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Reception F

Two Birthdays this week

Easter Bonnet Competition

The Evil Pea adventures continue 

Making the Evil Pea Jail

The children decided they wanted to make a Jail for the Evil Pea just like in the story. The children constructed a jail using junk modelling, sticky tape and sticks. The children even made their own Evil Peas in the creative area to go in the Jail. Some children made a sign for the Jail! 

Tying the Evil Peas up

We put the Evil Pea traps around school to capture the Peas, the children caught the Peas and brought them back to class. We used tweezers to get the Peas from the trap and made yummy Pea Soup. 

Pea Traps & Pea Soup

Our birthday Girl

Supertato Week Ending 10/3/2017

This week the children have been reading the book Supertato by Sue Hendra. Supertato's job is to save all the vegetables in the supermarket from the Evil Pea.

The children realised that the evil peas had escaped our freezer, from then the adventures began. 

The children making their own Supertato from potatoes

Making traps to capture the Evil Peas

Dressing up to be Suerpheros

The children came back from dinner time to find the Evil Pea had captured the vegetables and put them around our classroom. Poor Miss Celery was hanging from the light, Mrs Peppers face had been drawn on, Mr Carrot was tied to the cupboard with plasters and Mr Cucumber had been wrapped in toilet roll. The children decided enough was enough and we must find the Evil Peas to stop them in their tracks. The children made wanted posters. 

The captured veggies

Wanted posters

The children wrote speech bubbles on what they thought the captured vegetables would be saying. The children are making fantastic progress in their writing, lots of children blew Mrs Redford's socks off. 

Our amazing Supertato writing

Star of the week

Sports star of the week

Building words with cubes and foam letters

Reading words

Still image for this video
The children have been developing their reading skills, segmenting and blending Cvc words.

Reading words in our heads

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Some children have been using the skills they have been taught in Read Write Inc to read words in their head.

Spring term two 

Monday 27/2/2017 


The children returned back to school to another session with coach Chris. This week the children concentrated on following two step instructions, listening to the music and following the instructions on the CD player. The children moved in a variety of ways and negotiated space in the hall taking care not to bump into each other. 

Moving to music

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Our star of the week (17/2/2017)

Week Begining 13/2/2017


This week we have focused on being healthy, thinking about the right foods to eat and how important exercise is. The children have thoroughly enjoyed keep fit this week by visiting Jump Division trampoline park and playing fun games on the muga in the key stage 2 playground. 

Keeping fit & healthy

Jump Division

Still image for this video
The children really enjoyed Jump Division we loved trampolining!

Jump Division

Oliver's Milkshake 

This week we are reading the final book in our healthy eating topic, Oliver's milkshake. The children really enjoyed making their own strawberry milkshakes, the children had to measure out the correct amounts of milk and fruit and mix it altogether. The children funnelled the milkshake into our special milkshake bottles, the children really developed their vocabulary of capacity using words such as full, empty, most and least. The children compared the bottles and put them in the correct order. 

Making strawberry milkshakes

Olivers Fruit Salad 

Our shopping trip to Asda to buy fruit

Making Oliver's Fruit Salad

The children have been researching famous artists, we talked and researched about Giuseppe  Arcimboldo who made pictures from fruit and vegetables. Take a look at the children's fantastic work.


Oliver's Vegetables 


Our book of the week has been Oliver's Vegetables.  Oliver's Grandad grows lots of vegetables in his garden, some of the vegetables we hadn't heard of such as Spinich and Rubarb. We decided to find out more on the computer about all the different vegetables, colour, size and where they grow. 

On Tuesday we decided to each write a shopping list of the vegetables we would buy at the fruit shop. On Wednesday morning we set off for the vegetables shop, we really enjoyed exploring all the different vegetables in the shop and bought lots of vegetables that where on our shopping list. When we got back to school the children chopped and tasted the vegetables to make a vegetable soup, it was yummy. 



Visit to the Vegetable shop

We developed our mathematical knowledge on measures by weighing the vegetables on our scales, the children predicted which vegetables would be the heaviest. We used lots of new mathematical vocabulary such as heavy, lightest and balancing. 

Weighing our vegetables

Our star of the Week

Kung Hei Fat Choi 


What a fantastic fun packed week we have had in reception this week celebrating Chinese New Year. See below for this weeks snap shots! 

Dragon dancing in the hall

Trip to the Chinese Restaurant

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Our star of the week!

Our Chinese dragons that the children made at home

Our week in pictures

Active Living Team PE session 


This week we had the best PE session ever with coach Chris from the Active Living team. The children developed their team building skills, following instructions and working together as a whole class. The children enjoyed playing Granny's Footsteps, hide and seek and tidy your bedroom games. 

Our Christmas trip to Haigh Hall



Trip to Haigh Hall

Our Nativity 



The children did two amazing performances of this years nativity I am sure all the parents were very proud. 





Our nativity


Reading Morning 

 A big thank you to all our parents who made a extra special effort to come to our reading morning. The children and parents really enjoyed reading the stories by our Author of this term 'Julia Donaldson'. 






Room on the Broom

Welcome back to our class blog, this week we have been reading another Julia Donaldson book 'Room on the Broom'. 

The story is all about a witch who meets lots of animals along her journey, but a terrible dragon wants 'Witch and chips for tea' can she escape the dragon? 

On Wednesday we had an exciting adventure in the ALPS, we went on a treasure hunt. We found lots of clues with questions to answer all about the story. Liam said "The witch lost her hat because it was too windy but the dog found it" During our treasure hunt we found all the items from the story to make our magic potion to make a broom stick. 









