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What a great week we've had!! The children were fantastic in our assembly and thank you for all your support. 

At the beginning of the week we had an exciting opening ceremony to our Olympic week, where we were introduced to different athletes. We were amazed by all the medals they brought with them.

We even got to hold one of the olympic torches from the London 2012 Olympics!! The children loved it!


Fingers crossed the rain stays off for next week and sports day can go ahead! Check out our pictures from this week and watch our assembly again!

Have a great weekend!

Friday 10th June

Wow!! What a week we've had! It's been so exciting!


First we would like to say for all your support yesterday for World Book Day! The children looked fantastic and loved dressing up! Also a BIG thank you for all the books you have brought in! There was so many!!

The children have had lots of fun today choosing new books and looking at them all!


What a morning we had yesterday! Our trip to the DW was fantastic and the whole class were so well behaved!! We were so proud!

We go to see all the trophies and went into the home changing rooms where all the kits had been put out for the children to see!


Check out our pictures from our fantastic week!


Have a great weekend! Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron!



Have a great weekend

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The Children have done an amazing amount of work based on the Clocktower! We built our sentences by using vocabulary circles and X Factor sentences. The children then put their work together to create a description! The teachers were blown away by it! Well done everyone!

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What a fantastic last week of term we've had! The children have been so well behaved during this exciting time!

We had our Christmas party on Monday! We had lots of lovely party food and played games in the classroom. We then went into the hall to have a good dance and play some more games and won prizes!


On Tuesday we had our Polar Express afternoon! The children had hot chocolate and fudge like the children in the film! The class loved the film and were all snuggly in their pyjamas.


The children have also been completing some important work and have done so well in it the teachers are all really proud of them!


Well done to certificate Jessica for being the perfect year 2 role model!


We would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays and we'll see you bright and early on Tuesday 5th January!


Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron! xxx


Welcome back to 2F's blog!

Well it's been an exciting week in Year2, the Christmas tree is up and we've been opening our advent calendar every day!

To fit with the time of year we have started to look at the book The Polar Express! The children have loved reading it and we will be doing some exciting writing on it next week!

This week we have been looking at nouns and adjectives and identifying them in sentences. The children had an extract from the book where and used different colours to highlight them.


In science we have been exploring different materials and their properties. The children had objects of certain materials on each of the tables and they had to write down words to describe them.


In topic we have been building houses for when we make London. We've learnt about different sources of information and how we know all about the Great Fire of London.


In Maths we have been learning to tell the time! We've looked at O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Keep practising the time at home!


This week certificate winner was Oscar! Well done!


We hope you have a great weekend and see you bright and early on Monday!


Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron.


What an unusual week we've had this week!!

When we came into school on Monday we were taken straight into assembly where the children were told about some strange goings on that happened during the weekend! An egg had landed in the ALPs! So after assembly we went out to the ALPs to see what had happened.


We then thought about where the egg had come from, who'd brought it and why was it here! The children came up with some great answers to these questions!


On Tuesday Miss Mousdell wasn't in school...but an alien was!! He had trashed the classroom leaving green glittery footprints everywhere!


The children shared ideas about the planet the alien may have come from and designed their own and wrote a piece of writing describing it.


Throughout the week the children have come up with some fantastic ideas and completed some brilliant work! Miss Mousdell enjoyed reading all the letters the children had written telling her everything she had missed!


Well done to Lewis for receiving the Pupil of the week certificate for writing a fantastic letter to Miss Mousdell!


After such an exciting week the children deserve a rest this weekend! See you bright and early on Monday!


Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron.


Hello again from year 2 F.


Once again we have been amazingly busy, there's hardly enough time to play outside!! (only kidding). In English

we have been writing our own spells and they are really gross, filled with blood and slimy snails and even big bogies!!!. We so enjoyed thinking of horrible things to include.


We have been very clever in Maths creating our own arrays and identifying columns and rows. We are all Mathmagicians.


Our new topic is The Great Fire of London which happened in 1666, which was a very long time ago but it is very 

exciting to hear about how the houses caught fire and did you know, there was no fire brigade so the people had to use leather buckets.


Well done to Bailey for being chosen as Pupil of the Week!


Finally. the most exciting day of the week CHILDREN IN NEED!!. We dressed as super heroes, princesses, ninja turtles and Mrs Turton was Pudsey Bear. An extra treat which we didn't expect was yummy chocolate rice crispie cakes with edible Pudsey badges made by Rhys's Grandma which we really enjoyed and we would like to send  a huge THANK YOU!!!!



See you next week love from year 2F Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron xx




What a fantastic week we've had!


