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24th March 2017

Hello again!

We have begun to change the layout of the page this glad you found us!


This week we have been continuing to learn about growing.

We have been thinking about different animals and what they are called and look like when they are babies.

WE were very good at remembering the names of baby animals such as lamb, puppy, kitten, owlet, tadpole and caterpillar.

We have enjoyed playing in the compost and then later in the week planting our very wn seeds that will turn into cress.  Mrs Rothwell said that when it has grown we can eat it on a sandwich!  Most of us haven't tasted cress before so we are very excited.


We had a lot of rainy weather too this week, but this did not keep pre school inside!

We put on our overalls and went to play in the rain.  Miss Hayley put up her umbrella and we all splashed in puddles and felt the rain on our faces.

It was so much fun.  We want it to rain everyday!

Our butterfly garden has also arrived this week and we are now caring for four baby caterpillars.  We have named them Sam (after fireman Sam.....George's idea!) Elsa (no guessing who she is named after!) Poppy (Olivia T's idea) and Fudge (Harvey's idea).  They are sleeping most of the time at the moment but they have crawled around a few times to say hello.

We are looking forward to caring for them and watching them grow.  Tamara-Lilly is making sure the classroom isn't too noisy so that they can get enough sleep to have the energy to turn into butterflies.

We also said 'Happy birthday' so another little star in our class who turned four last weekend.  He brought in a superhero cake and we enjoyed it for snack in the afternoon.  Thank you!
We again, as always have been super busy in continuous provision develoing our physical, communication and friendship skills
We have also celebrated Comic Relief and all looked radiant in red on Friday.  Thank you to all the Mums, Dads, Nannas and family members for your donations, we raised £33.25 in room 2 from our cake sales and red day donations! Well done!

And a very special treat for all the Mummies, step- mummies and Nannas out there who work so hard every day to look after us, our homes and our families.....we hope you liked your gift.

Happy Mothers day! xx

See you next week.  Remember that Friday is out last day before the Easter holidays.