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 Hello and welcome to another blog by Year 




We have had a great week again in . We have continued looking at Playscripts and have been looking at The Three Little Pigs story. The children have written their own playscripts, using speech marks and the correct dialogue, then they continued to act out their playscripts in front of the whole class.




In we have had a busy week using number lines. We have been jumping up in tens bridging over 100’s. This has proven difficult for most of the children , but we have had lots of practise and now we have mastered this skill, so a big well done to everyone.




In  we have started our new topic ‘Materials’. We have been looking at different materials around the classroom and seeing just what they are used for.




In we have started another new topic called ‘Around The World In 80 Days.’ The children have completed a mind map and have thought of some questions they would like to find out about in this topic. For example; Which country has the largest population ? How many continents are there? Which countries have Kings and Queens ?


All exciting stuff and we cannot wait to find out the answers !!




In we joined up with Mrs Parry’s class and had running races, skipping races and relay races in the MUGA . This lesson was fun and is getting us ready for Sports Day ( Details to follow soon.)




Well after  the busy week we have had we are now ready for a break! Mr Sherriff says we have been so good and made so much progress we can have Monday off next week!!! Hurray !






Well have a safe , fun and happy 3 day’s break and we look forward to seeing you bright and early on Tuesday ( Doors open 8.35am)


Bye for now




Miss Mousdell, Mrs Rose, Mr Edwards and Mrs Pickavance xxxx


Hello and welcome back to Y3W .
We hope you have had a lovely Easter break

In  this week we have been looking at dialogue and playscripts, and the children have created their own plays and acted  them out in front of the class! We discussed how characters can say their parts in different ways! ( We have some budding actors in Y3! )crying - Check out the photographs below.


In  this week we have been rounding to the nearest 10 AND 100
and also we have been looking at solving problems that involve adding 3 numbers! All clever stuff and the children have really enjoyed working hard!

In  this week we went into the MUGA . We had a great time practising our races and ball skills (getting ready for Sports Day!)

In we have been designing and making fabulous Bug boxes using pneumatics!! We have finished them now and hopefully you will have seen them when your child brought them home - If not check out the photos of some of them below

Well have a safe and fun weekend and we look forward to seeing you bright and early Monday morning. ( Doors open 8.35am)
Love Miss Mousdell , Mrs Rose , Mr Edwards and Mrs Pickavance xxxx

Click here to see the photographs from our Mothers Day assembly.
Click here to see the video of our Mothers Day assembly.

Click here to see our Supe-Star-Story-Tellers reading their stories.

Welcome back!!
Our children have been hard at work this week completing assessments so they can show off with all the progress they have made so far throughout year 3!! The teachers are so proud of all their hard work!

Well done to last weeks certificate winner Yesmin for her determination to being the first year 3 pupil to get their 3s and 4s multiplication band!
This weeks winner was Tadeas for an outstanding change in behaviour and having a more mature attitude to his work!

Last week we had some technical problems and couldn't upload our class blog! Last week was World Book Day. The children all looked fabulous in their costumes! Here's some pictures...

We hope you have a great weekend and see you bright and early on Monday morning!!
Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphries

Welcome back to our first class blog of the new half term! It's been a very interesting week!

In Literacy this week we have introduced the children to their new topic of Information Texts. We have looked at putting things in alphabetical order, using a dictionary and thesaurus. The children really enjoyed making their work more interesting by using a thesaurus!

In numeracy we have been looking at data handling, the children have used a tally chart to turn the data into a pictogram and then a bar chart. They looked at Year 3's favourite crisp flavour and favourite sport.
The children did themselves proud and worked really well on this!

In French we have learnt a new song, similar to the Farmer's in his Den. They have also been practising counting forwards and backward from 15.

This week has seen our Roman topic come to an end! The children thoroughly enjoyed this topic and are sad to see it finish! During the topic the children have learnt a lot things about the Roman's and created some lovely mosaics!!

In Science we have finished the topic on Rocks and Soils on the story of Roger Rock and how he becomes Simon Soil. See if your child can tell you what happens!!

We can't wait to start our new topics next week! The children are really excited!

