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1st-12th May

Our focus for the month of May is Maths.

We call this our Monster Maths month.


We began by asking all of the children what 'Maths' means.  Some children shrugged their shoulders and said 'I don't know', but when I showed them some things we use for Maths like the number line, counting cookies, pattern penguins and a dice we had lots of ideas.


'Numbers!'- Max                             'Counting!'- Lily                             'Colours!'-Skyava


                                '1,2,3,4,5,6'- Charlotte                        'How many altogether'- Sophie



We began by making a shape monster using 2d shapes.  We had to explain which shapes we were using and count how many arms or legs or eyes we were going to give to the monster.



We also worked hard on the challenges in the continuous provision to make a repeating pattern
We then went on a shape hunt around school.  We were looking for triangles, circles, squares and rectangles.

We have also began our daily mile this fortnight.

The daily mile is an initiative to promote healthy lifestyles and tackle childhood obesity.

You can visit the website by typing into your google search 'daily mile' or at

We have exercised on the MUGA, walked, jogged and run around the school field, walked to the library and played games.  We really enjoy it and have made up a song to accompany our goes like this.....


Everywhere we go

(Everywhere we go)

People wanna know

(People wanna know)

Who we are

(who we are)

So we tell them

(so we tell them)



WESTFIELD! (clap clap) WESTFIELD! (clap clap) WESTFIELD!



And we also have a visitor from the Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles visiting us every Thursday.  Her name is Tracey and she is teaching us about healthy food and she plays lots of fun games with us to get us active!

We have also celebrated 2 birthdays this week.

We hope your birthdays are as lovely as you!

Next week we are going to be learning all about numbers and are also looking forward to starting to brush our teeth as part of Inspiring Healthy lifestyles initiative 'Let's Get Brushin''