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YPC Sunshine Room

What a lovely start to the summer holidays we have had. We have enjoyed some very messy body painting using the brushes to paint our hands and feet and using our whole bodies to make marks!!

We have also had a lovely day out at Wigan park feeding the ducks, playing on  the park and enjoying snack and a picnic lunch in the cool shade of the trees. smiley

At the end of term we enjoyed a lovely morning at the wacky warehouse were the children enjoyed running, climbing and hiding in the ball pool.

Cooling down in the water play on a hot and sunny day!!

We celebrated Logan's and Heidi's 2nd birthdays with two delicious cakes. We all hope you had a fantastic birthday!! 

Over the last few weeks the children have all taken part in many different activities which help to develop lots of different skills for the children. We hope you enjoy seeing our photo's of our wonderful experiences at nursery!!

Weeks beginning 13.6.16 & 20.6.16

The children all enjoyed exploring the communication friendly space that Traci made today. They began to develop their speech and language skills when looking at books together and interacting with each other.

Snack time at the park

These last two weeks the children have all enjoyed taking part in various focused activities. These activities included baking making savoury twists, water play activity using nets to fish out hidden objects and a technology activity where the children have begun to use objects with buttons, flaps and simple mechanisms and watch with anticipation what happens when they press the buttons, lift the flaps etc 

Sensory play!!

Week beginning 6/6/16

The children enjoyed exploring the ball pool this week and were surprised to find photographs of all their friends and staff hidden inside.

The children developed their bonds and relationships with each other and staff members and also their speech and language skills when naming all the people they found of the photographs!! no

Hall Time

Mark making fun!

This week we would like to say a very big well done to two of our amazing babies.

Well done to April and finding her feet at nursery and also a very big well done to Joseph who has now begun to bring from his own cup without support!!

Fantastic work well done!! smiley

May Half Term

We went on the bus to Wigan and had a picnic snack sat on the benches. The children really enjoyed going on the bus and Ellie had fun saying "aya" to all the people on there.

Water play fun outside in the sunshine

The children all enjoyed playing in the paddling pool outside during the half term. They really liked the water cannons and George really enjoyed squirting Traci and Jac.

Week beginning 23/5/16


This week we enjoyed many different activities. Here are some of our favourite things to do.We enjoyed playing inside with the little slide using lots of balancing and climbing skills, we loved the peppa pig toys and had a wonderful time making pizzas. We used our upper body strength to mix the ingredients in the bowl and then our hands and fingers to kneed the dough. We even made our own choices when picking which toppings to put onto our pizzas.

The best part though was getting to eat them when they had been cooked!! YUMMY smiley