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Friday 16th June

Hello and welcome back to Yr5W blog.




This week we started to use and apply our work in measures from last week to solve problems, including scaling. Scaling is where you increase or decrease amounts, in recipes for example. So a recipe might be:-

12 Cakes


200g sugar

200g butter

200g flour

2 eggs

Therefore if the question was how many eggs would you need for 24 cakes? You would double the amount. 12 x 2 =24 so 2x2=4 the answer is 4 eggs.

We also looked at imperial measures; inches, feet, miles, ounces, pounds, stones, fluid ounces, pints and gallons.



Parenthesis and relative clauses were the job at the beginning of the week. Mrs Dougherty showed us examples and then we wrote our own about the animal we had chosen to write a documentary about.


Eg. Found in Africa, giraffes eat foliage from high branches using their long (black) tongues. This is an example of parenthesis as it gives us extra information in brackets. Commas and dashes can also be used to insert the extra information.

Tigers are good swimmers and like water, which is unlike other cats. This is an example of using a relative clause. Relative clauses are clauses using who, that, which, whose, where, when. They are used to identify the noun that precedes them.

We followed that by looking at types of sentences useful for our documentary writing.

  • 5W sentences
  • Noun, who, which, where.
  • De:De
  • Fact reminder
  • Name- adjective pair
  • Tell: show 3;



Our new science topic is materials and their properties. We looked at different materials and why we use them e.g. glass is used for windows because it’s transparent.

We then planned a fair test: - Which sugar takes the longest to dissolve?

After predicting which one we thought would dissolve the quickest, we performed the experiment.



In topic we began by looking at the countries that make up North America. We also looked at the States.

This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is Amy Alker for being kind, considerate and helpful member of the class; a true delight.



With the forecast predicted to be good weather this weekend; can we remind you of the fire and police service advice; please, please, please stay away from open water.



Have a good and safe weekend.