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Friday 17th March

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.


Happy St Patrick's Day




Finishing practicing the conversion of improper fractions to mixed numbers and visa versa was the start of our week. We then moved on to decimals, starting with tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

e.g. 1/10 =10/100 =100/1000

Converting fractions to decimals was the next step.




We began the week by looking at the spelling rules of adding ‘ible’ and ‘able’. This was a fairly straight forward rule: if the root word is not a real word on its own you add ‘ible’. If the root word is a complete word (with or without an e) it ends in ‘able’. e.g.

vis becomes visible depend becomes dependable

After that we looked at relative clauses. These add extra information, relating to the main clause, in the middle (using commas) or at the end of a sentence.

They include the words who, whose, which, where or that e.g.


The dog, whose tail wagged continuously, played with the children. Or

The dog played with the children, who giggled as he licked them.


We also wrote some more paragraphs in our wordless books, using relative clauses, parenthesis, fronted adverbials and commas.

Assembly Practice


Every spare minute, and there aren’t that many, was spent practicing the Easter Assembly. We hope all our hard work will pay off and produce a great performance. Talking of working hard, we have to thank Mrs Dougherty’s auntie Carol for making all the costumes. We are sure they will make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the assembly.





This week we looked at air resistance, watching a video of a man jumping out of a plane and how his parachute affected his decent. Gravity pulled him towards the ground and when his parachute opened air resistance pushed upwards, onto the surface of the parachute, slowing the man down. We then planned a fair test into air resistance.




No birthdays this week.




This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is Hannah, for her superlative acting skills. An Oscar winner in the making! (All will be revealed).


Have a good weekend!


Friday 10th March

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.




We did lots and lots of practice on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions at the start of the week. It’s a very tricky thing to do so practice makes perfect, so they say. This was followed by multiplying fractions. We then did more practice on converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers, as some of us still needed the practice.



Parenthesis was our start to the week. This is where something extra can be inserted in a sentence: usually between commas, brackets or dashes. E.g. The boy, who was only seven, could play the piano. The part of the sentence within the brackets could be taken out and the sentence would still make sense. (The boy could play the piano).

We then used parenthesis to start writing our wordless books.




In topic this week, we used atlases to locate mountain ranges of the world and position them on a map. This proved to be quite difficult; however it did help to improve our map reading skills. We then concentrated on mountains of the UK. Trying to work out how high they are.




Mrs Dougherty said we were learning about force. STAR WARS was our first thoughts....

‘May the force be with you?’


Sadly, it didn’t involve Star Wars at all but Newton force meters. We spoke about what different forces there are and what causes them; wind resistance, water resistance, friction and gravity. We also looked at the difference is between mass and weight.



No birthdays this week.


This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is a certificate of Good Luck to Lyndon Mitchell who leaves this week to go to his new school. We’re sorry to see to you go but hope you’ll be really happy there.


Keep the 31st March free for the up coming Yr5 Easter assembly. We’ve started to learn some songs and auditions will start next week for acting and narrating parts.


Have a good weekend. Ta tar for now!!



Welcome to the Yr5W blog.


We hope you’ve had a good break and are all refreshed and ready for the new half term.



We came back to more work on fractions this week. We began by looking at fractions of amounts again in worded problems.

For example:- I have 20 stamps I use ¾ of them to post some letters, how many did I use?

So we had to remember the DDTT rule.

20 ÷ 4 = 5 then 5 x 3 = 15 so I used 15 stamps


We also looked at converting mixed numbers (whole numbers and fractions combined -3⅜, 5⅞) to improper fractions.



An improper fraction is where the numerator is larger than the denominator.


To convert a mixed number to an improper fraction we use multiplication.


You times the denominator by the whole number and add the numerator. 3⅜ = 3 x 8 =24 + 3 = 27




Dictionary work was our task to start the week. We looked at words ending in cious and tious. It seemed quite straight forward: Grace becomes gracious, vice becomes vicious. Nutrient becomes nutritious and infect becomes infectious.

On Tuesday we started work on a wordless book called Tuesday by David Wiesner. The book only has pictures and we were to become authors and create our own stories. We began by looking at some of the pictures and asking questions about them. We then predicted what we thought might be happening in them.

Not forgetting World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March: we were allowed to dress up as a book character and spent some time listening to short stories, reading and reciting poems as well as creating a comic strip.


