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Reg 2


This week we have been learning about the Hungry Caterpillar.

We have red the story and been thinking about the life cycle of the butterfly.  We are waiting for our butterfly grden to be delivered then we can watch this first hand in our classroom!


Also, we have been busy in the continuous provision practising our maths and physical skills.


Hungry Caterpillar work

Maths work

We have also been thinking about rhyming words, and trying to find the odd one out.  We are getting very good at this!

To rhyme or not to rhyme.....RHYME!

Some of the boy and girls went to the MUGA to play listening and attention games, then on the hall to practise their early writing skills in doodlesticks.
But some stayed in class practising their scissor control and name writing

Well done girls

We have also celebrated two birthdays this week.

Happy 4th Birthday girls!


Pop by next week to see more work about the Hungry Caterpillar!



Hello again!

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the blog, we promise it will not disappoint!


For the last two weeks we have been learning all about DINOSAURS.  The pictures will tell the story!


We began by reading a story called 'How to Grow a Dinosaur'.  It was about a little boy who planted jellybeans in his garden and was shocked to see that the next morning the jellybeans had grown into dinosaurs!

Mrs Rothwell had some jellybeans in her bag, so we took a trip to the ALPS to plant the jellybeans.

Planting dinosaurs

The next day, Mrs Rothwell popped to the ALPS to check if the jellybeans had grown into anything interesting.


She could not believe what she saw!

We could not believe it!  We had to think of ideas to make the dinosaurs move away from our school


'We could throw food over the fence and see if they chase it'


'Put a trap in the trees to catch them'


'Ring the Gruffalo and ask him to come back and eat them!'


However good our ideas were, they did not stop the dinosaurs.  After the boys and girls went home that night, the dinosaurs came into school!

We were very concerned that they may try to come inside again, so we rang a dinosaur expert who told us that if we ate one of the jellybean seeds, the dinosaurs would not be able to smell us and would leave  the ALPS.


Fortunately, we have not seen a dinosaur in school since we did that. 


We have read another book about Dinosaurs called 'Dear Dinosaur'.  It was about a boy called Max (just like Max in our class!) who wrote a letter to a dinosaur.  He asked the dinosaur lots of interesting questions and told the dinosaur about what is was like being a little boy.

We then wrote our own letters to a dinosaur asking him questions.  We put them in an envelope, wrote the address on the front and went to the post office to post the letter.  We can't wait to hear the reply!



We have also thought this week about St.Valentines Day.  We thought about people that we love and the reasons why we love them.  We made chocolates for the people we love.  They told us they were delicious!

Please pop in to see our display all about who we love.

Please have a look through everything we have been learning about in continuous provision......counting, writing, shapes, baking, painting, climbing, jumping and lots lots more!

Also, we have celebrated three birthdays this week!  Happy birthday to you all!



We hope you all have a fabulous half term.

See you next Monday




This week in pre school, we read the story 'Giraffe's Can't Dance'

It was about a giraffe called Gerald who really wanted to dance but his legs were too long and bandy and he was very clumsy when he tried to run and dance. 

The lions in the story laughed at him when he took to the dancefloor at the 'Jungle Dance'

But...the cricket had told him that everyone can dance when they have the right music.  We all stood on the carpet and pretended to be Gerald by shuffling our hooves, swaying our necks and waltzing around stretching our arms out wide.  


We have also been thinking about taller and shorter.  Olivia-Grace has been our size superstar this week.  She has done every challenge in the classroom about longer and shorter and even told Mrs Rothwell 'We don't say big, we say tall!'


We ordered giraffes by their height in an adult focused activity.  We were very pleased with ourselves!  

Tall and short

We then practised what we had learned through the challenges in continuous provision
We have also celebrated a special birthday this week in pre school!  Our birthday girl was so excited to share her cake with all of her friends.  We know she had a wonderful time and wore the birthday hat ALL morning!  Happy 4th Birthday Olivia 

Birthday treat

In Letters and Sounds we have been practising rhyme and alliteration.  We can now play I spy using sounds and continue a rhyming string without even looking at objects to help us!  '''Whoosh!'''

Thanks for popping by.


Next week be ready to roar as we learn all about dinosaurs! (Mohammed is going to love it!)

See you next week


Hello and welcome back

We would like to say Kung Hei Fat Choi!

This means happy new year in Chinese.

Here is a photograph of us on Friday afternoon in our red clothes.  Red is a very lucky colour in China. (sorry to the morning children, the battery had died on the camera!)


