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Y4W Blog

Thanks for checking out the BLOG! What a truly brilliant week it has been. Read on to find out more….


This week in Year 4W we have celebrated the World Cup with a week of football themed activities. On Monday we took part in a football tournament between the two Year 4 classes. There were 10 teams in total but there could only be one winner. Congratulations to Team 1 from Year 4F. We were unlucky to lose on penalties!!


On Wednesday the whole of Year 4 also took part in a Brazilian carnival dance and performed their routine in front of teachers and parents at Abraham Guest. The performance was spectacular and all children who took part made Westfield proud. Check out the pictures below!


Still image for this video

Dance 2.flv

Still image for this video

Throughout the week, Year 4W also designed and created a mascot to represent our world cup team: Italy. After a great deal of debate we decided on ‘Mr Eatsa Pizza’.

Our achievement certificate for the week went to Bradley P, who also went on to win the middle phase trophy. Bradley won the award for taking the time to thank his teachers for the World Cup themed lessons!


Thanks for checking out the BLOG!!


1 week untill summer!!!!!!



Thanks for checking out our BLOG. Read on to find out about our week in Year or should we say 5?


It has been transition week in school and we have spent 2 full days in Year 5. frown Our new teacher, Mrs Walton, was very impressed with us and we all thoroughly enjoyed our time on the upper phase! We can't believe there is only 4 weeks of Year 4 left!


Despite spending two days in Year 5, we have also done some great things in Year 4. On Tuesday we continued to practice playing the xylophone. We really are getting quite good at it!


During our Big Writing lesson, we wrote about our favourite memories from Year 4 and our hopes for Year 5. Mr Sherbourne said we were working like Year 5's so he took some pictures to prove it! Check them out -

On Friday afternoon we continued to learn our Brazilian carnival dance with the help of some Year 9 pupils from Abraham Guest. We are learning some fantastic moves and we can't wait to do our performance!! Watch this space!! Check out the pics below....


Thanks for reading


Year 4W

Welcome to our all new BLOG!


We have enjoyed a super week in Y4. Read on to find out what we have been doing -


In Numeracy this week we have studied capacity. We have estimated  and measured the capacity of a range of different containers. We have also thought about how to solve word problems which involve capacity too!  


During our Literacy lessons we have continued to study the continent of Antarctica! We have found out some incredible facts about this amazing place. We have used our ever increasing knowledge to write fact files, postcards and descriptions. We have even created our own Antarctic scrapbooks!


Our PE lesson this week was brilliant! We have been practicing our throwing and catching skills this half term. On Wednesday we put all that practice into action and played some games of bench ball! In teams, we had to trhow a netball to our friends and try to score a goal by getting the ball to our captain on the bench. It was great fun and Mr Sherbourne was blown away by our wonderful skills and mature attitude!


We had a wonderful Literacy lesson on the ALPS today. We went outside and read a story about a creature called the Gumbletrog who lives on the ALPS. We had to search for clues that he may be around! Check out the pictures below.


No school for a week now!

Gumbletrog Evidence!

Friday 4th April
Thanks for having a look at our BLOG!

It is the last day before the Easter holidays and we are all EGGcited!!


In Numeracy this week we have been learning to tell the time! We have used class clocks and studied timetables! It has been tricky, but Mr Sherbourne says we have all done well. We need to carry on practicing at home!
On Tuesday we had an amazing time. We travelled to Liverpool and took a trip on the River Mersey Ferry! It was sooooooooooo much fun! When we reached Seacombe we got off the ferry and sketched the view across the river of the magnificent skyline! We caught the ferry back to Liverpool and had dinner before exploring the Albert Docks. It was a wonderful day. We were able to spot many differences between the city and the countryside we visited the week before! Check out our pics –

We have also been studying The Beatles and pop art! We have written a word processed version of the Beatles story and created some pop art style portraits!

We hope everybody has a lovely Easter break!!



Friday 28th March

Thanks for checking out our


We have enjoyed another super week in Year 4W.

In our Numeracy lessons this week, we have continued to study fractions. We have been ordering and comparing different fractions. Whilst we’re on the subject of Numeracy, this week Florence and Jack became the first children in Year 4 to achieve their multiplication and division GOLD
wristbands!! Well done!!


We are all really enjoying our new CFL topic – ‘Where do you think you are?’
We have been studying our local area and we worked in teams to make display posters about Wigan. Here is Cory and Asim showing off their efforts so far –

This morning we all went to Rivington and walked to the top of the Pike. From the top we had an excellent view of our local area. We talked about how the countryside is different to the town where we live. It was great fun trekking up to the top, although some of the teachers looked a little red in the face! The weather was perfect and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Next week we are visiting Liverpool, a local city. We will then be able to compare towns, cities and the countryside.

Thanks for reading

Year 4W

Friday 7th March


Welcome back to Year 4W's BLOG.


We have enjoyed another super week, read on to find out what we have been doing!

During our Literacy lessons we have been reading and writing all about pirates. For today's Big Writing we described an ancient pirate ship. We have been learning some Super Sentences and we tried our best to include them in our descriptions.