This half term our PE is on a Wednesday. We have an outside agency coming in to teach football skills. We are very excited.



As you know, it was Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) this week. In French we learnt that the French people also celebrate it.

They call it Mardi Gras. Massive celebrations take place day and night in the form of a carnival and festivals. We all made a Mardi Gras mask which is something the French people do to wear at the carnival.

Like us, they also eat pancakes which they call crepes as well as doughnuts and waffles. Mmmmm!!!



We’d like to wish a great big Happy Birthday to Lyndon; who also shares his birthday with Mrs Roberts. We hope you both have a super day!


This Week’s Certificate Winner


Tyler- for being in school every day, and making the right choices in and out of the classroom.



Friday 17th February

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.



Well it was another week of fraction work. Miss gave us more practice on ordering and comparing and finding fractions of amounts.

Would you prefer 3/4 of £300, 2/5 of £450 or 4/6 of £480? We used the method DDTT (divide by the denominator times by the top)

300 divided by 4 =75 then times by 3 =225

450 divided by 5= 90 times 2= 180

480 divided by 6 = 80 times by 4 = 320

So I would choose 4/6 of £480 being £320.

We then moved on to adding and subtracting fractions


We wrote a biography of Hogarth Hughes the character from The Iron Man book. Following that we researched JK Rowling and Usain Bolt: turning the facts into another biography.

Did you know that the Joanne Rowling has no middle name? The publishers decided to use initials as it would appeal to a wider audience. The K is for Kathleen, her grandmother’s name.

And, Usain Bolt is actually called Usain St Leo Bolt.


Designing and constructing a rocket was our lesson this week. We had viewed a short film on the technology of rockets of the future: taking members of the public into space. This was our inspiration for the task. The only stipulation was the rockets had to include a detachable part.



The only thing left to do was a science assessment on Earth, Moon and Space to see how much we had learnt and remembered. A new science topic will start after half term.



Having been excited all week it finally arrived on Thursday: Happy Birthday to Mark. Hope you had a lovely day!

This Week’s Certificate Winner

Well done to Miss Kara Gibson (PA). Mrs Dougherty would be lost without your efficiency and organisational skills.


Hope you all have a good break, enjoy the holiday and stay safe. School starts back on Monday 27th February 2017.

Friday 10th February

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.



Ordering and comparing fractions was the name of the game that started the week. At first the denominators were all the same number and we ordered them ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ (this time from smallest to largest). We then moved on to the denominators being different. This was why we looked at lowest common multiples last week. We had to find the lowest common multiple fractions, before changing them to have the same denominator and then ordering them in order of size.

E.g. Which is greater 3/4 or 2/3? The lowest common fraction is twelfths so 3/4 = 9/12 and 2/3 = 8/12

Therefore 9/12 › 8/12 so 3/4 is greater than 2/3



Did you know that you can change nouns and adjectives into verbs?

Well you can, by adding suffixes –ate, -ise, -en and ify.

Examples:- author becomes authorise

assassin becomes assassinate

dark becomes darken

class becomes classify

We had a list of words to sort taking care of our spellings.

The rules:- Change a ‘y’ to an ‘i’, before adding the ending.

Words ending in ‘e’, remove the ‘e’ before adding the ending.

Words ending with a short vowel sound, double the consonant

before adding the ending.

Towards the end of the week, we started to look at the features of a biography, ready to write one of our own.



Having looked at the lines of latitude (the horizontal lines around the earth) and the lines of longitude (lines that go vertically around the earth) we went on to look at time zones. Greenwich Meridian runs round the centre vertically and is represented by 0°. Any countries to the right of this line are plus hours ahead. Those to the left of Greenwich Meridian are minus hours behind. So if it was 2pm in London, in Paris (which is to the right of England by one hour) it would be 3pm.



We learnt quite a few new words in science this week, when we looked at the phases of the moon. The phases are what the moon looks like depending on its position and how much of it is shown from being lit by the sun.


We also looked at Galileo, the famous astronomer, and his theory- the Heliocentric model of the solar system. This theory, the one we know to be true, shows how everything orbits the sun and not the earth as once thought (geocentric model).


No birthdays this week


This Week’s Certificate Winner

Not only our certificate winner but the Trophy winner too! Well done to the ’Lovely Laura’ she is kind, hard-working, respectful, polite - ALWAYS does her best - simply LOVELY! I’d try for your favourite tea Laura: may be pasta?


