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Reception F 2014 - 2015

Hello everybody, today we have some helpers doing the blog with Mrs Rothwell.  We have Mia, Saskia and Julien.


Mia knows that this week we have been ;learning about reading and books.  

On Monday we sorted the books in the reading corner into story books (fiction) and informastion books (non- fiction).  Liam Holden blew Mrs Rothwell away with his understanding of fiction and non fiction books.


Saskia was very good at rhyming on Monday afternoon.  We put pictures and words in the rhyming basket and had to choose the ones that rhymed.  Ahmed noticed that rhyming words ended in the same last two letters.  WOW!!


Julien and his friend Ahmed made a wonderful farm yard from lego.  They worked really hard together to make a dog house, a chicken shelter and even a train to take the visitors around the farm!  Julien even made a car for the sheep!


Julian's farm

On Wednesday we brought our favourite book to school.  We read our books to our friends in the class and then we wrote about our favourite part of the story.

Our writing is amazing!


Our wonderful writing

We have had a wonderful week learning about books.

Please pop by next week when we begin our new topic 'EXPRESS YOURSELF' which is all about art and design!


See you next time


Hello everybody!


Since we last blogged we must say that our Mathematical knowledge has improved greatly.  Mrs Rothwell is nearly running out of her 'math-magician' stickers because we have been so amazing!


We have been adding, subtracting, doubling, halving, sharing and learning about odd and even numbers.  In ADDITION (like what we did there?) to this we have also been learning our number bonds to 10!


We have really been concentrating on improving our knowledge of maths and what we need to get better at.  We each made a 'goal' saying what we want to be better at- some of us wanted to get better at writing numbers, so Mrs Rothwell made a fun display in the classroom for us practise.  We though it was toothpaste inside the pouches but it is only white paint!


We have also been playing bingo (Rubie was thrilled by this because she said her Nan goes to Bingo all of the time surprise).  We had to select a fish and find the corresponding bowl that made the number upto 10.  Mia was absolutely fantastic at this and she can now recall her number bonds to 10 in her head!


Some children in the class have been writing number sentences and finding out what mathematical symbols look like.  We are now fabulous at this and have even been doing this when we are learning independently in the classroom.  


On Monday, Mrs Rothwell told us that Mrs Evans had heard all about this and wanted to come into our classroom and see what we had been doing.  She was blown away by our number recognition, counting skills and as promised she saw us writing number sentences.  This really impressed her!


Besides all of the maths we have been learning, we have also begun to order our lunches on the big screen.  We are experts at this now and look forward to our lunch everyday because we know what we are having when we get there!


We have also celebrated Lisamarie and Olivia's birthday.  They had a wonderful time at school, sitting in comfort on the birthday cushion all day and wearing the birthday hat whilst we sang to them.


Please take a look at the photograohs to see what we have been upto in class.


Can we just say 'THANK YOU' to all of the parents and guardians for bringing your children to school on time over the past few weeks.  Our punctuality record has increased greatly and we are seeing great benefits of this in your children's learning.



Tamsin's number sentence
Happy birthday Lisamarie
Ahmed breakdancing!
Sharing and turn taking independently
Playing number bond bingo
I need four to go with six!
Practising our football skills
In the builder's yard

See you next week

Love Rec F

Once upon a time there were 30 wonderful children who were loved by all of their teachers......

Happy World Book day!


This week we have been learning about a classic fairytale.....Hansel and Gretel.

We have loved this story, mainly because of the witch's house (it just looks so yummy!) but also because it has allowed the children to use their imaginations and contribute to the display in the classroom.


We have lots of independent work on the display; writing, drawing, maps, photographs and even children's own designs of sweets that they have made all by themselves!

Please pop in and have a look.


We began the beginning of the week practising our catching and throwing skills in the hall.  Some of the children were thrilled with the progress that they made in this lesson; learning the best way to catch a ball.  We only had a few drops of the ball when playing our games and are getting much better at this. 


