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Week ending 9th October

This week the children are continuing to explore their learning environment and build new friendships with the class. They have all been fantastic at adapting themselves to our new daily routine which incorporates lots of hand washing.

We now play outdoors as a full class on set times, which is a great opportunity for the children to carry their indoor learning outdoors. 

We are all beginning to show our interests in what resources we enjoy using and love to explore what activities are on offer.

At group time, we sit in small groups to take part in an adult led activity before developing our self help skills with snack.

With the older Pre-school children, we are beginning to work on our pencil grasp and over the next term participate in activities to develop our fine motor muscles which we need for our pre-writing skills. We then progress onto beginning to form recognisable featured in our name.
In Pre-school, the children always enjoy using scissors as part of each activity. We have been focusing on a correct grasp of the scissors and talked about how to use them safely.