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Friday 27th November

Well what an interesting, unusual and fun week we have had.


The week started with a whole school assembly where Mrs Ford and Mrs Houghton explained that something peculiar happened on Saturday night! Police were phoned to attend the ALPS area as an EGG was found!

We were very interested in this information so we visited the ALPs to investigate.  

We then thought about what type of egg is it? Who brought it? Why was it here?

The children worked really hard and thought about a variety of answers to the questions.


The following day (Tuesday) Mrs Woodcock and Miss Mousdell were on a course and not in school. When the children arrived at school they were greeted with a huge mess in the classroom because 'something' had been on a rampage through school. Here is the evidence.

The children were then informed that the egg had cracked!!! They wrote letters explaining what had happened in the classroom and even recorded videos!

VID_20151124_085606 luke.mp4

Still image for this video
The children then designed the planet that they thought the alien came from. Here are some designs-

This then led to the children writing a description of the planet. They included lots of ideas about what they could see, hear, touch and smell.


The children have been really excited all week and we hope they have told you all about their work.