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Friday 31st March

Hi! Hard to believe we are at the end of term but it's true.

Great to see so many parents/carers at Parent's Evening this week. Always a pleasure!

Today was a day many people were looking forward to (not just Mr Metcalfe wanting the end of term!). It was another great Westfield Dollar sale. All term, the children complete tasks for every book they have read by way of showing they have a good understsnding of the texts. As a reward, they earn dollars which they can spend at the end of term. Some children literally had a fistful of dollars to spend so don't be surprised if yours has come home with novelty rubbers and pencils today.


As well as that bounty, children have also come home with a holiday homework pack. In it is a wonderful book that must be read over the holidays and lots of tips and activities to keep their minds active. SATS are three short weeks following the break. So please encourage your children to complete everything.


Have a great Easter!