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Westies Book Worms

Welcome Bookworms!!    
    We are halfway through the book we are reading, it is called The Sheep Pig by an author called Dick King Smith. 
    So far Mrs Hogget has wanted to eat Babe! Fly's puppies have all gone to new homes, but now  Farmer Hogget has decided to train Babe to herd the sheep......who ever heard of a pig herding sheep!! 
    Some of our worms have drawn posters advertising the book club. We sit down and chat about the chapter we have read whilst enjoying some juice and a biscuit (ssshhhhh, don't tell everyone that)
    Every week after book club we go home and write a review about the chapter we have just read. 
 You will know us when you see us as we wear special badges. 
 Tune in soon and we'll tell you more about what's going on down on the farm.