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Y2W Blog


Week ending 27th June.


What an exciting week we've had in Year 2W.


On Monday we had our Sports Day, we took part in lots of fun activities such as javelin throwing, long jump and golf. We played football and netball AND ran a sprint, hurdle and relay race. We made Mrs Dougherty proud because we all tried our very best in each activity. Look at some of our Sports Day photos.



Sports Day 2014

Today the whole of Year 2 visited Blackpool. When we arrived we explored the pier and the promenade in order to find the features of a Seaside town. Later on we created some beautiful seascapes. During our trip we had a delicious ice cream, played Hook-A-Duck (we all got a prize!!!) and even bought some seaside rock!!!! We absolutely loved our day at the seaside- it was amazing!!! See our pictures below.

Blackpool 2014

Week ending 6th June 2014.


We've had a fabulous first week back in Y2W.


In Numeracy, we have worked on developing our addition skills. We had lots of fun using dice to generate addition calculations.


We have been adding a 3-digit number to a 2-digit number:-


132 + 25 =


A 2-digit number to a 2-digit number:-


52 + 34 =




A 2-digit to a 1-digit number:-


14 + 8 =



In CFL we have continued to explore the work of the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. 


We have worked together in small groups and as a whole class in order to produce pieces of art in the style of Kandinsky using different materials.


We used the 2Simple - 2Paint a Picture program to re-create our 'Warm' and 'Cold' Kandinsky style pictures. We learnt how to use the pen and fill tool.


Our Pupil of the Week....


Chloe S- for simply being Chloe and always making her teachers smile.



Week ending 23rd May


Welcome back to the Year 2W class blog!!!!



Over the past week all the children in Year 2W have completed their Year 2 SATs in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Everybody has worked extremely hard on these very tricky, independent tasks and each and every pupil has given their all, they should feel proud of what they have achieved this week.    


During SATs week the children were invited to attend a free Breakfast Club. After they had eaten the children took part in different activities such as Brain Gym and Tai Chi. Check out our photographs.  




Also this week we have been learning about the Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We have learnt that when Kandinsky listened to certain pieces of music he would see colours and shapes and that this would inspire him to paint. We looked at some of Kandinsky's paintings to see what colours and shapes he used.

Pupil of the Week was...


All of Year 2W for their hard work and dedication during a very challenging week.



We hope that you have a lovely half-term break and look forward to seeing you on Monday 2nd June at 8:35 am.

 Week ending 25th April.

Everybody in Year 2W has come back to school switched on and ready to learn!!!!

This week we have been exploring Position and Direction in Numeracy. We learnt how to use coordinates to find and position objects on different maps.

We also explored how to describe the position of objects using language such as 'to the right of', 'next to', 'below', 'above' and 'in between'. 

In Literacy, we have been finding out all about Woodland Animals.
Did you know that there are 17 different types of bat in the UK?
The Pipistrelle bat is the smallest breed and is only 4cm long and weighs the same as 11 paper clips!!!!!

We discovered that owls cannot move their eyes but are able to swivel their heads almost 360 degrees!!! Also, did you know that not all owls hoot? In fact some owls screech, hiss, yap or EVEN snore!!!!

On Wednesday it was St George's Day. St George is the patron saint of England . We found out that that he was born in Turkey and was a soldier.

Our Certificate Winner:-
Adam L- 
for coming back to school with a calm, sensible and mature attitude.

Don't forget!!!!

Year 2 are visiting the Walker Art Gallery on Monday. Children need to come to school early and wear full school uniform.

Please bring packed lunches in a carrier bag labelled with your child's name.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!

Week ending 4th April

It's been another busy week in Year 2.

 In Numeracy we have been learning about angles- we used Annie the Angle Eater to help us discover if objects and shapes contained right angles. Did you know that a right angle measures 90 degrees?



We worked hard in CFL to put the finishing touches to our London houses. We were all really excited when we were able to take our finished houses to the ALP’s. Once we were there we placed the houses close together so that they represented a typical London street in 1666. Then we quickly formed a bucket line.

We watched as the blaze started in the Bakery- and quickly spread from house to house! The children (with a little help from the teachers) passed the 'buckets' from person to person in order to put the fire out!
Have a look at the video of London burning on the ALPS. Click here.


As always we had a fantastic response to the Easter Egg Competition- all the entries were 'eggcellent!!!'