'I liked playing the games, I am good at catching!' Thomas

'I say 'it's mine!' when i catch the ball' Teegan


We then practised our kicking skills in the outdoor area and weren't allowed to use our hands! We were very good at enforcing the rules to any newcomers into our game.


So for the rest of the week we have been creating, acting, writing and even doing a bit of maths about Hansel and Gretel.


We wrote a postcard home to the woodcutter from Hansel and Gretel explaining how horrible it was at the witch's house and that we needed his help.


We made maps to help Hansel and Gretel find their way home from the witch's house.  Liam G blew the grown ups away with his very detailed map!  (Again, pop in to see these on display!)


We acted out the scenes from inside the witch's house thinking about how the different characters were feeling during the story. 

'I am hungry' said the witch (Olivia)

'I don't want to do the cleaning' moaned Gretel (Maisey)

'It's scary in the cage' said Hansel (Alfie E)


But our favourite lesson of the week was making our very own witch's house.

We used malted milk biscuits or swiss rolls to make the structure of the house then used melted marshmallow or icing sugar as the cement to hold it all together.

Later, we added lots of yummy sweets like skittles, bon bons, chocolate fingers and strawberry laces.  We copied the design we had made in class earlier in the day and adapted our work when we had to make it practically.

Then we were allowed to take them home to eat!


We have also celebrated Thomas' 5th birthday this week.  We hope he has a fabulous weekend and we are all waiting to see how much he has grown when he comes back to school on Monday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS!


Next week we are going to be focussing on our maths skills and making some surprises for the very special grown up's in our lives as we learn about Mothering Sunday (don't forget it is on Sunday 15th March!)








Our Frozen cast
The superheroes
Mrs Rothwell's group
Mrs Baggaley's group
Mrs Moore's group
Mrs O'Brein and the boys
Tom drawing his map
Liam creating his wonderful map
Maisey and Tom showing the way
Lexie spreads the icing sugar
'Sticking it together'
Anureet writing her postcard
A completed house!
Acting out Hansel and Gretel
The little mermaids on the yard

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


This means 'Happy Chinese New Year!'


This week in Reception F we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. 


On Monday we began by reading the story about the animals that took part in the race to have a year of the Chinese calender named after them.

We recalled information from the story and then thought about who came before or after the different animals.  Some children were even using 'ordinal language' by saying 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.  They now know that this is really going to help them when we start to look at the different days within each month in Maths.


On Tuesday we wrote our names in Chinese.  This was very tricky because in China they write downwards instead of left to right!  We had to turn our paper and write our letters from our names one underneath each other.  Poor Lisamarie had to write 9 different Chinese letters!  She managed it perfectly through!  Please pop in to see our Chinese names display in the classroom.


On Wednesday we thought about the animals that represent us in the Chinese calender.  If we were born in September, October, November or December we are the OX and if we were born in January, February, march, April, May, June, July or August we are TIGERS!


We sang a little song to the tune of Frere Jacques

'We're brave tigers, we're brave tigers

We jump in, we jump in,

We are strong Oxen, we are strong Oxen

We like to win, we like to win!'


We found out about the characteristics of the different animals and wrote a sentence about the animals.

Our writing skills are getting better and better everytime we write!


On Thursday we made Chinese lanterns, read words and sentences from the Chinese story and with Mrs Moore drew snowdrops- ordering the stages of growth of the snowdrop.


Friday was a very exciting day!  In the afternoon Mrs Rothwell used the role play area to create a Chinese restaurant. 

We ordered what we would like to taste with the waiter/ waitress and tasted lots of Chinese food- we had spring rolls, prawn crackers, chicken and sweetcorn soup, hoisin sauce, sweet chilli sauce and spicy noodles.  We had to use chopsticks to eat our food.

Liam G blew the grown ups away with his skill using the chopsticks- what a star!


Next week it is World Book Day... don't forget your dressing up costumes on Thursday.  We are going to be learning about the fairytale 'Hansel and Gretel'.  Please see the link below of a youtube video of the story.


We are hoping to make maps, read, write and complete Maths activities based around the story. 