One more week before half term: where does the time go?


See you all next week.

Friday 3rd February

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.



This week we carried on with the Bar Model to help us solve fraction word problems.

e.g. The cook has 200g flour. She needs half the flour for bread and the rest for biscuits. How much flour does she have left to make biscuits?








Therefore, there is 100g for the biscuits.

In preparation for next week, we started looking at the lowest common multiples. E.g. 2,4,6,8,10,12 3,6,9,12,15,18 therefore 6 is the lowest common multiple of the 2x and 3x tables



In English we wrote the next part to our story independently, edited and redrafted: then wrote it up neatly, ready for some to be displayed. Having finished reading the story of the Iron Man (thanks Mrs D, we really enjoyed it) we were allowed to watch the Iron Giant film (thanks Mrs D, we really, really enjoyed it!) However, we then had to complete a comparison sheet between the book and the film: noting similarities and differences.



How globes and maps are linked was the focus of this week: with the labelling of the continents, some countries and oceans our job. We also learnt about the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.



In science, discovering why and how we have night and day was our lesson. The Earth spins on its axis. It takes 24 hours to rotate once. The part of the Earth that faces the sun has day light while the other side is in darkness or night time.


Happy Birthday Cameron. We hope you have a great time!


This Week’s Certificate Winner

WOW! Not only was it this young man’s birthday, but he won the certificate for a great effort getting himself to school every day and on time. Congratulations to Cameron Deegan. Keep it up!


See you all next week.

Friday 27th January

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.



We carried on with fractions this week: looking at equivalent fractions again was our job to start with. This was good as it helped to consolidate it in our heads. We then moved on to finding fractions of numbers. Learning the rhyme DDTT (divide by the denominator, times by the top)

e.g. of 72 so 72 ÷ 8 = 9

9 x 3 = 27


We then looked at the bar model to help us understand what had happened.











3 x 9 = 27
Sometimes the amount is greater than in our times tables. When this happens we use the bus stop method of short division.


Our task this week was to write a story similar to the Iron Man. With that in mind, we had to design our own robot and surround it with descriptive words. We then used these words to form different sentences (namely a de:de, a similie and a 2ad sentence with a fronted adverbial). Our next job was to think about the setting and atmosphere of the Iron Man story and use this to inform the setting and atmosphere of our own story



To help us understand how the Earth and the other planets orbit the Sun we took some inflatable planets onto the yard and positioned ourselves in the correct order of position from the Sun. We then walked in an anti clockwise direction around the Sun, making sure we stayed the same distance away as we were at the beginning.



An extra exciting week this week: as we met the French Ambassador of Angers (the French town that is twinned with Wigan). We learnt that we had lots of things in common with them and some differences.

One similarity is that Angers is also famous for pies (not meat ones, sweet ones made with prunes)!

One difference is that they only go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday having Wednesday off. However, they do start at 8.45am and only finish at 5.00pm.



Happy Birthday to Hannah for Saturday: we hope you have a great day.


This Week’s Certificate Winner


Well done Megan, she is constantly dedicated to all aspects of Yr5 life. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class.


See you all next week.

Friday 20th January

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.


Well, what another busy time here at Westfield. The week seems to have flown by!



Feeling wide awake was essential this week; we started looking at fractions. Thankfully, we all appeared to have had big sleeps and were very alert!

A fraction is one whole one divided into parts.

Therefore, one divided by 3 is one third (1/3). So the first job was to make our own fraction walls, to be able to see the comparisons between the different fractions. We then went on to show equivalents e.g. One half (1/2) is the same as two quarters (2/4). Knowing our multiplication and division facts is very important in all aspects of maths, but it is essential when finding equivalent fractions.


The Iron Man was our novel this week. Mrs Dougherty read a description of the Iron Man to us and we had to draw what we thought he looked like. The next job was a funny one. In the story the Iron man feel off a cliff and his broken parts were found by some seagulls. We listened to a recording of some seagulls and had to imagine what they might have said.

This was an introduction to writing speech in our writing; with the correct punctuation.


We carried on our ‘spacey’ theme and began to produce individual Fact Files. Using various stimuli, laptops, books and printed sheets, Mrs Dougherty challenged us to find an ‘out of this world’ fact; one that would amaze all the teachers.