We have made Chinese envelopes in continuous provision, gluing and cutting out coins all by ourselves! 

We have also made Chinese dragons and watched a dragon dance on the interactive whiteboard.  We loved the loud music and the way the dragon swayed.

We danced around the classroom just like the dragon.

We have also been learning about the story Dear Zoo.


We looked at the pictures from the story and matched the animal to the correct basket or crate.  We were very good at remembering the descriptive words about the animals from the story like 'jumpy', 'scary', 'fierce', 'grumpy' and 'perfect!'


We have also painted pictures about the animals in the zoo, thinking about the different features the animals have.  We knew the elephant had a trunk, the monkey has a curly tail and the giraffe is tall with brown spots!


Also, in continuous provision we have been busy practising our skills and trying the different challenges.  Below is a slideshow of ll the busy things we have been doing in pre school this week!

What a fabulous week!

See you next week


This week in preschool we have been learning all about 'Elmer'

The main objectives for our learning this week were to learn colour names, explore mixing colours and to think about how we were the same or different to our friends.

In the continuous provision we have had maths, physical and reading challenges.  We loved the cheerios on a stick challenge!


We have made a very big 'Elmer' by using scissors to cut the materials to the correct size and then thought about how we are the same or different to our family and friends.  We have created a beautiful display in the classroom all about this!  Pop in and take a peek! 


We also visited the library this week. We took back our Christmas books and chose some new ones to read at the end of everyday.  The librarian was so pleased with us, she told us we can visit anytime.  This made our grown ups very proud!


We also enjoyed mixing colours using paint in the creative area, and also exploring different colours in the water tray.  We have had green,pink and purple water this week.


Please take a look at our pictures before you go!



What a busy week

Next week we will be learning about the story 'Dear Zoo' and thinking about Chinese New Year

Visit us again next week to see what we have been doing!




This week we have been showing the grown ups how much progress we have made writing our names since we first started in pre school.

The answer is LOTS!


Some children have begun to write the first letter in their name, others can now copy all the letters in their name and some children can write their own name without even having to look at their star!


We have also been learning what happens when we mix colours together.  We started with just red, blue and yellow but once we mixed them together we made purple, green and orange!

Mixing colours

We have also welcomed FIVE new children into our classroom this week who are settling in well. 

A big, warm Westfield welcome to Ava- Mae, Grace, Wiktor, Harvey and Lee.  We are really looking forward to you becoming little stars in Pre School!


We have been very busy in continuous provision, trying out the challenges in the different areas of the classroom.  Mrs Rothwell explained that when we complete a challenge we will get a stamp to say 'Well done!'.  We really liked this idea and got busy straight away.



Challenging ourselves

Tamara-Lily also celebrated her 4th birthday on Friday....she had a HUGE badge on her cardigan and brought sweets for all of her friends in preschool.  Thank you Tamara-Lily!

Working hard in preschool

Next week we are going to be learning about colours and managing and recognising our feelings through the book Elmer.  If you have time you could watch the story on YouTube by clicking the link below

Elmer Read Aloud / Elmer the elephant / patchwork elephant / elephants / map quilt/ David McKee

Elmer by David McKee is a vibrant, funny tale with strong and positive messages. The patchwork and colorful Elmer the elephant is instantly recognizable and helps even very young children explore the idea that we are all the same, but different. Enjoy this read aloud book about this funny and famous elephant called Elmer!

See you next week!

Love from All Reg 2 staff and children

This week has passed by in a blur!


We have been very busy making our surprises for Mums and Dads for Christmas as well as reindeer food and party hats!


On Wednesday we boarded the big orange bus and made our way to Winter Wonderland.  We had a fabulous time!


We have also been to the post box to post a letter to Santa and we popped to the adventure playground to have a quick run around slide and swing on the park!

We have also been very busy in our classroom creating a Santa's workshop and wrapping presents aswell as exploring the snow in the tuff tray!

It has been a festive week and we can't wait for more fun to follow next week!


In the classroom this week

We will Remember......


This week we have been thinking about Remembrance Day and why we wear a poppy.


''Its to remember the mens that died' George said


"It's for the ladies and men who fight in the war' Lily told us


"We wear a poppy for the people fighting" Finley said


"We wear them to say thank you to the soldiers and men" Olivia-Grace.



We made poppies and honoured a two minute silence at 11am.  We then put our poppies onto the display board for all our Mums and Dads to see.

