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Friday 23rd June


This week we have introduced Y6 to the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes: a superb classic narrative poem that tells the story of a doomed romance between a rogue and a landlord's daughter. It has really captured the children's imagination. 


There has been another new introduction this week in the form of a fresh science topic entitled Evolution and Inheritance. The first session looked at how creatures from millions of years ago have left clues behind that allow us to work out what they were like. We looked at different dinosaurs and their features to design and model a new species from modelling clay. Trouble was - it was so warm in class that the clay was very soft and it was tricky to make rigid enough structures to hold there shape. Despite this set back, take a look below at some great examples. Each has features specifically designed to help the creature survive successfully.


Have a good week!


PS Please send in any baby/toddler pictures you have for our Leaver's Assembly.