Music was really exciting this week; learning about the famous English composer, Gustav Holst. We began by listening to and enjoying the music he wrote to describe the various planets (Mars and Venus) being the first two. The imagery and emotions the children experienced were truly magical!




It was a double celebration this week. May we wish a happy birthday to Dona and Isobel. We hope you enjoyed your special day!


This Week’s Certificate Winner

Isobel was our super star this week; for being the

‘RESPECT ROLE MODEL’. She has always exhibited the values that we promote across school. Well done.


See you all next week.

Friday 13th January

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.


We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were on the ‘Nice List’ enjoying the giving and receiving of gifts.

May we wish you all Happy New Year; let’s hope it’s a healthy, enjoyable one!



We started the year on the topic of statistics; which basically is making sense of lots of facts and figures. To do this we use tally charts, line graphs, bar charts to name a few.

First, we looked at how to read line graphs. These can be quite tricky; they can have different scales so you have to be careful working out the answers. Using a ruler did help.



English began with us looking at a text about Space. As you can imagine there was a lot of vocabulary that was specific to space and space travel, as such we were a little unsure of the meanings. This is called technical vocabulary. We used our dictionary to find the definitions.

We then went on to look at the difference between Fact and Opinion. Fact is when something is true and can be proven; opinion is what someone feels or thinks. Then we looked at why an author uses the language that they do. E.g.

‘sprinkled with snow white clouds’

This means the clouds were spread out across the earth.



This term our topic and science is all about Space (I know we’ve been very ‘spacey’ this week.)

Our job was to produce a piece of work to show what we knew and what we wanted to know about the Earth, Moon and Space.




We looked and sorted different evidence to prove whether the Earth is spherical or flat; then wrote a paragraph to show our findings, including pictures.

We also made mnemonics to help us remember the planets in the solar system. The planets are:-

Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune P


My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets

The P stands for Pluto. But since 2006 it has been de-classified as a planet and is now a dwarf planet.



No birthdays this week.


This Week’s Certificate Winner


Great Big Well Done

to Austin; a quiet unassuming superstar who does his best in all he does ensuring he smashes his targets. Is it any wonder he was chosen as the cup winner! Brilliant!



See you all next week.

Thursday 22nd December.


Well what a fantastic term we have had.


We have had a fun packed week full of parties and pantomimes.


Check out some pictures below.

All that's left to say is have a VERY Happy Christmas!!


See you Tuesday 10th January 2017

Friday 16th December

Well hello and welcome to the penultimate 5W blog before Christmas.



What a week we’ve had!

As well as looking at subtraction word problems, we took division a little further by looking at chunking with remainders. We also worked on cubing numbers. E.g. (5x5) x5= (25) x 5 = 125.

Towards the end of the week, we took some maths assessments to see how well we are all doing.          



After writing up our dragon poems neatly, we concentrated on how to turn verbs into the past tense. We learnt some rules to help us. Here are a few:

  • Add ed   Listen  would become listened, walk would become walked
  • Double the consonant before adding ed  clap would become clapped, stop would become stopped
  • Take off the y and add ied  carry becomes carried, try becomes tried
  • If the word ends in c add a ked  panic becomes panicked

On Thursday, Christmas Bake Off Day, we used various persuasive techniques to design a poster to advertise the day.




After completing a time line and looking at the changing map of Britain, we learnt about the Viking Gods:- Odin, Loki, Freya, Thor, Frey and Tyr.

Did you Know that:-

 Thor (the God of Thunder and the son of Odin) is where our day Thursday comes from? It was Thor’s day.                                                

Science (with a difference)


This week we had a very special week. As you know it was the Christmas Bake Off. Mrs Cosgrove took groups of children to make our class cake; the theme being ‘‘Twas the night before Christmas’.

The Bake Off was a tremendous success and we’d like to thank everyone who took part.

Connor Bridge was chosen as our class winner by the judges, who also chose our class cake as the school winner! We were all extremely pleased and proud!



We had a very special birthday this week; Congratulations Miss Walls. Hope you have a great weekend celebrating!


This Week’s Certificate Winner

Well done Kyle, for realising how important it is to read every night and for trying hard to achieve your times table bands.



Dates to remember

School finishes on Thursday next week. We’ve all worked very hard this term and deserve our break.


See you all next week. 

Friday 9th December

Hello and welcome to an increasingly excited Y5W class blog.