Have a happy Easter and we will see you back at school on Wednesday 23rd April.

Week ending 28th March 2014.

On Monday all the children in Year 2 were invited to watch a very funny and entertaining production about the history of Maths. We learnt how Maths has been used for hundreds of thousands of years.

In our Numeracy lessons we have been learning about symmetry and have had lots of fun exploring symmetry in shapes and patterns.

In CFL, we looked at different eyewitness accounts of the Great Fire of London. We learnt about Samuel Pepys, who wrote a diary about the fire. We wrote our own diary entry. We also created a newspaper report about the Great Fire of London.  



We have continued to explore forces in Science, this week we carried out an investigation to discover the effects of a force on different materials.

Our Certificate Winner is....

Isobel M- for just being ISOBEL:-

Inspirational, Superb, Outstanding, Beautiful and an Excellent Learner.

Week ending 14th March 2014.

 This week has been assesment week and all the children in Year 2W have worked exceptionally hard to complete some very difficult Year 2 tests.


Even though we found some of the tasks tricky, we have all  tried our best. Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Heyworth  are so proud of each and every one of us and can't wait to tell you about our progress during Parent's evening.


In CFL- we have carried on learning about the Great Fire of London. This week  we found out about King Charles II who was on the throne in 1666. After the fire he ensured that some very important changes were made.



In our Science topic, 'Forces and Movement' we started to look at and then carry out lots of different actions. For example, opening a door or writing with a pencil.

For each action, we had to determine whether we were exerting a push or a pull force.




Our Certificate Winner is-

Lewis Mc- for absolutely blowing Mrs Dougherty's socks off with his independent writing.

Week ending 7th March.

We've been working hard this week in Year 2.

In Numeracy, we have been partitioning and recombining 2 and 3 digit numbers using the Dienes equipment.

We know that

237 =
200 + 30 + 7

and that
56 =
50 + 6

we also know that

300 + 40 + 0 =
AND that
70 + 1 =

In CFL we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We learnt that the Great Fire of London started in a bakery on Pudding Lane in 1666 and burnt for many days. We created a timeline to show what happened each day. We have also been finding out about modern-day London and compiled fact files about the different landmarks you can visit today.



Great Fire of London



London Today

On Thursday it was World Book Day and everybody came to school dressed as their favourite book character- even  our teachers!!!! 



The entire class visited the Book Fair and everyone had the chance to read a book with a Year 6 pupil. It was fabulous!!!!



We all took part in the Superstar Storyteller competition in which we had to read an extract of a story to the class. Mrs Dougherty was blown away by how well we all read using our storyteller voices. It was a tough decision but she chose Jake Hewlett as her winner. Well done Jake!!!



We all took part in the Superstar Storyteller competition in which we had to read an extract of a story to the class. Mrs Dougherty was blown away by how well we all read using our storyteller voices. It was a tough decision but she chose Jake Hewlett as her winner. Well done Jake!!!



Click here to see our Super-Star-Story-Tellers reading their stories.

Our Certificate Winner is:

Lewis Mc for his enthusiasm and engagement when learning about the Great Fire of London.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!

Week ending 14th February


(Happy Valentine's Day!!)

It's been another busy and exciting week in Year 2.

In Literacy, we have continued looking at Roald Dahl books. We wrote a Kenning poem about one of the characters from George's Marvellous Medicine. Here are some of our Kenning clues, can you guess which character it is?

Bug eater,

Tea slurper,

Chair sitter,

Medicine taker,

Fast grower,

Grandson hater.

It was.........



Did you figure it out?

In Numeracy, we have continued our work on Fractions. We have moved to finding fractions of number. We have worked hard to find 1/2, 1/4 and 3/4 of different amounts.

In CFL, we created a set of instructions to show 'How to make a Pizza', using time connectives and 'bossy' words. We also evaluated the whole 'Ready Steady Cook' topic and all stated how much we enjoyed each part of the topic.

On Wednesday, we visited St Mark's Church. We met Will, who helped us explore different parts of the church. 


On Thursday the whole school took part in the Westfield Bike Shed Bake Off. Each class created a cake- our cake was made to look like a swimming pool.



Lots of us brought in fabulous cakes that we had baked at home. Our teachers were astounded by the quality of the cakes we had made. Check out some photographs below.

