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YPC Sunflower Room


To all our children who will be leaving us to start pre-school what brilliant year we have had ........boys and girls you have all grown and learnt so much we will miss you all very much cool enjoy your next journey in pre-school frownno



We had a fab last day in nursery we had lots of yummy party food , we danced away in the hall with the entertainer and played party games.


The children who attended the end of term trip to JJB'S Future Stars play area had a fantastic day take a look at our pictures .........


We used the large rollers with paints and enjoyed roller painting on a large scale.


We celebrated Archie's 3rd Birthday...................we sang Happy Birthday and had yummy cake for snack.

Happy Birthday Archie from all your friends.  


27th May- 17th June 16- Have a look what exciting learning we have been doing..............


We went to the park to explore the climbing equipment and swings and had a yummy picnic .


We celebrated Mason's 3rd Birthday , we sang happy birthday and had yummy cake for snack cheeky

Happy Birthday Mason from all your friends.


We made cheese scones and ate them for snack yummy cheekycheeky


We changed our role play area into an hair salon based on the children's interests, the children made believe by pretending to be the hairdresser and the clients, they showed good skills in brushing each others hair and had fun with the hair rollers. surprise


Why the weather was hot and sunny we had lots of fun outdoors we loved eating yummy ice cream and ice pops cheeky and we had so much fun with the water guttering and exploring the natural area. laugh 


17-26th May 2016- Have a peek at what exciting learning we have been doing at nursery ......


Bubble painting- what a fab, messy activity this was but the children was fully engrossed and developed the technique of blowing down the straw to make bubbles, they was fascinated and most children stayed with this activity for most of the morning. Look at the fab pictures......


The children once again showed excellent concentration skills and good hand eye co-ordination to fit the correct shapes into the shape sorters.

Well done everyone!!!


The children have been developing their fine motor skills with this fab threading activity with pasta tubes and laces. Lots of concentration took place and the children was so proud to show what they had achieved. High five no


Dancing in the hall


The children have been into pre-school outdoor area to practise their climbing skills. The children showed lots of confidence and a can do attitude. Well done everyone no


18.4.16- 16.5.16 - We have had a busy couple of weeks in nursery please have a look..........


We celebrated Domink's 3rd Birthday with yummy cake.cheeky

Happy Birthday Dominik frown


Take a peak what fun learning we have been doing........................


We visited the Pet Shop this week the children showed lots of curiosity about the different animals they saw. Take a look.............


The children have been painting using different tools showing control and making connections between movement and marks they make. They had so much fun painting with balloons.


Outdoor Fun laugh 


The sun has been shining and the children have loved exploring outdoors. They have taken part in washing the toys, practiced their balancing skills and most important had lots of fun together.









The children had fun taking part with a music and movement session within the hall. Fab dancing everyone!!








We have been developing our social skills by practicing using cutlery correctly.

Well done everyone!!


The children enjoyed fitting the correct shapes into the shape sorters. It took several attempts for some children but they persisted to achieve their goal.   


Lexie has moved from the baby room into the Sunflower Room.

She's settled really well into the Sunflower routine and all the children have taken a shine to her.


11th- April-15th April 2016-

Look what a fantastic week we've had frownfrown


We went on the bus to Wigan to explore the local community.


We went to the park to practice our climbing skills and also had fun on the swings and slide.


The children have been practicing their cutting skills using the scissors to make snips and cut the play-dough..


They showed good control and concentration.

Funky Models- the children used a range of media to create their own models with the play-dough.

Fab Models!!! no no


Archie and Dominik enjoyed drawing circles on the white boards showing good technique and control.

Wow fab circles boys, well done!!!!


The children have had a fab time this week in our new Superhero Den. They've had lots of fun and used their imagination's creatively taking on roles.


We had a brill time the children who attended the Smithills Open Farm 23/03/16


The children went on a tractor ride and feed the donkeys with bread, held chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs, bottled feed lambs, went on a donkey ride, played on the park and hand fed goats and sheep.




7th-18th March 2016- Please take a look at what fun we've been having in nursery


The children had fun taking Daisy the Donkey to the park to explore.  They had lots of fun on the slide and swings.


Outdoor play


Mark making outdoors is Fun!!

The children loved this activity making connections between their movement and marks they made.


For snack the children have been enjoying a range of healthy fruits to develop their likes and dislikes.

Yum Yumcheeky cheeky


We have been practising pedalling the bikes and scooters outdoors, we tried really hard. Well done Everyone, Good Effort!


3rd March 2016- World Book Day


We celebrated world book day by coming to nursery dressed up has our favourite characters. Fab costumes everyone!! frown


Week beginning- 15th February - 26th February 2016


Look what other exciting things we have been doing.........................


Daniella and Ollie did visits into our room this week from the Baby Room.

They both did fantastic and settled well. Well done!!


Well done to Lucas being a big boy this week and going on the potty.

High five Lucas no no Great achievement!!


We went over to the ALPS within school doing a bug hunt, looking for bugs under rocks and under tree stumps for worms. The children enjoy exploring our local environment.


We painted with objects from around the room, making lots of patterns and marks.

We are becoming superb builders, look at our models that we made this week.

Well done Everyone!! no no


We celebrated Leighton's 3rd Birthday and had yummy cake for snack.

Happy Birthday Leighton!! frowncheeky


The children enjoyed painting with spray bottles outdoors showing control over tools.


This week we have been developing our hand eye co-ordination through threading activities.


The children showed high levels of concentration and persisted when challenges occurred . High five to everyone!!


Week beginning-1st February- 12th February


Feet printing-  look what fun the children had with this sensory experience while making connections with movements and marks they made.  


We had a very yummy week tasting Chinese foods and eating pancakes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. cheekycheeky


The children have been developing their physical skills in the hall.

They've shown excellent skills in balancing along the benches and working together to help each other. They also had fun practising roly polys.nofrown