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Flag designs

Flag designs 1
Flag designs 2
Flag designs 3

Hello and welcome to our blog! We have been extra busy in maths working on multiplication and division! We are all trying really hard to work out calculations using arrays.


In English we have been learning about compound words, homophones and revising SPAG activities!


On Thursday we heard there was a football game been played during the afternoon so while we were working we just happened to watch England V Wales!!! Well done England!


As the Olympics are approaching the children were asked to design a Westfield flag! Here are some of the children's designs!


Have a good weekend!

Welcome to our website... Attendance for w/c 11th November 2019... RW 78%, RF 67%,( due to sickness bug) 1W 93%, 1F 90%, 2W 97%, 2F 87%, 3W 97%, 3F 92%, 4WF 97%, 4W 94%, 4F 94%, 5W 95%, 5F 93%, 6W 99%, 6F 94% ** ** Congratulations to 6W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**