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Week Four

Welcome back to our class blog! 


This week the children have been reading the story Super Daisy. 




In the creative area the children have been making rockets 🚀 using 2D shapes. The children have been naming the shapes and using particular shapes for a purpose. The children’s task was to label their rocket, we had some fabulous independent writing. 

Our Rockets

In the writing area the children have been making their own plate of food, just like Super Daisy. We didn’t forget that everything comes with peas! 

Our plates

In the funky fingers area the children used mashers to squash peas with our own superpowers, we used our 1 minute sandtimer to time how many we could squash. 

Mashing Peas

In the maths area the children used our Super Pea adding machine to make number sentences. The children rolled two dice to find out how many peas to put in the machine. We then counted all the peas together to find the total. The children recorded their own number sentence. 

Super Pea adding machine