The children shouted the magic spell "Iggerty zaggity ziggerty zoom turn this potion into a magnificent broom" but nothing happend, the boys and girls were very disappointed until Mason A had a wonderful idea. "It's because we haven't got a magic wand". On Monday our first job will be making a magic wand.

Week Ending 4th November


What a week we have had!!!


On Monday we talked about Halloween and decided to make some scary biscuits. We had to follow the recipe and we learned that when we mix the butter and sugar it is called 'creaming'.

We made the biscuits with Mrs Moore and then in the afternoon we used the decorations to make our scary faces, here are some of them......

On Tuesday we designed Christmas cards for a completion run by Lisa Nandy, the MP for Wigan, we have sent them off for her to judge, hopefully we will have a winner and the design will be what she sends out this year!!!!!


Wednesday brought much excitement to class, Mrs Redford returned, no

we're really pleased she's back.


On Thursday we talked about Bonfire Night and learned that it is to celebrate the fact that  in 1605 Guy Fawkes' plot to kill King James 1, by blowing up the Houses of Parliament, failed!

We used wet chalk and black paper to make some colourful firework pictures. We had to try and hold are chalk correctly and think about which colours were best for fireworks.

We have carried on learning about 2D shapes and have had some fun inside making people shapes.
We also worked together to make a Poppy for a whole school display, we are looking forward to going and looking at the display next week, but for now here's our class poppy.

Well that's it for another week, we hope you have a lovely weekend and if you are going to a firework display keep safe. On Monday we will be talking about the sounds, colours and shapes the different fireworks make and be doing some more creative work about them, so it would be good if you could talk about this while you are watching them!


Oh and don't forget PE bags, snack money and book bags need to be in on Monday, thanks.


The Staff and Children of YRF


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Week ending 21st October 2016

This week we read the story of Superworm, if you want to watch it you can find a video of it being read by James McAvoy (CBeebies Bedtime Stories) at


In Maths we made worms and then compared and ordered them. We tried to use the correct vocabulary

Long, longer ,longest.

Short, shorter, shortest.

We have also been learning about shapes and singing the 2D shape songs.

They help us to remember the names and the different properties of 2D shapes.

Here are the words if you want to sing them together at home!

**Please sing the songs to the tune of, “I’m a Little Teapot!”



The Circle Song

I’m a little circle, oh what fun,

I think I look just like the sun!

And even if I lay down on the ground,

My side will still go round and round!



The Rectangle Song

I’m a little rectangle, sing my song,

Two sides are short and two are long!

I look just the same shape as a door,

Let’s count my sides one, two, three, four!


The Triangle Song

I’m a little triangle, look at me,

And count my sides one, two and three!

Whichever way I turn you’ll always see,

My sides are always one, two, three!


The Square Song

I’m a little square, that is my name,

For all my sides are just the same!

You can count my sides just to be sure,

There’s always one, two, three and four!

When we were outside we had a go at working together to make shapes and then using sticks to make shapes.

Inside we used the shapes to create pictures and thought about which shapes would be best to use.

Today we went on our trip to Delamere Forest to look for the


Here are the photos of our trip.

In the morning we went on a hunt for the Gruffalo and used our maps to find the way, there were questions to answer along the way, so we had to keep our eyes peeled and look for the posts with the answers on.

After our picnic lunch we had a look for things that matched our colour samples.

We were much quieter on the coach on the way home.

Watch the slides carefully - we think we found one of the other characters from another Julia Donaldson story - can you spot who it is!!!!

Well we hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, we are taking a well deserved rest next week.

The teachers are so proud of how the children have settled in and how hard they are all trying. It was great to share this with you at parents evening.

Have a great week next week and we look forward to seeing you all on the Monday 31st October.

Don't forget book bags, PE kits and snack money!


Thanks from the staff and children YRF



Image result for pumpkin images free downloadImage result for pumpkin images free downloadImage result for pumpkin images free download






Week Ending 14 October 2014

This week our activities in class have been based around the Julia Donaldson text

'Tiddler the Story Telling Fish'


We enjoyed reading the story and finding out the tales Tiddler told about why he was late for school!

If you want to watch the story together at home, copy and paste the link below into your address bar.



On Tuesday we went to the book fair with some of the year 6 children and had a great time sharing the books with them.



Later in the week we decided to go to look at the fish in the school fish tank, we took paper and pencils and made some observational drawings of them.

In Maths we learnt a song about '5 little fishes' (and a hungry shark!!!)

We made our own video of us performing it so you can learn it too.


Still image for this video
In Literacy we wrote about our favourite tale Tiddler told.

We have really enjoyed our fishy week and we hope you liked finding out what we have been up to.


Next week we will be reading the story 'Superworm' and preparing for our trip to Delamere forest.

Don't forget we need trip money in by Tuesday.

If you haven't got wellies in school we will need them on Wednesday when we go to the ALPS.


Have a fantastic weekend

From the staff and children in YRF




Week ending 7th October 2016


WOW what a slithery and slimey week we've had!!!!!!!!frown


On Monday Mrs Moore brought in some visitors from her garden.


We really enjoyed looking at them through our magnifying glasses, and having them on our hands leaving a slimey trail.


When we went to PE we had a go at moving like snails.


On Tuesday we looked more closely at the patterns and shapes we could see and then had a go out drawing pictures about them, with Spirals, spots and stripe patterns on the shells.

On Wednesday we went to the alps to see if we could find some more snails!

We found ..........