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Friday 24th March

Welcome, what a busy week it has been, we have had the book fair, parent's evening and our trip to the farm to name but a few exciting things we've been up to this week.


Firstly thank you to all the parents who came to see Mrs Hannon and Miss Wallace this week. We enjoyed being able to update you about the fantastic progress your children are making in Y1WF. We are looking forwards to seeing the rest of the parents next week.


In Maths we have been working on measuring length, height and capacity. We have been using rulers to measure the length and height of objects around the classroom using centimeters and we're already getting pretty good at it! 


In English we have been working on the story 'the enormous turnip'. We have had lots of fun acting the sory out to our friends using puppets and sequencing the main parts of the story. In Grammar we have been learning about suffixes. A suffix is a group of letters added to a word to change the meaning. We have been looking at 'er' and 'est' to help compare objects. We are going to be using this to describe the turnip and animals in our writing next week so watch this space. 


On Friday we went on a trip to Smithill's farm and had a lovely day! the weather was great and we all had an amazing time doing lots of activities on the farm. We had donkey rides, fed the animals, saw the cows being milked, went on a tractor ride and even saw a snake (Mrs Hannon was even brave enough to hold it!)


Anyway, we hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our adventures...

Well,  that's all for this week, thank's for reading and we will see you next week for our last blog of the Spring term


Lots of love 

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace, Miss Gray

and all of Y1WF x x x

Finally, have your say.  Each week you will have a chance to decide on which new song we will learn in next week's whole school assembly.  Click on the link below to take part in an online vote.