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25th September 2015

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Another fabulous week in Year 4W


All week we have been using column addition ( 2 and 3 digit) to solve calculations, even those involving money.

All the children worked hard and enjoyed much success with this.



All week we have been studying the famous author Roald Dahl and we know lots of facts about his very interesting life.


facts about his very interesting life.


Isobel says "he was born on13th September 1916"

LJ comments that his father and sister died when he was very young.

He had 6 operations on his spine after an airplane crash Austin remembers.



We love these sessions with Mrs Wilson, we are becoming much more confident in speaking certain phrases and all the children try very hard.



This is yet another highlight in our school week. All the girls are becoming experts in putting on their swimming caps! and the instructor can certainly see progress in the water, WELL DONE EVERYONE

As a class we have all been very successful and well done to Lewis Aspey who has been moved into the big pool. WELL DONE LEWIS


Happy birthday wishes to Sam, who's birthday is today 


Welcome to our website... Attendance for w/c 15th July 2019... RW 94%, RF 96%, 1W 93%, 1F 93%, 2W 93%, 2F 97%, 3W 94%, 3F 90%, 3WF 97%, 4W 93%, 4F 92%, 5W 94%, 5F 94%, 6W 94%, 6F 90% ** ** Congratulations to 2F and 3WF for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**