The judges had the impossible task of selecting a winner from each class, Hannah was the Year 2W class winner for her pink cup cakes. 



Our Certificate Winner is.......

Lyndon for being an absolute Fraction Fiend when finding fractions of shape and number.

Have a fabulous half-term and we'll see you on Monday 24th February at 8.35 am.


Week ending 7th February!!

Welcome back to the Year 2W Blog!!

In Numeracy we have been Fraction Fiends and have been learning how to find 1/2 and 1/4 of different shapes.







In Literacy, we planned and wrote our own version of The Three Little Pigs. Mrs Dougherty was over the moon when she read our writing!!!

We have continued to learn about Materials in Science . This week we planned and carried out an investigation to find out what happens to chocolate when you heat it. We found out that the chocolate melts and changes from a solid to a liquid.

In CFL we worked hard to make the pizzas we had designed. We had lots of fun and all thought that our pizzas were delicious!!! We also learnt about staying safe in the kitchen.

Our Certificate Winner is....

Codi-Leigh for coming back to Westfield  with a mature, sensible and ready to learn attitude.

 Hello again's been another busy week..
In Numeracy the children have been working on division of numbers, by grouping and then using number lines to take groups of numbers away. All the children have worked really hard with this and certainly made progress .

The children have also been finding out about the author Roald Dahl. We have used the computers and found out lots of interesting facts about the man himself.

 Did you know .......
   he was born in Wales
   did all his writing in a shed at the bottom of his garden
   always wrote on yellow paper with pencil.

On Wednesday we had a lovely treat, Mrs Dougherty arranged for a theatre company
to come into school and perform a "maths show." It was called Countback Kids. There was lots of audience participation and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

Congratulations this week go to Teodora as she was our certificate winner this week and in assembly she was chosen to be Pupil of the Week for Key Stage one...


Happy Birthday to Hannah we all hope you had a lovely day.


Love from Mrs Forsyth and Mrs Haselden x



As you can see from our photographs, we have had another fabulous week in Year 2W because on Wednesday we visited Pizza Hut as part of our Ready Steady Cook topic. While we were there we tasted lots of different types of pizzas. We thought about how each pizza smelt, looked and tasted. When we got back to school we voted for our favourite pizza toppings and recorded our findings in both a tally chart and a block graph. We are going to use this data to help us design our own healthy pizzas.

In Literacy, we have become master poets and have created our own Kenning poems about different animals. We have learnt that a Kenning is a way to describe something by using clues rather than saying what it is and that there are only two words in each line of a Kenning poem. Here is one of the Kenning poems we created:-

Jungle dweller,
Fast runner,
Meat eater,
Whisker twitcher,
Sneaky creeper,
Loud roarer,
Mane wearer.

Can you guess what it is??????

It's a......




In Numeracy, this week we have been working on multiplication using arrays, repeated addition and have been making links to division... All the children have tried their best and have impressed Mrs Dougherty immensely.

Our Certificate Winner is...

Jenna for impressing Mr Lewis with her enthusiastic contributions in RE.

Jenna also won the Pupil of the Week trophy!!!!!!

From now on PE will take place each Thursday, can you please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school. Thank you.  

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday.


Welcome back!!!

It's been another busy week in Year 2.

We have been learning about multiplication in Numeracy and have been using arrays to help us.



In Science we continued to learn about different types of materials, both natural and man-made.

We received a letter from the Perfect Pizza Company. They want our help to create a new range of pizzas and have asked us to design pizzas which are both healthy and tasty.
We are going to visit Pizza Hut next week to help us with our designs so we wrote a letter to Pizza Hut to let them know why we are visiting.

Our Certificate Winner is....

Connor for his mature attitude and for always doing the right thing.

Hello and Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to our first blog of 2014!!

We have had a fabulous first week back. In Literacy, we have looked at poems called Tongue Twisters. These poems are called Tongue Twisters because they are very tricky to say. We have had lots of fun reading different Tongue Twisters out loud to each other.

Click here to see us reading some Tongue Twisters.

In Numeracy, we have been thinking about repeated addition and multiplication. We have learnt how to find the answer to calculations like 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 =


have been using counters and cubes to help us with our x2 and x5 tables.

Our new CFL topic is 'Ready Steady Cook'. During this topic we will design and make a healthy pizza.

