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Friday 21st April

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.

We hope you had a fun filled Easter break and are ready and eager for the summer term.


Recapping fractions and decimals (to see how much we could remember) was the start of the week: moving swiftly onto rounding decimals to the nearest whole number and 1 and 2 decimal places.



Mrs Dougherty introduced our new and exciting text: a ‘Battle Cry’. Our eventual goal was to write and perform in front of the class our own Battle Cry. A Battle Cry is something a leader of people would say to rally and persuade them into battle.

Mrs Dougherty read one to us and we, with a partner practiced speaking with intonation and expression.

We then viewed some famous battle cries from some iconic films and answered some questions on them.


Our new topic is the Ancient Greeks. We discussed what we knew and what we wanted to know about them. Mrs Dougherty told us that we will be designing and making a Greek pot. This got a very excited 'YES!'



In science our job was to plan and carry out a fair test on forces. Mrs Cosgrove made a paper spinner so we could conduct an investigation into air resistance. The fair test was to see if adding weight to the spinner would affect the speed at which the spinner fell.



We were also lucky enough to have a visitor from HHkids this week. We learnt about lots of things to do with smoking:

  • What makes people smoke?
  • How many harmful chemicals there are in cigarettes?
  • What affects they have on the body
  • How much it costs.


This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is Keeley: for finding her voice and taking a more active role in reciprocal reading .

Well done smiley

Hope you all have a great weekend and we’ll see you soon.

Finally, have your say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.