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Friday 16th October

Here are the highlights from the week-


In English the children planned their own story based on Zog. Different groups were given different animals and they thought about what their animal would learn at school. Here are some ideas-

Tigers learned- how to roar and catch their prey

Giraffes learned- how to stretch their necks and bend their necks

Elephants learned- how to squirt water, use their trunks and flap their ears


The children's writing was fantastic and showed lots of detail!!!


In maths-

The children have been counting forwards, backwards and working through a range of addition and subtraction calculations.



We thought about lots of ways that we need to keep safe around water, road and rail. Here are all the great ideas-


In Topic-

The children thought about what we could use to make a bug hotel. We decided that our ALPS area has lots of leaves, stones, sticks, twigs, logs and bark.

The children were placed in small groups and created their own bug hotel. All of the adults were amazed at the creativity from the children and we even saw some visitors in one of the hotels!


Here are the finished bug hotels

Thank you to all parents who attended parent's evening, your comments are well valued and appreciated.


Enjoy the weekend, love Mrs Woodcock, Mrs Haselden and Mrs Mason