The start of the week was all about practicing column addition and subtraction followed by multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. Hopefully it is firmly embedded that it isn’t as simple as just adding zeros. (It is true that’s what you do in some cases, but we know it’s about those zeros being place holders as the numbers have moved place value columns.)

We then went on to look at ‘bus stop’ division using partial tables and chunking. I know it doesn’t sound like maths, so I’ll try to show you.

             Partial Table

X 1


X 2


X 4


X 5


X 10


X 20


X 100



                        378 divided by 3


           300  (100)


             60  (20)


              18  (6100+20+6


Answer 126   

  To check we multiplied the answer by what we had divided by:- 






Poetry was our focus this week. Looking at some of the features that poets use to make their work effective; we then wrote some of our own.

These are:-

  • Similes (compares two things using ‘like’ or ‘as’ to something else)

His face was as white as a ghost.

  • Personification (give something a human quality)

The sun smiled upon my face.

  • Rhythm (creating a fun pattern with the sound of words)

The spider’s web looked like lace; I didn’t like it on my face.

  • Alliteration (the repetition of the same sound or letter at the beginning of each or most of the words in a sentence)

The fierce, furry ferret had a funny face.

This led nicely to our first drafts of our own poems about a dragon.



Do you know about Alfred the Great? Well we do now. Our lesson was all about him and how he helped to establish peace with the Vikings by introducing Danelaw.




In science we looked at the different gestation periods of mammals.

Did you know that a mouse gestation is only 3 weeks but an elephants is 92 weeks? Amazing!




No birthdays in class.


This Week’s Certificate Winner

Well done Dona, we were blown away by your use of wonderful vocabulary in your Dragon Bedtime Story.



Dates to remember

Thursday 15th is the Christmas Bake Off day. Each class is competing against one another and the cakes will be on display for all to see. They will then be raffled off at the end of the day.

On that morning, children may bring in cakes from home to sell and raise money for school.


See you all next week. 

Friday 2nd December

Hello and welcome to 5W blog






Well, what a tricky week it’s been this week. It started with short multiplication in column and grid method. I say tricky, but if you know your times table it did make it a little easier.


Column   23 x













 120+18= 138  


After that we moved on to long multiplication   23 x






Miss said as long as we remember the 0 place holder on the 2nd row of the calculations and we know our tables AND we add the two rows up correctly, it’s easy!



We began English recapping the usefulness of adjectives. As you know adjectives describe nouns. We collected as many as we could and wrote them in sentences ready for writing our stories about a dragon.




Topic was art based this week; we all designed and drew Viking Long Ships. Oil pastels were the chosen medium to colour them. There were some truly wonderful examples.




Remember those photographs we asked for? Well, there’s still some time to get them in. Today we looked at the stages of the human life cycle from a foetus all the way to adulthood.





No birthdays in class.


This Week’s Certificate Winner

Isobel Mounteney, for being a truly delightful member of the class. She is kind, caring, conscientious and committed.




 Have a good weekend everyone. See you next week.



Friday 25th November

Welcome back to Yr 5W blog.






The start of the week began looking at the lowest common multiples of numbers and the factors of numbers.

Eg. 3x table 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36

     4x table 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36   

12, 24 and 36 are the common multiples. 12 is the lowest common multiple (LCM)


Factors of 24 are (1, 24) (2, 12) (3, 8) (4, 6) in other words the numbers that when multiplied together make a given number. They come in pairs, unless it’s a square number eg the factors of 25 are (1, 25) (5)

We went on to look at Prime Numbers; numbers that are only divisible by 2 factors, 1 and itself. We learnt that all bar one of them are odd, 2 being the only even number to be a prime. Also, 1 is not a prime number as it only has 1 factor; itself.

Square numbers were next; numbers multiplied by themselves, which in pictorial representation, form a square. Eg. 9 = 3x3

 Which would look like this;    

       *   *   *

    *   *   *

                                 *   *   *





Well it was back to thinking about dragons. We had to imagine that we had found a lost dragon, where we had found it, what it looked like, how it got there and what we were going to do to help it.

After watching some film clips of bedtime story reading, our tasks were to answer some questions and compare their similarities and differences.

An online reading assessment finished the week.




We discussed what we understood about a Viking Raid, made some notes and then completed a story board. Imagining that we were a Viking Warrior; our task was to write a diary entry of the raid.  




The Life Cycle of a mammal was this week’s work. Mrs Roberts was really impressed at our knowledge of what makes a mammal a mammal!

