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February 20

 Another busy month we have had in the Sunflower Room we have had lots of learning and developments taking place,  children have been toileting training and have done extremely well, children are becoming more fluent talkers within the room, children are becoming more confident exploring the continuous provison independently and meal times so well done to all our children!! Big high five!!! laugh laugh yes yes


 We have been using technology (ipads, cameras) and ICT resources to develop children's curiosity to develop interests in how to learn to operate them and what theses things do and what childen can do with them.

The children took some really good photos of eachother.laugh

 The children enjoyed walking to the pet shop to observe the animals take a look what animals the children came across........

 We love the outdoors whatever the weather.

 Outdoor play as endless play opportunties whether children are splashing in puddles in the rain, climbing on climbing equipment or swinging on a swing children love to be outdoors and we try to get children out and about within nursery as much as we can. Take a peak.....

 We have been developing children's mark making skills giving them the opportunity to explore both indoor and outdoors. Mark making is a physical and sensory experience and fundamentally is the basis of developing the writing skill children will also develop their imaginations and creative skills too. 

Try mark making at home even in the garden with your child it doesn't just have to be brushes and pens you can use any items - hands, feathers, sticks, stones, utensils, fruit or veg........

 Exploring the natural world. Children learn best when they have the opportunity to just explore, investigate and have fun in the surrounding world around us.


 Developing balancing skills in the hall. The children were very nervous at first but with lots of encouargement and support they overcame their fears and now are super confident!!

Well done!

 The children made their own pizza's at snack time. They made their own choices of what ingredients they wanted to put on by sharing their own likes and dislikes. yummy cheeky