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Summer Term (18/4/17)

Monster Maths 


Over the next four weeks the children will be focusing on monster maths, using the text 'Monstersarus'. Monstersarus is about a little boy called Monty who loves to invent monsters. Monty made a dust monster, a bogablob monster and Monstersarus. 


Making a monster

Making monster hands and feet

The children made their own monster hands and feet using paint, the children decorated these to look like monsters. The children then measured each other's hands and feet and decided who's had the longest and shortest span. 










On wednesday we had a trip to the ALPS, you will never guess what we found......... 

an egg. 

Visit to the ALPS

There was a message on the tree asking us to look after the egg and put it in water, the message was from Monstersarus. 

Our monster egg

Come back next week to find out if the egg hatched. 😮