This week was an extra special week as we got the opportunity to meet author and illustrator, Kate Pankhurst...

Welcome back to 3W's class blog! What another busy week we've had in class especially all the baking we've been doing!
Thank you to everyone for your cake donations they all looked fantastic!!! The children really enjoyed them and said they all tasted delicious!!

Our class edition was a sweet shape cake decorated with lots of goodies!!! The children also had a cake pop of their own to decorate!

In literacy the children have been working on speech marks and speech bubbles, the children have done some great work and impressed all their teachers!

In maths the children have worked superbly well on their division work this week! Mrs Walton from Year 6 came to watch one of our lessons this week and she was so impressed with the vocabulary the children used!! Well done everyone!!

Our certificate winner this week was Ryan for his act of kindness during Westfield's bake off and offered a member of the class money because they had forgotten to bring some in. Ryan also won the trophy, so well done Ryan it was truly deserved!!

We hope you have a great half term and see you bright and early Monday 24th February!
Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys!

Click here to see a trainee Roman soldier.
Click here to see Y3W being trained in Roman warfare.

This is one of the many things we learnt during our Roman day. It means 'We know Romans'

The children had such an amazing day! They had so much fun with the Roman Soldiers that came into school on Tuesday.

We spent the morning with a trainee Soldier and learnt about round houses and Roman baths. Lucius brought lots of Roman Artefacts that the children could look at and pass round the class. 
Two of our girls were chosen to dress up as a wife and a slave! They looked fabulous in their costumes although Nikyta's was a little too big for her!!

In the afternoon we met Caius, a Roman soldier, who was wearing armour.  He chose Ethan to be his model and tried on all the armour! He looked fabulous as a Roman soldier and really enjoyed trying it on even if it was a bit heavy!!

The children then played a game of pass the baby, where they had to pass part of the armour  that weighed the most. The children stood in a line and passed it round without dropping it!!
We then went into the hall to act out a battle. The children were split into 2 groups, half were given javellins and the other half were given shields. The children then acted out a battle and then swopped over so they each got a turn with a javelin and shield. Please watch our battle video by pressing the link above.

The children were so well behaved for the Roman Soldier they really made their teachers proud!

This week we have also kept with our Roman theme by designing and creating our own mosaics. Watch this space for the finished products!!! They are looking really good, the children have put a lot of effort into this work!

This weeks certificate winner was Erin for writing an imaginative myth filled with action, adventure and a heroic character that saves the day! Erin's ideas in her myth have really impressed her teachers! WELL DONE!!

We hope you have a great weekend and see you bright and early on Monday morning for our last week of term!

Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphries.

Welcome back to 3W's blog! We've had such a busy week this week!

In numeracy we have learnt about arrays and been doing a lot of practical work using counters! The children have enjoyed their array work and tried really hard.

In literacy we have been writing our own myths, the children have written some fabulous work all their teachers are really proud. We've been taking a section at a time to write our myth and the children have really taken their time and thought about their writing.

In science we have been looking at the strength of different rocks by doing a scratch test, where the children had different scratching tools and tested slate, sandstone and granite.

In CFL we have been continuing with our Roman topic and the children have been designing their own mosaics. The children have created some beautiful work and they will look fabulous once they have made them.

In French the children have done some fabulous work!! They have been increasing their numbers and learning new finger rhymes. The children are really enjoying their work with Mrs Wilson!

This weeks certificate winner was Rhys R! Well done! The certificate was for turning things around and making his teachers proud of his behaviour and mature attitude to his work.

We hope you had a great weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys.


Did you guess what it is?


We have also been performing poems this week, the children have picked their favourite poem from a selection and put movement and expression into the performance. The children have really enjoyed this week of poetry.

In maths this week the children have continued to look at time. They have used individual clocks to show the teachers a set time. They have also been shown clocks and had to say what time the clock says. Time is a really hard topic and the children have worked so hard on it and are really beginning to get the hang of reading clocks! Well done everybody!!!

In science this week we have talked about healthy and unhealthy foods. Can you remember the healthy foods we talked about? The children designed their own healthy meals making sure it was balanced. We have looked at the balanced food pyramid to show the different food types and the amount we should be eating.