Making poppies

We have also been busy learning about Autumn and collected leaves on an Autumn walk.


When we visited the library on Friday the leaves had frost on them, the grass was frosty too and the puddles had turned to ice!

Walking in Autumn

We have also been very busy developing our physical skills doing doodlesticks and visiting the park!

Let's get physical!

We have been very busy in continuous provision learning about size and numbers and even doing a spot of reading


We're just playing

Thank you for popping by

See you next week


Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee!


This week we have been learning about Winnie the Witch and her cat Wilbur.

We have made a witch's house in the classroom and the children have loved dressing up as Winnie!

Witches R Us

We made chocolate apples, talking about how we could melt the chocolate the make it runny and gooey.  We found the safest way was to use the microwave.  We melted the chocolate and then sprinkled the sprinkles on top! Yummy!

Yum Yum!

Then we went to the ALPS and had a pumpkin picnic!

We split into 4 groups and carved our own pumpkins.  WE used a pumpkin carving kit and sawed backwards and forwards to cut off the top, its eyes and mouth.

After we had finished the pumpkins, we ate our yummy chocolate apples and had hot chocolate and marshmallows!


We have also been 'doodlesticking' this week.

Doodlesticks is a specific program for teaching pre-writing skills.  The children thoroughly enjoyed playing with the ribbons (we think Mrs Littler had more fun though!!)



We have also been discussing Bonfire Night and how to stay safe.

We know that we are not allowed near the fire and we have to wear gloves when holding a sparkler!

We made chocolate finger sparklers to eat after our tea......mmmmm.....chocolate!



We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day, we're not scared!


This week we have been learning all about the story 'We're going on a bear hunt'.  

We painted pictures on the IW all about bears.  We looked at american black bears, big brown bears, polar bears and even panda bears!


Painting a bear

We went on a bear hunt outside!

Playground bear hunt

On Thursday afternoon, we went to the ALPS on a bear hunt.

We put on our wellies and coats and ventured out into the cold.

We swished and swashed through the long grass,, squelched and squerched through the mud, splished and splashed in the river, swirled and whirled through a snowstorm and tiptoed into a narrow, gloomy cave.



There was a REAL bear!


We were so scared!  Toni and Sophie ran away to the clearing of the forest but as they turned around they noticed it was just Mrs Littler hiding under a big, brown, furry cover!

They thought that was very funny!

We're going on a bear hunt!

On Friday we made mud cakes.  

We squished up digestive biscuits, melted some yummy chocolate and mixed them together.

We topped them off with a jelly worm to make them look very authentic!


Mud cakes

Thanks for popping by!

See you next week



This week we have been reading about Goldilocks and the three bears. 


We have been ordering the bears belongings by size using words like big, small, huge tiny and medium sized.

Yasine blew us away with his mathematical word vocabulary and his cutting skills!

We have also made a story map thinking about what happened first, next and last.

The children were very good at remembering how the story was structured, the characters in the story and what the characters said.


Story map

We have also been thinking about how the bears and Goldilocks felt at different points of the story.


'SCARED!' George told us that Goldilocks was scared of the bears


'SAD' Skyava told us that baby bear was feeling this way when Goldilocks broke his chair


'WORRIED' Thomas told us when Goldilocks broke baby bears chair


'SHE SHOULD SAY SORRY' Lily explained at the end of the story



On Friday we were very lucky and got to eat porridge just like Goldilocks did!

Every boy and girl in class on Friday morning tried the porridge and quite a few bowls were empty.

'Can I have some more'?  Charlie asked

'That was delicious!' Ava told us



Porridge time



Welcome to Reg 2 class blog!

We have been really busy in Reg 2 since the start of September.

We have settled in really well and began to understand the rules and boundaries in our classroom.



settling in

We have been learning all about shapes and have enjoyed sorting and categorising by the shape and colour.  Some of us can even name the 2D shapes!!

Well done Reg 2!

shape hunt

We have also been learning about colours.  We have made tissue paper pictures using the shapes we learned about last week, but this week also thought about the colours we were using.  The children were also very good at describing their masterpieces!

Our grand designs

We also made biscuits and mixed colours together to make the icing sugar.  

We mixed BLUE and RED which made PURPLE

                 YELLOW and BLUE which made GREEN

                 RED and YELLOW which made ORANGE


Baking biscuits

Thanks for popping by!

Please come back next week to look at all the things we have been learning about in Pre- school REG 2