'Grouping and Changing Materials' is our new topic in Science. We have talked about different materials such as wood, glass, fabric, metal and paper. Then, we worked together to decide if certain materials were natural or man-made.

Pictures to follow.

Our Certificate Winner was....

Laura for coming back to school switched on and ready to learn.

Week  ending 20th December.

Welcome to our last blog of 2013!!!

What a busy weeek we've had!! On Monday it was our Christmas Party- in the morning we made some Christmas table decorations and then we went into the hall with the rest of Year 2 to play some party games. We had lots of fun- check out our pictures below!!!

We also WOWed our teachers by busting some moves and throwing some shapes !!!!
After lunch it was time for our party food- it was lovely and we all cleaned our plates!!!!
On Wednesday we went to Southport Theatre to watch Jack and the Beanstalk (Oh no you didn't- Oh yes we did!!)

It was FABULOUS and we all loved it!!!! Especially Skippy who asked Mrs Houghton if he could tag along.
During the performance Kara was asked to go on stage and dance with some of the cast members- how exciting!!!!! She was absolutely brilliant and did so well that Silly Billy (Jack's brother) gave her a prize!!!


Our Certificate Winner is......

The whole of Year 2W for their

Never-ending enthusiasm
Terrific singing    (and)  
Outstanding behaviour   

on our trip (can you see what Mrs Dougherty's done there?????).

Mrs Dougherty, Mrs Haselden, Mrs Heyworth, Mrs Mason and Mrs Holt hope that you ALL have a wonderful and happy Christmas and New Year!!!!


See you in January!!!!!!

Week ending 13th December.

Welcome back to our blog!!!

On Monday it was our Good Work Assembly and we had lots of fabulous work to share with the rest of the Middle Phase. We performed one of our favourite songs from Room on the Broom- everybody loved it- especially Mrs Ford.

Have a look at our Room on the Broom song here.


Earlier in the week we continued our work on problems and puzzles. We have been learning how to find all the possibilities to tricky problems. We have also been learning about time and have been practising how to read and write o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock.




In Literacy, we have enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk- we cannot wait to see the pantomime version next week!!!!



 Our Certificate Winner:-

Connor received his certificate for pushing himself to improve his writing- well done Connor!!!


The children can come to school in their party clothes on Monday.

We are visiting Southport theatre on Wednesday and we HAVE to leave school  at
8:45 AM to arrive on time! The school doors will open at 8:20 so please arrive extra early on Wednesday!

Have a lovely weekend - Mrs Dougherty, Mrs Haselden & Mrs Heyworth.

Week Ending 6th December  Well hello again....
This week in Maths we have been solving word problems...these can be rather tricky. However following the RUCSAC method (Read, Understand, Calculate, Solve and Check) the children were successful.



In Science the children were predicting which circuits would work and which would not work. Then the children created each circuit to test and see if their predictions were correct. Teachers were delighted to hear the scientific vocabulary that the children were using.


We have also been rehearsing our Good Work Assembly that we will show to all the other children on Middle Phase on Monday morning. What lovely clear speakers and good singers we have.


Congratulations this week go to Hannah as she was chosen to receive a certificate for her hard work solving word problems..


Love from Mrs Forsyth, Mrs Haselden and Mrs Heyworth x


Week ending 29th November.

Hello and welcome to our blog.
This week has been Assessment Week so we have had the chance to show our teachers how much progress we have made in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. 

In Literacy we have been looking at fairytales and read the story of Cinderella. We have been working hard all week to create descriptions of the different characters. On Tuesday we 'hot seated' characters from the story! We worked with a partner and thought of some questions and then we answered them like the character would!  



We have also started some work on writing Super Sentences. This week we have been looking at 2A Sentences (which are sentences that contain 2 adjectives)

In Numeracy we have been using numberlines to help us find the answer to some tricky calculations.

In Science we made a working electrical circuit using bulbs, batteries and wires. Our teachers said we were all bright sparks!!!! We also learnt how to draw a circuit diagram using the correct symbols.

Our Certificate Winner this week is Conlan for making huge leaps of progress and becoming a more independent learner.

See you Monday!!!

Week ending 22nd November.

Hello again!!

We have had another very busy week at Westfield.

On Monday we were treated to a wonderful performance of Cinderella.



It was fabulous. Our favourite part was when the characters got Mrs Walton and Mr Sherbourne up to dance- they've definitely got the 'Moves Like Jagger'.


