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Week Six



Our Julia Donaldson theme continues this week with Zog, a dragon who attends dragon school to learn lots of different skills. 

On Monday we went on a trial to find Zog, we followed 9 different clues around school that asked us questions about the story to guide us to the next clue. We eventually found what we was looking for..... a dragon egg. 

Our Zog Trail

We are continuing to develop our vocabulary by describing the characters from our story of the week. This week. The children had to describe Zog and the events of what haplended at various points in the story, we talked about the structure of the story and how we could add to the story. 


We have continued to observe our dragon egg, 🐉 🥚 we have been using magnifying glasses to take a closer look. 

This week we have been doing lots of challenges independently, from making our own dragons 🐉 in the playdough, to writing about what we would like to learn about in dragon 🐉 school. In the role play area we have been doctors just like princess pearl in the story. The children have been developing their funky fingers skills by trapping the dragons 🐉 with string. 

Our challenges