Just a quick note before we leave- Mrs Parkinson (our attendance leader) has noticed a great improvement in our attendance this week.  We have 98% attendance!  This is amazing......but please remember that your child needs to be in school at 8.50am or else they are late.  They are missing out on so much if they come after this time as our teaching starts at 8.50am.  Unfortunately we had 28 lates throughout the week.  Let's work together to improve this!


Thank you for stopping by!

Love Rec F



Well we are four weeks into our Spring term in Reception....doesn't time fly when you are having fun?

We have been having a little look at learning journeys this week and have been thinking about the things we have learned to do since starting in Reception.


Lisamarie ' I never could write my name because it's a bit long, but now I can write my first and second name!'


Mia ' I know how to do writing now because I have learned my sounds'


Olivia 'I have got lots of friends, like Liam and Maisey and Rebecca'


Alfie W 'I am getting good at writing'


Grace ' I can do doubles and can share cubes between everybody!'


It was lovely to listen to the children who are so proud of their achievements so far.


We have continued to think about the roles of professionals within our community this week.  The children are blowing us away with their knowledge of the different jobs they see everyday.  We thought about people who help us like lollipop person, police officers, firefighters, librarians, cleaners, teachers and many many more.  The children also thought about the jobs that people have in their family.


Rubie ' My Mum goes work and my Dad goes work and drives a van but my Nan doesn't go work she  goes Bingo!'


'My Mum and Dad make signs.  It's an important job making signs and I want to do that when I grow up' Grace


'My Dad goes to work and he builds houses' Harley


We have also drawn around our hands this week and labelled each finger with the name of somebody who helps us in our lives.  Please pop into class to have a look who your child said helps them.


It has been a great week and the children have also been very busy directing their own learning in their 'choosing to learn' time.  Teegan has shown us what a fabulous constructor she is when using the polydron.  She made a fruit bowl and then demonstrated this to a few other children.  She also made a pot for the pencils when the basket went missing!  What a superstar!


This week we have put signs up in each Reception classroom to show you our attendance and punctuality for the week.  Unfortunately we have a lot of children in Rec F who regularly are late for school.  This is causing problems for the routines and running of the classroom as we begin our lessons at 8.50am and some children are missing out on the starting point for the session.  Please can we remind you that your child's punctuality and attendance is paramount for their development and progress.  If your child is late by ten minutes each day, that equals 50 minutes of lost learning time.  Please speak to a member of staff if you require any support or advice.


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 



This week in Reception F

Playing doodlebugs independently
Lisamarie write Tamsin and Niall!
Playing wild world lotto without a grown up!
Teegan the builder...can she fix it?
Having fun playing lotto with Mia in charge
Summer and Teegan being fab class members
Another wonderful construction from Teegan
Ahmed has made a bag!
Happy birthday Lexie!
The boys dancing in PE....great moves lads!
Running around the hall to get our hearts beating
Tom tries the fruit smoothie
Teegan's fruit bowl
Playing 'Star of The Day'
Walking through the jungle what can we see?
Playing fruit smoothie parachute games

Hello again!


What an interesting couple of weeks we have had in Reception F.  We have continued to think about our topic growing, and have been learning about different professions and jobs that people have when they are grown ups.


In Maths we have been measuring ourselves against other children in our class and ordering ourselves by height.  We found out that we are all taller than Olaf from Frozen but we are all much smaller than Spiderman!



We have also been 'Little Bakers' when learning about how bread is made and we watched the bread grow right in front of our eyes as it prepared to go into the oven.  We all made the first sound in our name from bread and really enjoyed tasting them later.  We learned about where bread comes from and the journey from field to plate.


We have also been writing about what we would like to be when we grow up.  The teachers gave us a few ideas and we began to use our sounds that we know to write a sentence.  Some children have even been using finger spaces and full stops all on their own!  Nobody thought that they would like to be an author when they grow up, but the teachers were so impressed with the writing that they think we could be!


We have had a great week in Reception and cannot wait to learn more about different jobs and growing up next week!