In Literacy, we have been learning all about Non-Chronological Reports. We have carried out some research into pets and have written a report all about them today.

In Numeracy, we have been doubling and halving and we have even started to add 3 numbers. How clever are we??

We started to learn about electricity and all it's uses this week. We know that some objects use mains or batteries. We also found out that electrical objects produce light, sound, heat and movement.

Our Certificate Winner :-

Chloe received her certificate for impressing Mrs Dougherty with her addition skills.

back to our blog in Year 2W!

Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who came to watch our Year 2 Remembrance Day assembly. We hope you enjoyed our songs, music, acting and the messages we wanted to get across. Our teachers were so very proud of us all and Mr Sherriff said it was outstanding!! So a HUGE well done to all the children in Year 2!!


We visited the Cenotaph on Monday 11Th November at Wigan Parish Church and again our children at Westfield were brilliantly behaved and again made us very proud. Here are some photographs of our visit.




In numeracy this week we have started to look at doubling numbers and next week we are going to look at the opposite of doubling- halving!!!!
Today (Friday 15th November) we have come to school dressed in our PJ’s for Children In Need! Check our photo- how great do we all look for a fantastic cause!




We hope you have a great weekend and tune in next week- Love Mrs Dougherty, Mrs Haselden, Mrs Heyworth, Mrs Mason and Mrs Holt and all the children in Year 2Wxx


Week ending 8th November.

Hello again, hope you all had a lovely half term break.

We have been so so busy this week rehearsing for our Remembrance Assembly. We hope you can join us on Wednesday 13th November at 9.15 am. We don't want to spoil our assembly for you by telling you any more details..... just that it will be wonderful and hope to see all of you there.



Don't forget it is our trip to the Cenotaph on Monday, please make sure your child has brought his/ her slip back into school.



Congratulations to our certificate winner this week......

Rhianna for making a massive effort to learn her 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Week ending 25th October
Hello and welcome to our blog.
We have been working extra hard this week in all of our lessons.
In Literacy we read the story of Room on the Broom again because we love it so much!!! After reading it we thought of some excellent questions that we would like to ask the witch. We remembered to start our questions in different ways using question words such as WHY, WHERE, HOW, WHAT and WHO.
On Wednesday we travelled to Southport Theatre and watched a stage performance of Room on the Broom. It was FANTASTIC and we all enjoyed it immensely. All of the children behaved outstandingly and as a result Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Forsyth awarded each class the achievement certificate!!!!
Today (Friday 25th October) a special visitor dropped into our writing lesson. It was Mrs Witch!!! She had forgotten how to make a wonderful spell and asked the children to help. Check out the photographs below of her visit and some examples of our work!!


In mathematics we have continued to work in our new and improved way- which we all love!!! We have been using some special equipment to make a range of numbers and we cant wait to return after half term and continue to learn in this way.
In CFL we have started to think about our new topic Can You Remember? This is because early into the new term (in November) the children in Year 2 will be performing our Remembrance Day assembly. Invitations will be sent out to inform you of the date and time.

Have a fabulous half term and we'll see you on Monday 4th November.

Week ending 18th October.
We have had an absolutely monstrous week in Literacy. We have been reading monster poems and have designed and described our own monsters. We used words like slimy, fuzzy, scary and creepy.
We have started using a new approach to learning in Numeracy this week. We have had lots of fun finding practical ways to explore Place Value.

In our CFL work we wrote about the features of Wigan, we learnt about Haigh Hall, DW Stadium and other famous Wigan landmarks.
On Wednesday we thoroughly enjoyed watching the Year 4 Harvest Assembly. It was an assembly with a rock and roll theme that really made us think about where our food comes from. Thank you Year 4.
We are really forward to our trip to Southport Theatre next week to watch Room On The Broom.



Week ending- 11th October

This week we have been working on the theme of Autumn in Literacy.
On Monday we went into the ALPS, looking at the effects of Autumn and thinking of lively, descriptive words and phrases.

Later in the week we worked in small groups and created some fabulous Autumn poems.

In Numeracy we have been impressing our teachers with our number skills. We counted out different numbers of objects and completed addition and subtraction calculations using a 100 square.




In our CFL work we wrote about the type of house we live in, our addresses and who we live with. It was great fun using Google Earth to look at our streets and houses.
Congratulations this week to our certificate winner.........

