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31st March

Hello everybody!


This week we have been continuing to learn all about growing, with a splash of baking and making thrown in there too.


We have been carefully watching our caterpillars grow in their little home full of nectar and some of us were even brave enough to let the caterpillars crawl on our hands.  Mrs Rothwell explained that the caterpillars will go into a chrysalis (or cocoon for the Hungry Caterpillar lovers out there!) and will stay inside for two weeks before become beautiful butterflies.  We were a little worried that this may happen over the holidays but Mrs Rothwell will add pictures onto the blog if this is the case.



Creepy, crawly caterpillars....

We have also been thinking about what we would be like when we are grown ups.  We thought about how we would change and the jobs we would like to do when we are adults. 
We made little chocolate nests and placed mini eggs inside to look like a real bird's nest.  We know that baby birds can be called chicks, and we thought about different animals that lay eggs too.  Did you know that crocodiles lay eggs?  We couldn't believe it!  Some eggs can look like the eggs that we buy from the supermarket but other eggs can be smaller or bigger than them. 
We have also been busy in Maths groups this week.  Our maths group teachers set up little tasks for us to assess the knowledge we have gained over the past few weeks.  Here are Mrs Rothwell's group showing everything they know about the number 1.
We have also been busy in continuous provision learning all sorts of new things. 

We also had a few celebrations this week. 

One of our friends is leaving to go to a new school far away.  We made her a card and wished her luck in her new school!

We also said happy birthday to two special people in our class this week
On Friday, we all wore odd socks for downs syndrome awareness day and also had an emergency collection for The Brick.

Thank you all so much for your generosity for both causes.

Have a lovely Easter break