Ordering ourselves by height
B for Bradley
Mikiee enjoys squeezing and kneading the dough
Freya loves her F
Sam wants to be a shopkeeper
Lisamarie wants to be a cleaner like her Nana
Liam wants to be a policeman!

Hello everybody!


This week we have been continuing to think about 'Growing'.  Due to the interest in this topic we thought about the changes that happen to a butterfly throughout it's life.


We put the life cycle of a butterfly in order- it starts with an egg and then 'pop' out comes a caterpillar.  The caterpillar then eats lot and lots (they really like leaves!) and magically they build a chrysalis (also know as a cocoon!) around themselves whilst they transform into their final stage- A BUTTERFLY!  They nibble their way out of the chrysalis and they have beautiful wings.


We have also read the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We put the story in the right order because the hungry caterpillar had mixed it all up!

We thought about the days of the week and how the story began and ended to help us.


On Wednesday we wrote a WANTED poster for the Hungry Caterpillar.  A farmer rang Mrs Rothwell and told her that the Very Hungry Caterpillar had been to his farm and nibbled through all his vegetables.  He wanted us to create a poster describing what the caterpillar looks like.  We thought of great words like wet, prickly, spiky, furry, green, red face and soft.  Our writing is on the wall in the classroom if you would like to see it.  Liam and Alfie E also made a wonderful caterpillar with Mrs O' Brien for the display!


We have made salt dough caterpillars and had to think about the body of a caterpillar and how we could roll the dough into a ball and flatten it.  Some children even chose specific tools to help them make their caterpillars.  During next week we will be able to paint them and bring them home.


In addition to all of this (I know haven't we been busy!) we have been counting circles on caterpillar bodies and writing the numbers.....continuing coloured caterpillar patterns and been measuring caterpillars and putting them in order from longest to shortest. 


We really need a rest this weekend so we can come back to school on Monday ready to do it all again! 


Mrs Baggaley and Mrs O'Brien really want it to snow this weekend......let's see if their wish comes true!


See you all next week

Love Rec F



Alfie W made a fabulous model
Rubie wrote the alphabet!
Alfie and his amazing model
Grace's wanted poster
Ahmed's letter formation is wonderful
Freya thought of three descriptive words!

Welcome back everybody and a very Happy New Year to you all.


We have begun our Spring term thinking about Growing and Changing.  We have been learning this week about babies and how we have changed now that we are in Reception.


We have ordered pictures starting from a baby, then a boy/girl, then an adult then an old lady/man.  


'That's a grandpa'- Harley


'Babies wear nappies because they can't go to the toilet'- Noah


'I was in my mummy's tummy and then I came out'- Cassie


There were some very clever children in the class that could independently order 6 stages of the human lifecycle!

Well done!



On Wednesday we wrote about what we did as babies and what we can do now.  These are on display in our classroom.  Everybody worked really hard to think of the sounds they needed to write.  Our grown ups at home were very supportive and brought in pictures of us as babies to go on display with our writing (A BIG THANK YOU!)  

We also played a game 'Guess the baby'......Mrs Rothwell put the pictures of the babies on the big whiteboard and we had to guess who the babies were.  We could tell some of them very easily, but some of our friends have changed and grown a lot so it was a bit difficult!



On Thursday we thought about bathing a baby and why having a wash and a bath/shower is so improtant not just for babies but for us aswell.  


'You will get spots if you don't'- Mikiee


'It will make you poorly'- Summer


We had a very special visitor in the afternoon.....Noah's mummy and his 4 week old baby brother Joseph came to visit us and explain all about what a baby needs to be safe, happy and grow.

Noah's Mum explained that a baby cannot eat real food and can only have milk until they they are a little older.  We couldn't imagine only having milk.....we like toast too much! 

She brought in a bag of baby things that we explored and talked about.







Bathing baby and Visit from Joseph

We had another special visitor in school this week.....Louise and her puppet Sam.  They came into school to speak to us all about our bodies and how special they are.  

We learned the 'Underwear Rule' and spoke about stranger danger.  Louise asked us 'If you see a nice lady on the park who is upset because she has lost her dog; and she asked you to help her look for it....would you?'