Jack Cullen for simply doing the right thing all the time. 

Jack also received the Pupil of the Week trophy!!!

 Week ending- 4th October
Hello and welcome back to our Year 2 blog!!!!
We have been very bees again this week especially in Literacy and Numeracy.
First of all in Literacy we learned about another famous nurse from the past. Her name is Mary Seacole and we learned some very interesting facts about her life. Today (Friday) in big writing we wrote a letter to Mary and Florence thanking them both for the wonderful things they did in the past and we think they are BOTH very important people that we should remember.
In Numeracy we collected more information and organised it into different graphs. We measured our hand span and collected the information into a tally chart. Then using the tally chart we created a pictogram. We discovered that a pictogram uses pictures to show the information.
In Science planned our first investigation in Year 2!! We are going to investigate what happens to our bodies after we exercise- we are very excited to carry out this investigation and discuss the results.

On Thursday, three of us (LJ, Isobel and Hannah) took part in the Westfield Speaks competition. We had to stand in front of a panel of judges and tell them all about our adventures in The Great Outdoors. It was fun and we got a certificate.



Next week (Monday 7th October) all of Year 2 are visiting the ALPs- so could all children come to school with a warm/ waterproof coat and Wellington boots or a change of shoes.
Big well done to all the children who completed their learning log for this week- please remember it is your child's homework so please try and work together to complete some of the learning missions.
Thanks for reading and tune in next week.


Friday 27th September.

Welcome back to the Year 2 blog!!


We have been busy bees this week and have been looking at different methods of handling data (that’s information) in Numeracy. We have used tally charts and block graphs to collect and present information about our favourite vegetables. We even used a computer to create a bar chart.

Our Certicate Winner

Mark Mc received his certificate for having a truly magnificent week.


In Literacy we started to learn lots of facts about a famous person from our past, Florence Nightingale. Did you know she was a nurse who helped soldiers during the Crimean War? She became known as the Lady with the Lamp.


We have been thinking about healthy foods and have designed our own healthy lunchboxes and meals.


We have also been learning about a famous artist in CFL. His name was Vincent Van Gogh and we have been looking at his work on self-portraits. We have been practicing drawing our facial features to help us create our own self-portraits.


Friday 20th September!!!

Hello and welcome back to our blog. 


We have been working so hard all throughout this week! In literacy we read a story called 'My Mum and Dad make me laugh.' The family visited a safari park and we used some ideas from the story to create our own story about a trip to the zoo.



In Numeracy- we have been using 100 square to find 1 more 1 less and then 10 more 10 less. We are so clever because we have discovered a handy way to use the 100 square- we can look at the number below to find 10 more and look at the number above to find 10 less!!!



In Science we have been talking about food groups. We looked at lots of pictures of food and sorted them into the food groups.

We now know that the 5 food groups are-

Fruit and vegetables

Meat, fish and eggs


Fat, sugars and oils

Milk and dairy


Certificate winner-

Conlan Johnson- for settling in beautifully at Westfield.

Hello and welcome to our weekly blog!!


We have all been working our socks off and tried our very best.


In numeracy we have been exploring the properties of 3D shapes. We have learned that 3D shapes are solid and may have faces, vertices (which means corners) and edges!!! At the weekend we could try and look for 'real objects' and describe its shape- such as a tin of beans are a cylinder- how many more can you find at home?


In literacy we have read the story 'A lion in the meadow.' We worked with a partner and pretended that we were having a phone conversation with our friend telling them about the lion in the meadow. We had lots of fun and used expressive voices.


This week we enjoyed our first PE lesson in Year 2!! Our teachers were amazed at how well we all listended and followed instructions. Well done YEAR 2!!!!


We hope you all have a great weekend- see you next week love from Year 2W



We have had a fabulous first week in Year 2!!!

We have all settled in really well and have been impressing our new teachers with how hard we have been working.

In Literacy we have been reading Dogger which is all about a little boy called Dave who loses his favourite toy.

In Numeracy we have been learning all about 2-D shapes. We are now shape superstars.

Our new CFL topic is Who Am I? This week we have been thinking about ourselves and what we look like.

Our Certificate Winners


Isobel received her certificate for having an amazing first week at Westfield.

Jake received his certificate for his mature and independent attitude to his work.


Have a fabulous weekend- see you 8.35 am on Monday!!


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