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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to our Pre-school Mum's,

Nan's and Grandma's.

We asked the children, Why do you love your Mum? and, What does your Mum do to help you?

Here's what they said..........


Penny - "because she reads a story. Put's the tele on."

Harriet - "because she put's tele on for me and she reads a book."

Cole - "Makes my birthday party. makes breakfast for me."

Mustafa - "She helps me."

Jacob S - "I give Mummy a big flower, she say thank you."

Theo - "Tidy up the colours. My Mummy just washes all my clothes in the washing machine."

Michael H - "'cos I like her. Tidy up my room."

Skylah - "She looks beautiful."

Mia - "She tidies up and goes in bed."

Ava - "It's Mummy's birthday, she's 2."

Scarlett - "shopping me."

William - "When I'm sick in bed, mummy changes it."

Archie - "Let's me go in my car, green crocodile one with a red horn."

Grace - "Let's me play outside."

Tilly - "Reads me a story when I go to bed. She kisses me and gives me cuddles when I go to school."

Ragen - "Wakes me up and takes me park."

Alfie - "Does my bed."

Mikael - "Mummy!"

Mark - "My mum makes my breakfast."

Adam - "I give my mummy kisses and play games all day."

Isla - "My mummy is good at cooking and sleeping. Then we make cakes. I'm so proud of my mummy."

Joseph - "Mama hug."

Harry - "I run when she picks me up."

Cameron - "My mummy makes people better at hospital."

Thea - "I just love her so much. She plays shopping with me."

Millie - "We play toys."