  • Has hair or fur
  • Is warm blooded
  • Usually gives birth to live young (the platypus lays eggs, but is still a mammal)
  • Produces milk to feed their babies.

We each chose a mammal and completed the Life Cycle diagram to show the stages.







No birthdays in class but congratulations to Lyndon and family on the birth of the new member to their family; AJ (Alfie John)


This Week’s Certificate Winner


We were all blown away by Lewis McCormick this week. He’s been ‘on fire’ contributing thoughtful answers in class discussion in English. As well as reading beautifully to the whole class, with expression and different voices for the characters. And to top it all he achieved his 6&9x table band.

That’s got to be worth your favourite tea Lewis!!





 Have a good weekend everyone. See you next week.



Friday 18th November

Welcome back to Yr 5W blog.





Our week started with looking at multiples and using some divisibility rules to work out if a given number is a multiple of a certain number. A number is divisible if it can be divided evenly with no remainder. Here are the rules:

  • 10 if the number ends in a 0
  •  9 if when you add all the digits this number can be divided by 9
  •  8 if the last 3 digits form a number that can be divided by 8
  •  7 if for 3 digit numbers, double the last digit and subtract it from the first two digits. The total can be divided by 7.
  •  6 if the last number can be divided by 2 and the total of the digits can be divided by 3
  •  5 if the last digit is a 5 or a 0
  •  4 if the last two digits are  number that is divisible by 4
  •  3 if the sum of the digits can be divided by 3
  •  2 if the final digit is an even number

We followed this by lots and lots of practice of our times tables and looking at common multiples.


We started the week planning and writing a film review of Paper Planes. Looking at the features of a diary was our next task, reading from extracts of diaries and finding the features became task number two. Task three was learning two new super sentences; Emotion word, (comma) and Noun, who, which, where. This led nicely to writing our own diary entry imagining that we were Dylan; the main character in Paper Planes. We made sure we included the features.



Topic this week was extra special. With Mrs Dougherty being unwell, Mrs Baker came into class on Thursday afternoon. We were given a very important task of producing some art work to adorn the display boards on the newly painted walls in the year 5 bay. This was to replace the art that had been hung since the school was opened.




Looking at more life cycles was the orders of the science work this week; in particular that of a dragonfly and a bird.

We were really relieved to find out that when we eat eggs, we’re not eating unborn baby chicks. Phew!!





Date reminder


What a fabulous, ‘Spottacular’ Pudsey day we all had. Thank you to everyone for your efforts and donations; which will be forwarded to Children in Need.




It came as a complete surprise, to find out that it was not one person’s birthday but two! So, we’d like to wish a great big Happy Birthday to Kara and Amy.

We hope you had super celebrations.

(Kara has been counting down for weeks and weeks …………. and weeks!)


This Week’s Certificate Winner


Well done to Sam for his consistent great efforts in all he does. He’s a truly excellent member of the class, friendly, hard working in fact an all round good egg!!


Only ‘yolking’ Sam!



Ta Ta for now. Have a good weekend.


Friday 11th November

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a good week.





Maths this week has been all about multiplication and the inverse, division. This can be rather tricky if you don’t, recall your tables facts quickly. Which is why it’s important to learn and practice your times tables regularly. This is not to be confused with counting in a given number e.g 3,6,9,12,15,and so on; but 1x3=3 2x3=6 3x3=9 etc.

Eventually they stick, and that’s when you know you know them. Mrs Roberts from 5F helped us with some times table techniques this week so hopefully some of us will be attempting our times table bands sometime soon.

And just to show it works, our congratulations go to Kara for gaining her 7x 8x tables band and Isobel who triumphed and received her GOLD band. Both are well deserved.




Modal verbs were the subject that started the week. These are very useful in many ways. E.g

In a question; … May I go to the cinema?

Or as a statement; … I may go to the cinema (notice, the words are just rearranged).

They also allow you to say what will and won’t be and state the degree of possibility of other events occurring. E.g

In the future, I might live in another country. However, I shall always enjoy holidays in England.

So in short the modal verbs are; - may, might, must, could, would, should, will, shall, can and ought to.

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to go to the cinema to watch Paper Planes. We all really enjoyed the film and it was a super stimulus for our writing.



Following on from our mind map of last week, we looked at where the Vikings travelled from and where in our country they landed. We also studied how they got here; their magnificent long boats.




