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18th September 2015

Hello can you believe we are three weeks into this term,


Welcome back,


 This week in French we have been learning about animals and colours,

did you know the word poisson is fish in French? we have included Rhianna and Tyler's work just to show you what we have been doing. 



In English we have been learning about Roald Dahl, and looking at his life and how he became a famous author. Roald Dahl has written lots of books, the first book was James and the Magic Peach.

Did you know?

Roald Dahl nearly had his nose sliced off in a car crash, then when he was a pilot in the RAF he had a terrible plain crash which broke his bones in his body and smashed his nose,  Poor Roald's nose..



second week of swimming and all the children are making progress, we travel on a double decker bus and have lots of fun.


we have been using thermometers and measuring the temperature of ice , recording the temperature changing in intervals of 3 minuets.


Certificate winner for 4W is Jake

We wish Georgia and Keeley a very Happy 9th Birthday HIP HIP Hooray

Have a lovely weekend