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Goodness me! How have we got to half term so soon? Hope the weather holds. You may have noticed that Learning Logs have been re-issued so that the class can research and present findings about the Mayans. Their creative work is always a pleasure to see.


Take a look below at all the action shots from Sports Day. The class competed really well and great fun was had by all. Well done to all the parents who offered their support.


Have a great break



Hello again.


Now that SATS are over we must turn our attention to writing and how we can allow the children to demonstrate their growing skill before their final assessments in writing are made. To this end we drafted and improved a newspaper article this week that took inspiration from Why the whales came by Michael Morpurgo. We created headlines and used specific features to tell the exciting tale of when the islanders rescued a stranded narwhal.  

In maths we have studied circles. Y6 need to recognise the diameter and radius of a circle and understand the relationship between them. Of course, we like to raise the bar so as well as that, we have learned how to use a pair of compasses to not only draw circles but to create amazing pictures. Check them out below.


Bye for now!!!!! smiley

Friday 10th March

This week has seen us crank up the intensity of our preparation for the very important tests (SATS) that are coming along for Y6 in May. 

The children have sat mock tests in all areas this week to enable them to get a feel for the timings, the papers and the rigorous format.

At this point of time what is vital is that attitude and mindset are fully focused because the tests present a real challenge for all children and all that is ever asked for is their best.

Needless to say, over the next coming weeks, much time will be devoted to sharpening skills, revision, consolidation and practice because they children will only get one chance to show off their progress in this formal way.

Have a good weekend.  no

Friday 3rd March


What a busy first week back after half term!

In maths we have covered our objectives in algebra. Yes algebra! 

Did you know the rule for this sequence is 3n+2, where n stands for which position of the number you need.

5, 8, 11, 14, 17

The 10th number would be 32! (3 x 10 +2)


In English we have written an epic fantasy adventure. Enjoy the wonderful book covers and blurbs we created below. Also well done to the children who dressed up as literary characters. You were fab!!!!

Friday 17th February


Have a great half term and enjoy our photos from two exciting activities this week. Firstly, our adventures at Quarry Bank Mill where we acted as mill apprentices. What a life! Secondly, our challenge to take measurements in our MUGA and then calculate the area and perimeter to work out costings for a new surface and new fencing. 

Enjoy!!! indecision

Friday 10th February


This week the key message has been about internet safety and that great caution must be observed when participating in online activities, especially as part of social media. Check out our safety posters below.


In other areas we have been doing exactly that - area and perimeter in maths. Did you know that shapes with the same area can have different perimeters and vice versa? Well we do.


In English we have been exploring grammatical terms such as homophones, synonym and antonym.

here/hear - homophones

big/huge - synonyms

light/dark - antonyms

Do you get it?


All eyes are now on Monday and our trip to Quarry Bank Mill. Come back next week for loads of pictures.



Friday 3rd February




This week in English we have drafted and improved a piece of writing that recounted the day a poor mother had to give up her child to the Foundling Hospital of Victorian times. Very touching it was too.


In maths we have been converting between different units of measurement like 2.3kg = 2300g and 3.05m = 305cm. There is a lot to remember. Did you know that 5 miles is roughly the same as 8km?


In topic we have looked closely at the horrible jobs poor children had to do in Victorian times. Take a look at the sketches below. 

Friday 27th January


Welcome back!


One of the things that makes us in Y6 proud is when children demonstrate a love of learning outside of school. Take a look at the fabulous model (as yet unfinished) that has been created by one of our super creative children. It is of the Foundling Hospital, a place featured in our novel, Hetty Feather, which is a real place that once schooled unwanted and illegitimate children in Victorian times. Take a look! 

Friday 20th January


Firstly a reminder that PE is on Fridays and all children need to bring a suitable change of clothes for physical activity, including footwear.


In English we have started our new class novel, Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson. It is set in Victorian times and so links nicely to our new topic, The children find it remarkable that children could be so poor and that mothers would give babies away if they could not look after them. 


In maths we have looked at the place value of decimals and how to multiply numbers with up to 2 decimal places by a single digit whole number.


