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Friday 7th July

Hello and welcome back to Yr5W blog.



We began the week with translation. Translation is a term used in geometry to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. The object does not alter in any other way. It is not rotated, reflected or re-sized. In a translation, every point of the object must be moved in the same direction and for the same distance.

We then did some work on reflection. Reflection is the flipping of a figure, shape or a point over a line of reflection/ mirror line. The figure does not change size, just faces the other way.



In English we revisited looking at verbs; especially verbs in the past tense. Mrs Dougherty reminded us of the rules used when changing the verbs followed by a list of words to change and list under the rule; we also had to think of some of our own. The rules are:-

Just add – ed miss becomes missed

Add –d like becomes liked

Double the consonant and add ed drag becomes dragged

Change the y to an i and add ed cry becomes cried

Exceptions buy becomes bought, say becomes said, throw becomes threw



In science we looked at reversible and irreversible changes. After discussing the processes we thought about how different materials can be separated. These were: - sieving, filtering, evaporation and condensation, magnetism and decanting.

Click on the link to view the BBC web site.

Point of interest.

Next week is enterprise week. Each class has to make things in order to sell at Westfest. The proceeds will go to fund the Christmas parties and Yr 6 leaving celebrations. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun making; let’s hope we make lots of money!



This Week’s Certificate Winner…

Is Kaedyn for his accuracy and precision in drawing shapes in translation and reflection work in maths.


Have a good and hopefully sunny weekend.


See you all soon.