In English the children have been writing their own story based on Zog, where a dragon goes to dragon school. The children had different animals and had to write about their animal going to school to learn different things. The stories were fantastic and in some, speech marks were used!


In Maths we have been practising our counting skills, going forward and backwards.


We've had another trip to the ALPS this week! This time it was linked to our topic work of Going on a Bug Hunt. The children worked in groups and built a bug hotel. Take a look at our pictures below.


This week Mitchell was awarded the Pupil of the Week Certificate and received the trophy for key stage 1! Well done Mitchell!


We hope you all have a great weekend and see you bright and early on Monday!


Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron


Welcome back!


We've had a great week doing lots of different things!

In English we've designed our own super hero and villain and described them! The children came up with some fantastic ideas for super powers. We created a class super hero called Ice Man, who could freeze the villains and had a button that squirted water that turned to ice. The children have loved doing this work linked to our book fair!

We also buddied up with 4F to read books from the book fair, the children had so much fun!

Take a look at all our pictures...


This week we'd like to say well done to Jack for receiving the pupil of the week certificate for working more independently! Well Done!


Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you for the effort that had gone into the children's costumes today!


We hope you have a great weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron.


Hello again from Y2f. Once again this week we have been extremely busy and we are going to share our news with you.


Monday saw us putting on our wellies and making our way across to our adventure learning space. Our mission was to read and follow a map. Do you know how difficult it is to read a map?. No neither did we until we tried but we did get the hang of it and managed to follow the map and locate lots of interesting wild life (watch out Bear Grylls ). you'll be pleased to know we didn't eat any of it.


Our science lesson carried on from this as we learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. We have added new words to our vocabulary such as Metamorphosis which means to change into and Pupa which is what the caterpillar changes into before it becomes a butterfly. Who knew that a wiggly caterpillar could change into a gorgeous butterfly.


In maths we have talked about and practised 1 more and 10 more using a hundred square. this is exactly what the name suggests, a square with numbers from 1 to 100. Our teachers showed us a clever way to count in tens simply by jumping down 1 square, clever eh?.


We continued our story of The Troll in English. We changed the animals and rewrote the end just like a real author would. We found some great ways of getting rid of the poor old Troll.


Finally Rhys was pupil of the week and he received his certificate at our good work assembly. Well done Rhys!!. What a week! we are sooooo tired so we will say Good Bye until next week.


Love from all Y2f, Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron.

Hello again from Y2F.



Once again we have had a very busy week and have learned lots of new information. In English we continued our story of the troll, did you know that it is very similar to another story called the Three Billy Goats Gruff?. We have been comparing the two stories, which is a very grown up thing to do. We also had fun drawing wanted posters of the pirates in the story so please be on the lookout for Hank Chief and Peg Polkadot.


In science we have been learning about life cycles. We looked at the life cycle of a frog and how they develop from frogspawn. we also looked at the human life cycle and you will be impressed to know that we are in the third stage which means we are children. The next stage is teenagers and we are sure you are all looking forward to that!!!.


In our maths lessons we have been looking at place value and using Dienes equipment to help us understand how many tens and how many singles. We are now able to write and make two digit numbers.We have finished the week looking at our local area. 


Phew! we are exhausted just thinking about what we've packed in,we are definitely ready for the weekend..


Have a good weekend

Love from Y2F,Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton & Mrs Marron.


Here are the highlights from our week...


The children have started to look at the story The Troll! This week they have been thinking of questions they would ask the Troll. For example, how did you feel when the pirates told you to walk the plank? The children were lucky to meet the Troll (Mrs Turton!!) and asked their questions. Some of the children then pretended to be the Troll.

See Pictures underneath


In maths, we looked at 2D and 3D shapes and looked at their properties. We learnt the junior word 'vertices' which means corners. The children impressed all their teachers with their knowledge of shapes!

See pictures underneath.


A Special mention to Tia who was given the Achievement certificate this week for being a Silent Superstar! Quietly getting on and completing all of her work! Well Done Tia!!


Just a few class notices ... Can we just remind you that PE is on Tuesday. Homework will be given out on Mondays and to be returned for Friday.

We're so pleased to see so many children bringing their reading books in! Keep it up!


We hope you have a great weekend! Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron. xxx

Welcome to Year 2F's Blog!

Well it's the start of a new year and the children have settled in well!

The children have worked really hard and impressed all of their teachers!


Can we just remind you that PE is on a Tuesday afternoon so if all children could make sure their kits are in.


Hope you have a great weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell, Mrs Turton and Mrs Marron.