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Westfield Girls Netball Blog

It's hot!
It was very hot outside for our training session today, and most of the girls were still giving it 110%.  It was great to have almost a full team with us....Get Well Soon Lucy M :(
We are hoping this weather continues for you all over the Easter Holidays.
Player of the Week
Molly Callaghan Hoskins
Well done!

After a very short weekend break, we were back in training again.  Mrs Rothwell and Miss Oddie spilt the girls into two teams looking at everybody's special skills getting ready for the matches after Easter (hopefully!)  It became clear that we have the talent and skills to not have just 1 team but maybe 2!!  We have a great group of dedicated girls (and parents!) and cannot wait until we can show off our skills against other schools around our area.
Player of the Week
Courtney Coleman
We have wanted to give this award to Courtney for soooo long, and this week she sowed a much improved attitude, maturity and effort-WELL DONE!!

Friday and training??
Well done to all of the girls who really enjoyed training today.  You were very dedicated to attend on a Friday afterschool and put on such an amzing training session.  Mrs Rothwell is currently contacting different schools to arrange a few matches hopefully after the Easter holidays

Player of the Week
Naomi Stothers
Well done Naomi!

Rain, rain go away!
The girls had an excellent training match today, Blues v Yellows which ended at 11-13.  There was plenty of action and goals to keep the girls from bothering about the 'Wigan' know 'the stuff that soaks you through'.  They played brilliantly. 
Mrs Rothwell took some girls to practice their footwork and drill skills and they learned a funky little dance to help them remember the footwork rule.  
Player Of the Week
Codyleigh Wishart
for her fantastic goalkeeping skills!
see you all next week 

Yes it's cold....but we are dedicated!

Another cold session outside today, but the girls were on fire!!  We missed Miss Oddie, and hope she gets better soon.  
We changed the teams around and spoke about what we can do during our playtimes to practice our skills.

This week the player of the week trophy goes to a girl who has never missed a session and always puts 100% into training showing perseverance and patience!

Player Of the Week
Lucy Hunt

Well done to all of the girls at training this week, you all tried your best in the very cold conditions!

Player of the Week
Beth Williams

Welcome Back!!

Today's sesssion was fantastic.  It was so nice to welcome back Naomi and watch the girls' skills that they have gained in our first term of playing.  All of the girls look to be enjoying themselves and beginning to coooperate as a team.  
We are challenging them this week to practice passing and shooting at break times, which may also give them the opportunity to talk to other children about netball and the fantastic skills they have gained.
We struggled to choose a player of the week between three girls, but we mutually agreed that the player of the week had retained her vigour and passion for netball and tried her hardest tonight.  So well done to..........

Player Of The Week
Megan Thompson

It's been good to dust the cobwebs off today and get ready for the exciting things the girls have in store for us this year!


Sorry for the late blog!  
We played benchball again, and had lots of fun.  Our player of the week this week was difficult to choose.  Megan T blew us away with her very impressive footwork, Whitney D was amazing in defence and we had lots of girls trying really hard.  However, we have chosen someone for making us all smile and putting in lots of effort and showing us her growing confidence.

Player Of The Week
Charlie Folksman

There will not be any training this Monday (19th December) but we look forward to seeing the girls back at training on Monday 16th January

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



Is this Netball???

Due to the very cold weather and sudden downpours of hailstone we practised inside this week.

However, instead of Netball we played benchball.  The two games have very similar rules, but instead of a net to score in you have to pass the ball to a team member standing on a bench.  

The girls really enjoyed themselves, and felt well worked out by the end of training including Miss Oddie and Mrs Rothwell

Although we didn't play Netball, we still thought that one player in particular deserved player of the week.  There were a few stars in today's practice....Whitney, Courtney, Lucy M and the list could go on. 

But the Player of the Week goes to Ellie Forshaw
Excellent practise Ellie!
You tried really hard to work as part of a team and found some skills that you had been hiding away!

We hope the weather improves by next week. then we can get back outside and enjoy ourselves!





Again we had another brilliant session, welcoming 4 new players ; Charlie O'B, Charlie F, Codyleigh and Alicia.  They played brillantly and fitted straight into the team.
We now have a full squad of 20 players and are now getting really good!!   

We missed Amber at training this week hope she feels better for next week, and it's brilliant news that Liberty will be joining us again very soon!

Our player of the week is Beth Williams.  She is proving to be an outstanding goalkeeper, and it is fantastic to see her really enjoying herself whilst learning new skills. Well done Beth!

Hope to see you all again at training next week, and a big thank you to the girls' parents who are supporting them and encouraging them to play.


Excellent training session

The girls played really well in training and were trying out new passes and perfecting their footwork.  Lucy  H was brilliant today as goalkeeper-jumping up high to try and stop the passes, well done Lucy! 

            We have definitely got some super star players our team but our Player Of The Week is                         WHITNEY DAVIES

She played superbly, making sure the ball did not go past her all training session and never gave up!  Well Done Whitney. 


Just to remind all girls who haven't attended sessions for quite a while that your place will be given away this week unless you speak to Mrs Rothwell or Miss Oddie.  

Also, if any girls in Y4, 5 or 6 would like to join our team please speak to us-you will have lots of fun!!

And finally.......thank you to all the people reading our blog, we have recieved a massive 93 hits which really lets us know that we have lots of supporters out there!

See you soon




What a fantastic tournament! 

The netball team did Westfield proud, out of five matches the girls won three. The girls played fantastically, they followed the rules and played their postions well. 


The girls with their medals. 

We are very excited to be joining the netball league in spring term! 

Netball sessions will continue as normal on Monday the 21st of November. 

Thanks for your support 
Miss Oddie/Mrs Rothwell

Netball Update 11/11/11

What a fantastic practice session we had today. Miss Oddie and Mrs Rothwell had to choose two players to be the match winners. Well done to Chloe Taylor and Caitlin Gaskell. 

Wish us Luck for our first match on Monday! 

Netball Update 9/11/11

We will be having an extra practice session on Friday the 11th of November after school. Please can you follow your normal Monday routine regarding home time. This session is due to last Monday's session being cancelled. 

Exciting News: On Monday the 14th of November some of our netball girls will be taking part in a netball competition at Pembec. The children who have been selected have attended every training session and are very excited about their first match. Letters will be going out today giving details of the event. This match is for charity and is supporting 'Children in Need'. 

Please return to our blog to find out how the girls did in their first competitive netball match. 

We would like everyone to know that Westfield now has a Netball team!  It is accessible for girls in years 4, 5 and 6.

20 girls were chosen from a list of many to begin training and since September we have been trying really hard to understand the rules of netball, and begin to work as a team. 
Unfortunately, we have noticed recently that a few members of our team have stopped coming to training. If you are currently a member of the team, but do not want to carry on playing Netball, please tell Mrs Rothwell or Miss Oddie then we can give your place to someone else (we have a long waiting list!)

During the first few weeks, we practiced passing and catching the ball, marking our opponents, and looking at how our feet land and turn during a match.  We have been playing a game of netball for 2 training sessions now and Mrs Rothwell and Miss Oddie are very proud!                                                                                                                                              

Netball club is all year round, so if you are interested in joining the team, please inform Mrs Rothwell (Y1W) and you can go onto the waiting list.  We train on Mondays 3.15pm-4.15pm and there is no charge for the club.

Please continue to check out our blog, as we will be posting information about our training sessions, our results and fixtures when we start to play, and the PLAYER OF THE WEEK  as from next Monday.

If you would like to find out more information about Netball, or watch a clip of a match please visit

Thanks for checking out our blog, we hope you enjoy reading about our brand new (but fantastic!) Netball team.