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Friday 9th June

Hello and welcome back to the blog and the last half term of your child’s year in Yr5W. How fast that year has flown!



Our focus for this week is all about measure. We began by looking at converting measures of length:-

1cm = 10mm so to convert cm to mm you multiply by 10.

So 4cm = 40mm, 25cm = 250mm therefore to convert mm to cm

You simply divide by 10

So 560mm = 56cm 37mm = 3.7cm

Similarly convert m to cm you multiply by 100 and divide by 100 when converting cm to m.

So 5m = 500cm and 4325cm = 43.25m.

Finally, convert km to m you multiply by 1000

On a similar vein, we converted ml to litres and grams to kg.



Our English was based around Planet Earth. We read and watched some information on some animals that inhabit our earth. We ‘dissected’ these and collected (magpied) some technical vocabulary which we felt would help us when we needed to write our own documentary script. It was then time to research some interesting facts about animals we liked.




New England is the name of our new topic. We began by looking at when, who and where the colony originated. Mrs Dougherty gave us some pictures which we had to put in order and write a brief explanation of the order of events. We also looked at the first Thanksgiving and wrote a postcard, pretending we were one of the Pilgrims, to our family back in England.


With the general election taking place this week, we looked at who the main party leaders are and what a general election actually means.


This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is Kaedyn Peck for fitting into year 5 seamlessly. We are so glad you joined us.


Have a good weekend


See you all soon.