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18th April-28th April

Since returning from the Easter holidays we have been learning all about keeping healthy and getting active.  We have called this our 'PHYSICAL FORTNIGHT'


We started by thinking about how to keep our bodies clean and stop germs from getting inside our bodies.  

We discussed washing our hands before we eat and using soap all over our bodies when we have a bath or shower.

We then began to think about the food that we eat and how this affects our bodies.  We cut up the cress we have grown in our classroom and made egg sandwiches for a picnic in the ALPS.

We also made fruit kebabs because Finley told us that fruit has lots of vitamins which are good for us!


We have been exercising both inside and outside the classroom, and have introduced the Daily Mile into our school day.  We do this every afternoon just before home time and we know that doing this exercise every day will keep us all fit and healthy!
We have also been very busy in continuous provision trying out the physical development challenges

And to celebrate all of the hard work we had done.......we went to the WACKY WAREHOUSE.  It was so much fun......running, climbing, sliding, paddling, swinging and even dancing!


Thank you for coming by!
See you next week