In CFL we have completed our photoframes by gluing the back onto the front and making a stand. The children have really enjoyed making the photoframes. You just need to find a picture to go in it!
On Wednesday we watched the Year 2’s Remembrance Assembly! 3W would like to say well done to all of Year 2, we really enjoyed their assembly and loved the songs they sang!


This week’s certificate winner was Ellie J for being a hard worker, an enthusiastic learner, reading lover and trying really hard on her kenning poem!
We would like to say a huge Happy Birthday to Erin and Ryan O who celebrated their birthday this week! We hope you both had a great day!!


We all hope you have a great weekend and have lots of fun!!!

See you Monday bright and early!
Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys

  Welcome back everybody! We hope you’ve had a great half term and got up to lots of nice things!
This week we’ve been really busy and got straight back into our school work!
In literacy we have been looking at poetry the children have been reading different poems. The first one we looked at was ‘Conversation at the School Dinner Table’ by John Rice. Here the children had to read nonsense words and really enjoyed the rhythm of the poem and also performing it to the rest of the class. The children were really good at using expression for the poem.  The other poem we have looked at was Heads or Tails? This was about a dog and the children had to use different voices for the different speech parts. The children have looked at alliteration and rhyming schemes of the poems.
In numeracy the children have started to look at time. They’ve really worked hard on this and started to look at O’clock and half past. Some children moved on to quarter past. We have also spent time looking at Calendars.
The children were set one minute challenges to see how many times they could do something in a minute. This included star jumps and writing their name.

In CFL the children have continued with their photoframes from last term and spent an afternoon decorating them with lots of different things like glitter and sequins.

In Science we have started looking at our new topic of Teeth and Eating. The children shared their knowledge that they could remember from Year 2! Miss Mousdell was so impressed with how much they already knew!!
During our French lesson we have learnt more finger rhymes and are getting even better at our numbers!
This weeks certificate winner was Bethany for more than outstanding progress and flying through her assessments! She was even chosen for pupil of the week and won the trophy!! Well Done Bethany it is much deserved!




We’d just like to wish Emma (who celebrated on Tuesday) and Lily (who’s celebrating tomorrow) a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We hope you both had a great day!!!


We hope you have a great weekend! Remember it is Children in Need next Friday and this year we’re having a Pyjama and Onesie day so don’t forget!!!!!
See you bright and early Monday morning!
Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys.

Wow another busy week this week in 3W!!!! We’ve had a fabulous last week to our first term in the juniors! After a very successful class trip to the Lowry last week its been lovely to see the children researching Lowry during their break from learning, as well as using the books we have on him to copy his drawings!!!


French this week was lots of fun! We played musical statues game again and the children were fantastic! It took the teachers aaaages to catch the children out because they were so good and quick to do the actions!! Take a look at our photos…

Some of us were so brave and stood in front of the class and said the finger rhymes we have been learning!!


We also learnt Halloween words

Joyeuse Halloween!  - Happy Halloween!

Les Bonbons - Sweets


La citrouille - Pumpkin


La Sorciere - Witch

le fantome - ghost


Le Chat noir - Black cat

In Maths this week we have continued with our pictogram work and recapped on place value! The children have answered questions on the pictograms or bar charts they created. Showing the teachers that they are able to read the information and apply it to the questions.  The children have worked so hard this term and are making great progress with their work!
In literacy we have carried on with instructions! We created our own healthy meal, which links to our next topic of Food For Thought! The children had to write a recipe for their healthy meal and really enjoyed discussing all the different ingredients they could include!  During this topic the children have shown that they are able to write a set of instructions as well as recipes. In their last lesson they also showed that they are able to follow instructions as they were able to make a pop up card!! The children really enjoyed it even though they found parts quite tricky!!

In our CFL lesson we have started to make our photo frames!! During the first lesson the children drew their design on to the card and cut it out! They then in the following lessons decorated it to match their design they did a couple of weeks ago!!

In Science we completed a little assessment, answering questions on our topic Magnets and Springs.  The children did so well and impressed all their teachers!!