After looking at seed dispersal last week, we learnt about the life cycle of a plant. It’s called a cycle as there is no beginning or end it’s continuous. –germination- growth- pollination- fertilisation- seed dispersal-. We then looked at the life cycle of a frog.


Date reminder

In remembrance to all those who gave their lives so that we could live in peace, many poppies, wrist bands and other merchandise  have been on sale all week.

We held a minute silence on Friday 11th at 11 o’clock in memory of the day that the First World War ended at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month.                      





Unfortunately, there was no birthday person this week.


This Weeks Certificate Winner


Congratulations to Teodora Dascalu for finding her voice, contributing to class discussions and blossoming into a more confident member of year 5.


Just before we say goodbye, we wanted to tell you about a new reward token that was introduced in our assembly this week. They can be awarded by teachers and children to those who have shown some respectful behaviour.


Friday 4th November

Hello and welcome back after the half term break. Hope you had a good break and are ready for more work and fun!





We began the week using inverse addition/subtraction to help us solve word problems.

E.g. Kate thinks of a number. She adds 50, subtracts 11 and then adds 33 to her number. Her new number is 446, what was her starting number?


So; -     ?  +50-11+33=446 


 To work it out do the inverse 


             446-33=413   413+11= 424    424-50=374


              374 is the answer.


Mrs Dougherty then introduced a new concept called the BAR method.

This is a visual representation of the calculations needed to help us understand what we have to do to work out word problems.




In English we looked at a new story called ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ The story is set in the past, around the time of the Vikings which just so happens to be our new theme for Topic.

While watching a clip, we made notes about the characteristics of the different types of dragon. Following on from that, we looked at a report about elephants, identifying the features. We then planned a non-chronological report and then wrote the report remembering to include the features:-

. Heading

. Sub-headings

. Pictures/ diagrams

. Captions

.Technical Language


.Bullet points



 Our new Topic is called Valhalla. This is the mythical resting place that the Vikings believed that those who died in battle went to. We completed a mind map of the things we knew and wanted to know about the Vikings. Creating a time line to show where in the past they came was our next job.



We had a really exciting lesson with a teacher from a high school. Mr Allcock told us all about space; in particular, gravity and weightlessness. He also told us about the British astronaut Tim Peake.

Carrying on with livings things, we looked at how seeds are dispersed. We learnt that they are carried by the wind, water, and explosion and by animals (who eat them and excrete them) as well as sticking to their fur /feathers.

Date reminder

As its National Film week next week, we are going to the cinema to watch a film called Paper Planes on Wednesday 9th November. You should have received a letter with all the details; however your child does not need any extra money as the trip is free and children will be allowed to get their toast and drink, as usual, before they go.




Unfortunately, there was no birthday person this week.


This Weeks Certificate Winner


Congratulations Jake Hewlett for really impressing Mrs Dougherty and all your teachers for being hard working, polite, always making the right choices, in fact a model pupil. That's why he won the trophy along with Harvey Meadwell from 5F whose certificate was equally impressive.


Oh, remember, remember it’s the 5th November tomorrow. We hope you have fun and lots of excitement over the weekend. However, take heed of the fire brigades advice from our assembly if you’re going to a bonfire or having fireworks.

Please, please be careful and STAY SAFE!


Friday 23rd September


Welcome to Year 5W’s blog for this week.


Maths – This week the children have been looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000! They began by looking at which tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousand or hundred thousand numbers sit on either side of a number. For example,


71 lies between 70 and 80

642 lies between 600 and 700

2,451 lies between 2,000 and 3,000

31,674 lies between 30,000 and 40,000

640,922 lies between 600,000 and 700,000


Then the children learnt a rhyme to help them decide whether to round up or down…1 to 4 stay on the floor, 5 to 9 climb the vine.


Look at this website to practice rounding numbers at home.


English – The children have been listening to a story called Bling, about a young boy called Billy Midas who believes he is a loser. His only friend is his precious pet cat, Goji. One day, Billy helps a diminutive, elf-like creature called Chimichanga who grants him a wish. Billy wishes for gold. The Chimichanga presents Billy with a magical cushion that turns everything placed upon it into gold. Billy uses the cushion to turn his schoolmate’s jewellery into gold which increases his popularity. Billy begins to feel like a winner and is happy until one day he comes home from school and can’t find his beloved pet Goji. He is horrified when he discovers that Goji has climbed on top of the magic cushion and fallen asleep…. and that his precious cat has turned into solid gold. Billy is devastated and calls upon the Chimichanga for help. The Chimichanga tells Billy that he can restore Goji by reversing the power of the cushion, but all the gold that Billy has made so far will turn back to what it was before. Billy is torn and doesn’t know what to do. Should he save Goji or risk losing his new found friends?