Take a look at the examples from some of our Learning Logs that have been handed in, Stunning. Can all Learning Logs be handed in ASAP.


Finally a big well done to Jamie for winning the certificate as pupil of the week in class, pupil of the week in upper KS2 and being Perfect Punctuality winner. What a day!

Friday 16th December


Firstly, a big well done and thank you to everyone for their efforts in cake making for our bake-off. They were amazing and looked thoroughly delicious. A particular well done must go to Cobilee for being judged the winner. 


In English this week we have worked through a SATS reading booklet across several lessons to allow the children to become accustomed to the type of questions they need to be confident with. 


In maths the children undertook two written assessments this week: one was arithmetics (calculations), the other was reasoning and problem solving. It was a challenge but we have a good idea of where we can improve and there is a long time until May.


Our wonderful electronic games are mostly completed (see below). They now need to be tested and evaluated. I would enjoy playing on them, for sure.


Bye for now


Friday 9th December


Hello again!

This week has been another hard working week. The children completed their first ever "test conditions" practice reading SAT. Although it was an older paper and dated back to the older Pre 2014 curriculum, it was still very challenging which makes it all the more promising that the vast majority of children had a really good go, with bags of super attitude, often scoring very well. Well done to them.


In maths we have become wizards with fractions, multiplying and dividing them for fun.  Remember STICK, CHANGE, FLIP for dividing and you won't go far wrong.


Our electronic games are near completion. Can't wait to show you!!!!

Bye for now


Friday 2nd December


Welcome back. Its a science blog today. 


We have been studying electricity and how circuits work and how they vary. 


There was a challenge to see who could be the first professor to figure out how a bulb could be lit with just one wire and a battery. But most of the children got it in the end. Mr Metcalfe was very impressed. 


Also, check out our game boards that we have designed and made so far, When finished there will be a circuitry surprise and be fun to play. Can't wait!


Well done to Ellie for being pupil of the week. She asks searching questions in reading.

Friday 18th November


In English this week we have looked closely at how speech is represented in stories. Although it is complicated to structure and punctuate accurately, there have been some pleasing results.


In maths we have been learning to solve problems using the BAR method. This is a strategy that can allow children to organise the information in problems and assist them in recognising what calculations require carrying out.


In topic, we researched about the city of Sydney, in Australia and used it to write exciting guides for anyone interested in visiting.


Finally, below are some examples of work the children have completed after finishing their school reading books that shows they have engaged in them and can draw some understanding. Good work will earn Westfield Dollars that can be spent in class at the end of the term.



Friday 11th November


Year 6W are going to have no difficulties starting their life in high school. Want the proof? We visited Shevington High this week to spend the morning doing lessons. As you can see, you can't tell that we're still at primary school, can you?



Attention all parents/carers- we are holding a SATS meeting after school on Monday so please join us to learn about these important tests.


This week we have wrote spooky story openings. Very eerie and ghoulish. We have also began the process of looking at different reading materials from old SATS to develop techniques in how to tackle different kinds of comprehension questions. It will help your children so much to encourage and reward their efforts in keeping up with regular reading of a wide variety of materials and help them to engage with their texts.


In maths we have explored highest common factors, lowest common multiples and prime numbers to 100. How many do you know? Is one a prime number?


Our new topic is capital cities; this week we imagined we'd won a trip to London and had to explain and justify which famous site we would like to visit. Learning Logs are being sent out again for children to enjoy finding out about capital cities. Maybe they could draw and write postcards from Paris or Rome. maybe they could find about the biggest and best football stadia of Madrid, Berlin or Buenos Aires. Maybe they could print pictures of famous buildings and landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or The London Eye.


So look forward to seeing the results.

Bye for now!

Friday 21st October

Firstly, a  big thank you to everyone who attended Parent's evening. Your support is invaluable.

Well, where has this half term gone? It's been a jam packed week this week. The highlights were the visit to Shevington High and our World War 2 day. Have a look for yourself.

Also, please enjoy the children's short animations depicting a scene from the battle of Britain.

