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Friday 26th May

Hello and welcome to the Y5W blog.




Being able to use a protractor came in handy this week as we started looking at regular and irregular shapes. Did you know that if a shape has equal length sides and equal angles it’s a regular shape? So if it hasn’t got these it’s irregular.

This was all part of investigating shape. We looked at the properties of quadrilaterals (shapes with 4 sides) in particular rectangles and squares and then the properties of 3D shapes.



Monday began with more practice and then a number of performances of the poem Perseus and the Gorgon. Mrs Dougherty was assessing us on fluency, intonation and feeling.

This was really well executed by everyone.

We also looked at mythical creatures. After being given a picture of one, we had to think of all the adjectives to describe them and then write a paragraph. The next task was to describe a Greek setting.




We began the week by planning a Greek myth. We threw some picture dice to determine the setting, hero, God/Goddess and monster.

After thinking about the problem and task we completed a storyboard plan. We then looked at types of sentence that would be useful. Culminating in producing our own Greek Myth.




Sports day took place this week and was a great success. We were blessed with brilliant weather and everyone who took did so with great sportsmanship and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We had super fun racing and dressing up our friends.

Also in PE, we performed our Pandora’s Box dance for the other Year 5 class.

Here it is for you to see…


Still image for this video

This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is George Selby for producing and excellent Greek Myth using a wide repertoire of vocabulary: an extra well done for receiving the trophy!

You can read George’s myth earlier in the blog.


Remember: We all have a one week holiday stating today. The new final half begins on Monday 5th June. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable break.


See you all soon.