area. 
We've had another great week and we have definitely learnt a lot about fish and oceans. Next week we are going to be reading Charlie Cooks Favourite book and I am sure the children are going to love the story.