Tadeas rhys.avi

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 14th October


First of all, make sure you check out Reception's BLOG to see Y6W helping Reception children read during our Book Fair. They were very sensible.


Our pictures this week are showing us write our final drafts describing Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room. They are wonderful pieces. Also, we are showing examples of the World War 2 caricatures that we created using charcoal pencils. Hope you like them!

Friday 7th October


In English we have explored classification of nouns. Did you know we have concrete and abstract nouns in English? Concrete nouns are people, places and objects that can be tangibly seen or touched, while abstract nouns are feelings and emotions. We investigated concrete and abstract nouns to create weird, wonderful and eerie places, such as:

haunted house of broken lives [Ethan]

the ball pit of doom [Benjamin]

The ship of sadness [Rhys]

The dwelling of fear [Jakub]

the hotel of apprehension ( Ellis )

 The Cloud Of Doom ( Leah )

the mansion of doom [Jessica]

The gymnasium of craziness. [Tia]

the dwelling of fear  [ellie.j]
Town of Anger [Beth]

The cottage of confusion [Sabrina]


By the way, here is someone who has created his own version of a peg dolly. Isn't it wonderful?

Friday 30th September

Have a look below at some of the things that have been happening inside and outside Y6W this week.

Firstly, isn't this peg dolly wonderful? E had help making this at home after we had talked this week about how children around war time would have had to have made their own toys and games. E's idea is a wonderful activity to include in her Learning Log.


Today we are also featuring work we've done in English on non fiction writing. Can you see how organised and clear the information is? Good Job!


This week's certificate winner was Ellis who was awarded it for becoming such a role model at all times inside and outside of class. Keep it up.


Bye for now!

P.S. Take a look here at our Y6 who are investigating when light bends as it passes through different materials like air and water. This is REFRACTION.

Friday 23rd September

Its been all negative this week!

Don't worry we mean negative numbers in maths. We have learned to order them, add and subtract across zero and solve simple problems. Some of us have even began to add and subtract mixed negatives and positives, like this 3 + -7 or 5 - - 4.

Try -3 - -8

Is the answer -11 or 5 or something else?


In topic we have produced poems to describe the Blitz. Enjoy!

Friday 16th September


Welcome back. Its great to see Y6W in non-uniform today showing that they celebrated 100% attendance during their first week. We don't get it this week but it is high so well done.


In English, this week we have used a short animation film to stimulate some descriptive writing. It is very promising and look below for some examples of super sentences.


In maths we have been rounding large numbers (up to 10 million) to any degree of accuracy. How tricky!


In topic we used the internet to find key facts about the war. hope Learning Logs are coming on nicely!




Suddenly, a tall bird, which had missing feathers, perched on the grey ugly cloud. (Benjamin)

In an instant, a tall scruffy bird, who had been on a long journey, perched on the vile, despicable cloud . (Rhys R)

Imagine a lovely land that was as peaceful as a tropical island, a place that was high above the ground, where the pleasant sound of laughter filled the fresh air : this was the land of hopes, aspirations and new life. ( Leah )

Imagine a wonderful place where clouds made new lives, where dreams came true, where storks delivered whimpering babies: this was Magical Cloud Land.


He was battered and bruised because of his deadly difficult job - this was delivering the aggressive creatures made by the forlorn cloud. (Jessica)

Friday 9th September


Welcome, welcome to an exciting new year in Year 6. The children have settled in well and it promises to be a most exciting year.


Tonight the children will be bringing home their Learning Logs. The topic this half term is the Battle of Britain which was the fighting that took place in the air during World War 2. The class seem very excited on the challenge of going away from school and finding out about the war. They can record their recordings in any way they like (writing, drawing, cut and stick etc)

Some ideas are: the aircraft of the RAF

                           WW2 weaponry

                           uniforms/ fashions of the 1940s

                           who were evacuees?

The children will love it if you help them find things out. Bet you know loads!

Please try to support our School Choir Coffee Morning on Wednesday.  Check out the details below.


Finally, have your say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote. (Note -this is carried from last week's choices.)