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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our blog, we have been so busy since coming back to school and hope you enjoy finding out about what we have been up to so far this year...

In Maths we have been learning all about time.

We have learned about days of the week and months of the year and sang songs to help us remember their order. We have also been learning about telling the time to o'clock and finding 1 hour earlier and later...busy, busy, busy!

Months of the year song

Still image for this video

We also learnt the difference between seconds, minutes and hours and did the 1 minute challenge. This is where we completed an activity such as star jumps, touching our toes or writing our names as many times as we could within a minute, we worked really hard to do as many of each as possible in the time!

In English we have started to read our new text 'The way back home' about a little boy who meets an alien on the moon. We had lots of fun acting out the story with puppets and pretending to be the little boy from the adventure. This week we wrote letters to the little boy to find out more about his adventure,

Our new Topic is called 'To infinity and beyond' and is all about Space. we have learnt lots of facts about the history of space travel and presented it to the other year 1 classes. Did you know?...

The first animal in space was a fly!

A monkey called Albert and a dog called Laika have both been to space!

Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space, but Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon!

We have also learnt how to order events using a clever!


In Computing we are learning about algorithms. An algorithm is just a set of instructions that tells us to do something. We have really enjoyed pretending to be robots and following instructions to get around the classroom and make jam sandwiches.

We have also started practicing our spellings each morning to see if we can earn our spelling badges. Lots of children have already earned their red badge and are moving on to their orange badge so a big WELL DONE to them all. We have also chosen some new sheriffs for this half term so well done to you too! 

Well that's all for this week.

We hope you have enjoyed finding our about the fun we have been having so far this year.

See you again next week


Lots of love from 

Mrs Hannon, Miss Gray and

All of Y1WF

x x x


We hope you have had a lovely week - we have been extremely busy in year 1 this week. 



On Monday, we found a Whale on our playground and he needed rescuing. 

We all worked really hard to save him by lining up and passing water along to throw onto him. 

Eventually we saved the Whale and we all cheered because we were so happy! 

We threw lots of water onto the Whale until he was completely washed away back to the sea. 


In maths this week have been learning about subtraction. We know that this means taking away. We have been using number lines, counters and pictures to help us subtract. We are so fantastic at subtraction!


In topic this week we have been continuing our theme of 'hot and cold' but this weeks focus was art. We looked at a famous artist called Kadinsky and all of the amazing work that he has done. We looked at the different colours which he uses and said whether they were hot or cold colours, we then used these colours to make a pattern of our own.  

Other News...


In our class we have raffle tickets as rewards for when we impress our teachers. Every Friday a grown up chooses a raffle ticket out of the jar and the person who is on the raffle ticket gets to choose 3 friends to go to the MUGA or small hall to play football and other games. 

Here are today's winners having lots of fun!

On Thursday we put our class Christmas tree up! We are all so excited for Christmas - 23 sleeps to go!!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday, 

love from 

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace, 

Miss Gray and all of Y1WF


It's Friday!

We hope that you have all had a lovely week in school. 

Once again, we have been very busy in year 1. 


In maths we have been adding numbers together and counting on from 10. Some of us have been practising finding a number and adding one more!


In English we have continued to look at the story 'The Snail and The Whale' and have been doing lots of fantastic writing about it. 

We have been using similes and adjectives to make our writing more exciting. 

On Friday we all worked independently to write a thank you letter to the whale. We all did a fantastic job!


In topic we have been looking at hot and cold countries around the world and we used an Atlas to find out lots of different facts about different countries. It was very interesting!


This week in assembly Tegan won the certificate for 'persevering' when we did the reading test on Thursday and for not giving up, even when it got tricky! 

This is fantastic news Tegan, keep up the good work!


Not only did Tegan get the certificate, she impressed all of the other teachers and... she won the trophy for pupil of the week. This is the fourth week in a row that a pupil from Y1WF has won the trophy! So well done Tegan!




We have been learning about different animals and we have been looking at whether they hibernate or migrate.

We are so clever in year 1 that we now know that hibernate means when animals sleep during the winter and migrate means when the animals move when the weather changes.

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend, filled with fun and laughter. 

See you on Monday! 


Love from, 

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace,

Miss Gray and all of Y1 xx

Good Afternoon!


We hope that you have all had a lovely week. We have been really busy in Y1WF this week. 


We have been looking at different ways that you can make 20. We worked in pairs and were 'teachers' for the morning, helping each other to find different answers.

We have also been looking at how to group objects into 2's, 5's and 10's. This is a little bit tricky but we worked really hard and tried our best.



In English we have continued to look at the characters from the Snail and the Whale. This week's focus was on the Whale. We were looking at different ways that we could describe the whale and we included Similes and adjectives to do this. 

Some examples that we gave were:

'The whale is as big as an elephant'

'The whale has dark skin like the night' 




In topic we have continued to look at different parts of the world, including the North Pole, South Pole and the Equator. This week we particularly focused on the Arctic and Antarctica, we looked at the different animals which we might find there and we learnt lots of interesting facts about both of them. 


Children In Need


As you are all aware, today is Children In Need. Our whole class made a fantastic effort with dressing up and we raised lots of money for a fantastic cause. Here are some photos of our whole class together!

Other News


Tia received the certificate in assembly today for working hard and having a perfect week... Tia also won the Pupil of the Week trophy, this means that this is the 3rd week in a row which a pupil from Y1WF has won the trophy. This is fantastic news, so well done Y1WF.




We have all been working extra hard in Y1WF and we managed to get all of the stars into our jar, this meant that we were allowed to choose a class treat for today. 

For the treat we chose to have a 'cinema' afternoon, we picked the films 'The Snowman' and 'Father Christmas' to watch and we had popcorn and hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. We had a very fun and exciting afternoon. We will hopefully keep up the good work so that we can have another class treat again very soon!

We hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and we will see you all on Monday. 


Love from Mrs Hannon,

Miss Wallace, Miss Gray

and all of Y1WF xxx


Happy Friday!!


     This week in Y1WF we have been very busy and have been doing lots of exciting things. In topic we have been looking at hot and cold places around the world and have found out where the 'North Pole', 'South Pole' and 'Equator' are. In science we have been looking at different seasons and what the weather is like in each of the seasons.



 This week we have continued to look at 'The Snail and the Whale' and have been describing the setting using adjectives. We looked at the different places which the Snail had visited such as the beach and the icebergs. We then described those places on postcards.   



 In maths we have been working very hard and have been counting in 2's and 5's. This is very tricky, but we have been using the counting stick and counters to help us. We know that with lots of practise we will be superstar mathematicians! 


Good News

 This week in our assembly Katie won the certificate for always doing the right thing and for trying her best every day.

Not only has Katie impressed the class teachers, she impressed the rest of the school and became pupil of the week - winning the trophy. Well done Katie!


This is the 3rd time a pupil in Y1WF has won the trophy so far this year- which is fantastic, what an amazing class we have! 

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend, 

See you on Monday. 


Love from

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace, Miss Gray

and all of Y1WF

x x x


Welcome back!

We hope you all had a good half term break, we are all back, refreshed and ready to learn!



In English we have started a new story called 'The snail and the whale'. It's about a tiny snail who hitches a lift around the world on the tail of a huge whale. They go on lots of adventures together and we enjoyed reading about the different places they visited. We have spent our English lessons using adjectives to describe the Snail. We also learnt about a special type of sentence called a simile. A simile is a sentence that compares two things to help make a picture in the reader's imagination. They use the word 'as' or 'like' to help compare. We thought of some excellent examples ourselves...


The snail's shell is pointy like a hedgehog - Alfie B

He is as small as a spider - Kaylum

He is as brave as a cheetah - Philander

The snail is squishy like a marshmallow - Alyssa


In Maths we have been learning about place value. We have been ordering numbers, doing lots of counting and learning to spell number names to 20. We are beginning to get quite good at it!


In Science this term we are learning about the seasons. We ordered the seasons into a circle and sorted the months and which types of clothes you would wear or weather linked to each season. We even sorted ourselves into groups according to which season we were born. We decided that because it is Autumn, we would go on an Autumn walk to look for different clues and signs to show it was Autumn. Mrs Hannon gave us a checklist to look out for and we explored around school and the ALPS to find them. 


Our new topic this half term is 'Hot and Cold'. We looked at a map of the world and explored the different places we have been on holiday around the world. We marked it on the map in our classroom and looked at all the holiday photos that have been sent in. Thank you to all of our grown ups for taking time to send in pictures, we will continue to look at this and mark our map throughout the term so if you would still like to bring in photos, please do.

Good news...

This Friday we got to wear non-uniform because our class got 100% attendance the week before half term. We were all so proud of our class and got a special mention in assembly for our hard work. Thank you to all our grown ups for making sure we come to school every day!

Ethan got our pupil of the week award this week for standing out for all the right reasons - he stood out to the teachers in assembly as well because he got the trophy too. Well done Ethan!


Finally, we have chosen our new sheriffs for this half term. Bring a sheriff is a very special job, you get to help with lots of teacher jobs and also get to do extra fun things! These are our new class sheriffs. Well done to all of you for being chosen!

Well, that's all for this week, thank you for reading and we will see you again next week,


Love from

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace, Miss Gray

and all of Y1WF

x x x


This half term we have been a very busy Y1 class. Lots of fun things have been happening and we have learnt about lots of new things. 

We have been looking at different types of houses and buildings in our local area. 

We looked at different pictures and chose one to draw. 

We then made our own buildings out of Play-Dough, using different tools to cut them and stick them together.

We then made our houses out of Clay! 

Over the last 2 weeks have been reading the Three Little Pigs and have been doing lots of work about the story. 


This week in science we worked in groups and built our own houses out of different materials. 

Mrs Hannon then used a hair dryer to try and blow the houses down so that we could see which house was the strongest!

We hope that you all have a very fun half term and we will see you when we get back to school!


Love from Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace and Miss Gray x

Friday 23rd September 2016.


This week we have had a very exciting time in Y1. 

We went to the ALPS to build a Gruffalo Trap because we heard that he had been walking around. 


We worked very hard in two groups to build our own traps. 


We used sheets, nets, string, sticks and Gruffalo food. 



Hope you have a lovely weekend!

See you next week. 



Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace and Miss Gray x 

Friday 16th September 2016


Welcome to Y1WF.

This week we have been up to lots of fun things in our new class. 


In English we have been  reading all about 'The Gruffalo' and have been doing work about the mouse, using lots of adjectives to describe him. 



In Maths we have been counting up to 10 and finding the missing number. We have also been recognising numbers which are one more and one less. 

In Science we have been exploring hard and soft materials and we have been sorting them into groups. We know that if a material is soft then we can squash, bend and twist it and if it is hard then we can not.


In topic this week we have been doing 'all about me', we have made self portraits by looking at ourselves in a mirror and drawing a picture of ourselves. 

Alfie won the certificate in assembly for rising to the challenge in year 1 and for completing all of our class challenges independently.


Finally, we have chosen our class Sheriffs for this term - class Sheriffs are very special helpers who get to do lots of exciting teacher jobs. 


These are our class sheriffs!

Come back next week to find out what we have been up to in Y1WF!


Lots of love from,

Mrs Hannon, Miss Wallace, Miss Gray and all of year 1 xx