This week Fireman Joe came into school for an assembly to remind the children about being safe around Halloween and Bonfire Night! He reminded the children of stranger danger. They also talked about how firemen stay safe in fires and showed the children what type of clothing they wear. The Firemen chose Morteza to come to the front to try on a uniform!!

This week our certificate winner is Jakub! He’s made an outstanding start at our school and really settled in well. Well done Jakub! The children have made him feel really welcome!
Here's the picture from last week of the children with the pupil of the week trophy!



We hope you have a great half term!! We will see you on Monday 4th November!!

Stay safe and remember stranger danger on Halloween


Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys!


Wow!! What a busy week we've had this week!
We don't even know where to start, we've got that much to tell you!


On Monday we had our weekly French lesson with Mrs Wilson. This week we played musical statues but when the music stopped we froze like a statue and Mrs Wilson shouted a verb and the children then had to do the matching action.


We have continued our instructions work this week and wrote about how to make beans on toast. We even played a game of pass the parcel and then children then wrote their own set of instructions on how to play the game.
In Maths this week we have been learning about data handling and the different ways to present our data. We started with venn diagrams and asked the children of 3W if they had brothers or sisters or both. We moved onto pictograms and recorded our survey on the class’ favourite colours in a tally chart. The children learnt that we mark tally’s in 5 because it is easier for us to count. Some children have also moved onto bar charts! The children have worked really well on this and really impressed their teachers.
In Science this week we have carried out an investigation on how far a car can travel with a push force exerted from an elastic band. The children really enjoyed the investigation and used their maths skills to measure the distance the car travelled.

On Wednesday we watched Year 4's Harvest Assembly. It was brilliant!! Well done to everybody!! We really enjoyed it!


Thursday was our class trip to The Lowry! The children were so well behaved and worked fantastically well inside the gallery! They did everybody proud!!


While we were at the gallery we went to the BBC Gardens to do some drawings of the surrounding buildings. The children used pens, coloured pencil and pencils to do their drawings. 

We then moved to the side of the river and drew the Lowry and War museum! The children were shown how to do a continuous line drawing! This was really interesting as the children were not allowed to take their pencil off the paper! They then had to try and do a continuous line drawing without looking at the paper!
Even Miss Humphreys and Mr Edwards had a go!!...
After we had been outside we came back into the classroom and created our own group art work! The children worked really well together in teams and made some lovely art work!
When we were inside the gallery the children wandered around the Lowry paintings and drew their own version of his work! Again, the children worked really well and were so quiet and respectful of the other members of the public.

All in all we had a great day out and we all had a fantastic time!!



Our certificate winner this week was all of 3W!!! For their outstanding behaviour on our trip! They did us all proud!! We were also chosen for the pupil of the week trophy along with the other lower Key stage 2 classes as we have all had a great week!! Well done to everybody in Lower Key Stage 2!!! (Picture to follow on Monday!)


See you Monday!

Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys.


Welcome back!
This week we have been so busy doing lots of exciting activities!
In literacy this week we have started our new topic of instructions we have learn the junior term 'imperative verbs' and we know this means 'bossy verbs'. We have put instructions in order as well as making jam sandwiches! We have then written a set of instructions on how to make jam sandwiches. We've had so much fun today!

In maths we have been looking at word problems and learning the vocabulary that is used. The children have worked really hard on this difficult topic and all the children are really impressed with the children's progress.
During science this week we looked at springs and learnt that springs exert a push and pull force!
CFL we are getting closer to making our own photo frames! The children have drawn their final design and will be making it within the next couple of weeks.
Our achievement certificate this week goes to Lilia for being Lovely, Intelligent, Likeable, All rounder!! Not only did Lilia get her certificate but she was also chosen for pupil of the week!! Well done Lilia!!


Can I just remind you that we need your class trip money and slip in next week as we go on our class trip to the gallery next Thursday!!! The children are really excited!!!


Next week is Children's Book Week and there will be a book fair during the week. The children have brought a letter home tonight to give you more details!


We hope you have a great weekend and see you Monday morning! 

Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys


We’ve had another busy week this week in 3W!!
This week we have been using our senses to describe familiar settings. The children have been working really hard on this making sure they use correct punctuation, capital letters and adjectives to make their writing exciting.
In numeracy the children have been learning how to use empty number lines with addition! For example
34 + ? =100 Children even went to 200! Miss Mousdell was so impressed! Well done everybody!
In Science we did another investigation to find out if magnets work through different materials. We found out that they don’t work through glass and only some magnets work through the tables. This is because some magnets are stronger than others. Emma told us it’s because some have lost their magnetism! Well done everybody as we conducted our investigation in a very sensible way.
In French we have recorded ourselves singing our finger rhyme. We have also started to count up tio 10 in French! All the teachers in 3W are so impressed with the children’s effort and developing French speaking skills.
In CFL we have been designing our own photo frames, which we will be making later ion in the term! The children came up with some brilliant designs and we cant wait to see the finished product… Watch this space!!!!
This week throughout the school we held a speaking competition were children from each year group were chosen to speak infront of a panel of judges. Representing our class was Lilia, Yesmin, Ryan O, Ryan G, Tamzin and Jessica. The winners from each year group will be announced next week.
A quick reminder about our trip to the Lowry Gallery on the 17th October, can we please ensure children bring in their permission slips and payments into school ASAP.


 Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys



This week its been Lilia’s birthday! We would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday and hopes she has a great party!


We hope you have a great weekend and see you bright and early Monday morning!


Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys








This week has been a super week and the children have been working really hard all week! We have been doing lots of different things for our new topics.


In literacy this week we have started our ‘Stories with Familiar Settings’ and been looking at Matilda and her classroom with Miss Honey and how it changes when Miss Trunchbull enters.

In RWI some of the children have been looking at a book called Barker and have been writing about what happened in the story.



In numeracy we have been showing off our ordering and rounding skills! The children have learnt that if the number ends in 1,2,3,4, they round the number down and if it ends in 5,6,7,8,9 they round the number up.


In Science we have started our topic ‘Magnets and Springs’. The children explored the magnets and learnt that the ends of the magnet are called poles and are labelled N for North and S for South. If the same poles are put together the magnets REPEL and if different poles are put together the magnets ATTRACT. They realised that when the magnets attract there is a pulling force and when they repel there is a pushing force.



In CFL we started to look at the work of L. S Lowry. The children had mini frames and were given a Lowry picture they drew certain sections of the Lowry painting. The following lesson the children were then given pictures of what we can see though our window and used their mini frames to draw parts of their local area.


Click here to view the children's Lowry pictures.

This week was an exciting week because the children had their first French lesson!! They were so enthusiastic and really impressed all of their teachers. We sang songs, finger rhymes and leant classroom instructions! The children also learnt how to say hello and goodbye and started to have a French conversation with their partner! We were so impressed! 




Can we just remind you that PE is on a Thursday afternoon and children need an indoor and outdoor kit in school.

This week we have Tia has celebrated her birthday! WE hope you had a great day and have a fabulous party! Thank you for the cakes!


We hope you have a great weekend!

Love Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys.



Welcome back to our new Year 3W class!!

We all hope you had a great summer and got up to lots of exciting things!

In Year 3 this year there is Miss Mousdell, Ms Rose, Mr Edwards and Miss Humphreys!

We’ve had a great first week back and all really excited about the new topics we will be learning about this term!!


In numeracy we have been looking at place value using 2, 3 and four digit numbers. The children have made the numbers practically using the Base Ten equipment and then recorded their findings in their book. For example 346 = 300 + 40 + 6. The children have really impressed their new teachers with their number knowledge!


In literacy we have been looking at punctuation and the use of adjectives within writing. During their Big Writing lesson the children have been writing a letter to their teachers telling them all about their summer holidays! We can’t wait to read them!


In science this week we have started our topic of Magnets and Springs! We have discussed what the children already know about forces and what they would like to learn about during the topic.


In CFL we have started our ‘Through the Window’ topic, drawing what we can see through our classroom window.


In our SEALS lesson we talked about what is important in our classroom and created a class charter for our classroom rules.



Can we just remind you that all children need their PE kits in both indoor and outdoor as our PE lessons are on a Thursday.

Welcome back to 3W’s blog!