On Thursday it was World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite story book characters. Our teachers all came dressed as pirates. It was a super day. All week we had been practicing our story telling skills in preparation for the Super Storyteller Competition. We then all read a couple of pages to the rest of the class. Our teachers were blown away with how well we used expression, our actions and our clarity. It became a very tough choice, but McKenzie was eventually chosen as our class winner!

In Numeracy we have been using carroll diagrams. Some of us went outside to explore the playground and enter information into our diagrams.

Here is a picture of us all in our book day outfits!!

Thanks for reading

Year 4W



Click here to see our Supe-Star-Story-Tellers reading their stories.

Friday 14th February

We can't believe another half term has flown past!! We have enjoyed a super final week.


In Numeracy this week we have been studying shapes and calculating their area and perimeter. Very interesting!

It was our very last swimming session this week. The instructors let us have a play in the pool with all the floats and toys. It was a great way to celebrate the excellent progress we have made.


Our French lesson this week was very special. It was Norbert's (the French bear) birthday. We all wrote French invitations, sang happy birthday in French and ate French party foods. What fun!

This week our school held our very own bake off! As a class, we decided to make an Anglo Saxon themed cake. We covered our cake in green icing so it looked like a field and then made Saxon houses, animals and people to decorate it. We were all extremely proud of the brilliant final design. Our cake obviously impressed the judges too because we came 3rd in the school competition. Get in there!!!

Many of us also brought fabulous cakes into class to sell on the stall. We have raised lots of money towards buying a new bike shed. Mr Sherbourne wants to say a big thank you to all the families who contributed!


See you after half term.  


Year 4W



Friday 7th February


Thanks for checking out our class blog!! We have enjoyed another super week in Year 4.


During our Numeracy lessons we have been learning about directions and coordinates. We have really enjoyed the activities throughout the week. We especially enjoyed Friday's lesson because we used our learning to play a game of battleships. We had to position our ships and then use our knowledge of coordinates to hunt down our opponents ships! What Fun!!

Our CFL lessons this week have been fascinating! We have discovered many interesting facts about Anglo Saxon village life. Today we have even started designing our very own Anglo Saxon masks!

This week was our last ever swimming lesson because next week we are having a swimming party to celebrate our progress. Mr Sherbourne says we have all made brilliant progress during our Year 4 swimming lessons.


After reading all the letters we wrote to our pen friend in India, Mr Sherbourne finally decided that Jack was the winner. Jack has now had the opportunity to write his letter up again for the translator and it is now on its way to India! How amazing.

Thanks for reading


Year 4W

Friday 31st January

Welcome back to Year 4W’s blog. Read on to find out what we have been doing this week –


This week we have received some more information about our pen friend in India – Minu. Including a recent picture of her (see below). We spent our Big Writing lesson replying to her letter. We told her about Christmas time, our favourite hobbies and our school. We finished the letters by asking some questions about her life in India. Mr Sherbourne now will have to try and decide which letter will be sent all the way to India!!

In Numeracy this week we have been learning a new written method for subtraction. We have been subtracting large numbers (some of us using numbers way above 1000) using a technique called column subtraction. At first we found it a little tricky but now we can do it brilliantly!!


This week we have found out that the Anglo Saxons had their own form of writing known as Runes. We have been writing using Runes and seeing if our friends can work out what we have written. We have also discovered that the Saxons liked to write riddles. Here is a an example –

I appear on the ground like a blanket,
and melt in the midday sun.

Can you work it out? We have written some super riddles of our own!!

Thanks for reading


Year 4W

Friday 17th December


Welcome back to our class blog. We have enjoyed another super week in Year 4W. Here is what we have been doing -


We have spent our Numeracy lessons solving word problems. We use the RUCSAC method to help us find the correct answers.


We even played a problem solving game today. Check out some pictures -

In our Literacy lessons we have continued to study play scripts. During today's big writing we wrote a play script based on a famous scene from 'Matilda'.

We have now started our fantastic new CFL topic all about the Anglo Saxons. We have found out about how they invaded our land once the Romans had departed.

Our new Science topic is all about teeth and digestion and we are looking forward to learning more about what happens to our food once we have gobbled it up!!


Thanks for reading


Year 4W




Welcome back to Y4W’s class blog!!


We have enjoyed a wonderful first week back after Christmas. Read on to find out what we have been doing.

In Numearcy this week we have been using a method called grid multiplication to help us complete some tricky multiplication calculations. Mr Sherbourne has been so impressed with how quickly we have understood this new technique!!


During our Literacy lessons we have started studying play scripts. Hopefully next week we can write some play scripts of our own and maybe even do a little bit of acting….


We have spent some time finishing off our light up models. We have loved designing and making the models. We have even included a simple switch to make the circuit work and turn the light bulb on and off. Check out some pictures…..

Next week we are going to be starting our exciting new topic all about the Angle Saxons! We all can’t wait! Mr Sherbourne says we can all do a little research of our own over the weekend if we want!

In French we learnt the how to say the whole alphabet! We have been singing a song to help us remember the different sounds of each letter.


We have welcomed a new friend into our class this week. Brandon has joined us and settled in very well.


Have a great weekend!!