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Friday 24th March

Welcome to the Yr5W blog.



Practice on converting fractions to decimals was the start of the week. We then looked at adding decimals: with different decimal places. e.g. 8.993 + 7.6 =

The important thing to remember is to line up the decimal points.

8.993 +

7.600 Notice how we have put in some zeros as place holders.


We also compared and ordered some decimals in order

e.g. 14.620, 14.106, 14.604, 14.060 would be

14.06, 14.106, 14.604 and 14.62 again the zeros can be put on if it helps to see.



We began the week by looking at spelling: changing ‘ible’ to ‘ibly’. Basically, just take off the ‘e’ and add ‘y’. Then we looked at modal verbs again (must, will, shall, might, can, may, would, should and could) to help write the next few pages of our wordless books.


Assembly Practice


More practice has been taken this week, together with some prop making. We were also allowed to make some special cards. However, we can’t tell you who they’re for, ‘Mum’s the word’ as they say when you have to keep a secret!!!



Miss Casey Smith is 10 today (24-3-17) and a very happy birthday to you too.



This Week’s Certificate Winner…


Is Connor, the epitome of politeness, chivalry and dedication to all he does.


Have a good weekend!


Finally, have you say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.