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Friday 2nd October

Well hello and who can believe that we have started October with such lovely Indian Summer some might say!!


Here are the highlights from our working week!


In English we started reading a new book- Zog! The children loved hearing about the dragon school and discovered all the things that dragons learnt and should know!!  Today (Friday) the children even design their own castle so that on Monday the children can write a description.


In maths we have been thinking about NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS!!!!!! We have been counting 10 more, 10 less, ordering numbers and finding the smallest and the largest!!!


During the week the children learnt about an artist named Andy Goldsworthy. They discovered that he used natural materials to create his artwork- and today we visited the ALPS and collected various natural materials and then returned to class with them. The children then discussed their ideas together and created their master-pieces!!


Check out our highlights through our photographs-