That is how the story ends…on a cliff hanger. Year 5W are anxious to find out what Billy did next. So, they designed WANTED posters to try and find the roguish Chimichanga.


Topic – The children visited our own woodland area (the ALPS) as part of our Woodlands and Wetlands topic. They explored the ALPS to identify the features of a woodland area. They discovered a variety of trees and plants. The trees were covered in moss and grew close together, only allowing glimpses of light to peep through their canopy of leaves. The children were thrilled to find many different species of fungi growing  both on the ground and on fallen logs. They also found various insects and  eagle-eyed Amy spotted a tiny aphid (greenfly) crawling on a leaf. The children also concluded  that birds live in the ALPS on account of the evidence they uncovered, lots of feathers lying on the ground.

Science – In Science, we have been learning out about the different parts of a plant.  Can you name them? We also thought the function of each part of a plant. Find out more using the website below.

We then looked at flowers up close using a magnifying glass. We examined the flowers carefully and discovered that they are made up of different parts. Did you know that plants have parts that are both male and female? Look at this website and see if you can identify and label all the different parts of a flower.

Our Certificate Winner


Rhianna is our Pupil of the Week. She received her certificate for ALWAYS being ready to learn, for ALWAYS giving her best and for ALWAYS standing out for doing the right thing.


Have a fabulous weekend!!! See you next week!!

Friday 16th September



Welcome to our blog this week.


Maths – We have continued to explore place value this week. At the beginning of the week we used the greater than, less than and equals symbols to compare numbers. We examined numbers carefully, looking at each digit to work out its value. The children remembered that the greater and less than signs look like a crocodile’s mouth, and that the crocodile ALWAYS eats the biggest number. Later in the week, we looked at how to order numbers from largest to smallest and from smallest to largest. On Friday the children were asked to add 10 more, 100 more, 1,000 more and even 10 000 more than a given number. What a busy week!!


Click on the link below to investigate greater than and less than at home

English – The children watched a short video clip called The Lone Robot, they then created amazing character descriptions of the robot. The children generated lots of vocabulary about the robot, then used a thesaurus to improve this vocabulary by finding synonyms (words that mean the same as another). 


Watch the clip.

The Lone Robot

Still image for this video

This week the children have used a dictionary to help them find the definition (meaning) of a word. They then used this skill to help them when reading a tricky word in a text to clarify what it meant. Some of the children have been reading a story called The Firework Maker’s Daughter, whilst others have read Owl Babies. They then had to summarise the story, take out all the small unimportant details and just re-tell the main points of the story.


Click the links to read both stories.


Topic – The children have been continued to our new topic called WOODLANDS AND WETLANDS. The children have begun to think about making a documentary about our very own wooded area in the ALPS. They have watched clips from documentaries made by Sir David Attenborough to help them. They have been thinking about what equipment they might need and where they might want to film within our ALPS.

Science – In Science, have been investigating living things and their habitats. On Thursday, they went across to the ALPS to look different habitats. The children discovered lots of different types of habitats, both natural and man-made.

PE- this term we are developing the skills required to play Invasion Games. In PE this week the children practiced passing a ball in different ways.

Our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week was Kyle, for his amazing description of The Lone Robot and for being an all-round good guy!

Friday September 9th


Welcome to Year 5W’s first blog of the year.


Maths – This week the children have been exploring place value. They have been reading and writing numbers and have been thinking about the value of each digit in a number. For example, what is the 7 worth in 5,753? It is 700 of course! 

English – The children have worked hard to plan and write a recount of what they did during the summer break. We have loved reading about all the amazing things the children did. The children edited their recounts to ensure their sentences made sense and that they had used punctuation accurately. 


Science – In Science, we will be learning about living things and their habitats. The children have identified and discussed what they already know and then created mind maps, using both words and pictures.

Our CERTIFICATE WINNER this week was Lyndon Mitchell, for a stunning start to year 5! 

Have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you on Monday at 08:35!!