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Exploring Autumn

We have been the using the conkers we collected on our Autumn walks to make different marks in the paint. We placed the conker in a tray and used our wrists to circle the tray to make the conker roll around. Look at the fantastic patterns we made!

We have been using the different materials we collected at home, in our Autumn bags to make a big Autumn collage. We souses aspreader to spread the glue and carefully placed each item on. We talked about the different textures of each item, such as, hard, soft, crunchy, spiky and looked at the different colours the leaves were turning.


We used clay to make an Autumn hedgehog. We manipulated the clay by rolling, patting, and squeezing it and using our fine motor skills, we added small sticks for the spikes. We used mathematical language, more and less, to observe the amount of spikes each of our hedgehogs had.