Most of the children said 'Yes', but Louise explained that we must never go anywhere with a stranger unless we were with a grown up that we know and trust and our parents knew about it.


Sam the puppet also had a problem....his friend had come to his house for tea and whilst they were playing in his bedroom his friend had been nipping him.  Sam didn't like it but he didn't know what to do.  We were very good at explaining to Sam what he should do 


'Tell your Mum'- Liam H


'Tell him to stop it'- Lisamarie


'Tell him it hurts and you won't be his friend anymore'- Mia


Well done guys!


Please take a look at the photographs below from the visit and all of the other exciting things we have been busy learning about this week!




Visit from HH Kids

Getting busy in Rec F

Alfie tests the ramps
Rebecca helps Tamsin make a loom band
Jessica and Maisey making a baby toy
Stelaa and Rubie exploring the new dolls house
Receptionist Sam books Noah in for an appointment
Using different equipment in the water tray
Liam and Julien enjoy building
Stelaa colours Elmer by number
Now....check out their baby picture in class

Thank you for stopping by......we hope Grace and Summer are resting and getting themselves better for another amazing week starting on Monday!  We have missed you xxx


Love Rec F

What a fun-filled, magical couple of weeks we have had in Reception F.


We have 'Elf-ed ourselves', by placing our pictures into a template of an elf.  We had fantastic cutting skills and thought our elves were hilarious!


We have also made hot chocolate, and then wrote instructions to inform Rec W of how to make the hot chocolate. We added squirty cream and marshmallows...........mmmmmm delicious!


On Friday, we went on along journey to Liverpool to visit Underwater Street.  We had a whale of a time....dressing up, climbing the wall, being creative, painting a car! yes! a real car! and we even got to meet Santa Claus in his grotto!  He told us all which page we were on the nice list and gave us all a little gift to take home.





Two weeks of fun and learning

Liam enjoying hot chocolate
Lisamarie sips her chocolatey drink
painting the grotto
Jessica explores the peppermint snow
Brad and Liam mix the coloured ice cubes
Dancing to 'Let it go'
Mikiee, Tom and Harley help to create a road track
Raees cares for the dog at UW Street
Rubie on the climbing wall
Grace makes reindeer food
Post master!
Mia the hulk!
Summer the pizza chef
Julian enjoys the friction plates
Noah decorating his gingerbread man
Mrs Rothwell being blown away!
Santa's grotto
The day proved to much for Freay
....and Rubie
Decorating our party hats
We loved the glitter pens!

On the last week of this term we had a party!  We had a very special guest appear for one day only.....Elsa of Errandale.  She came to dance with all of the boys and girls and even played pass the parcel with us!



It's beginning to look a lot like Reception F's classroom!


This week we have been very busy preparing our classroom for Christmas.  We have put up our decorations, wrapped presents and wrote labels for them and placed them under the tree.


Liam and Maisey have even been busy at home making a decoration from a coat hanger and plastic bags for Santa's Workshop.  It looks amazing!


We have also created snowflakes by snipping pieces from a circular piece of paper.  Sam was excellent at this, and has made a tray full of them!


In our maths session we created snowmen using the letters from our names.  We then compared the height of our own snowman against our friends' snowmen and ordered them by height.  Please pop in and find your child's snowman- they are displayed on the maths board and in the windows in the classroom.


When Mrs Baggaley put the tree up on Monday, she found another tree in the cupboard.  It was missing a leg!  We thought it may be best for it to go into the bin, but Alfie W had a better idea.  'We can put it in a plant pot' he said.  So we filled a pot with soil and placed the Christmas tree inside.  Mia then created a beautiful star for the top of the tree.  It is under the veranda outside of the classroom if you would like to have a look.


Also, we have 'elfed ourselves' this week.  We have placed our photograph on a little elf body.  We thought this was hilarious!  Please look for your child's elf on the line in the classroom.  They are very funny! 


We have also been busy creating our Christmas cards and practising for our Nativity play.  Please remember to order your tickets by returning the letter to school.


On Wednesday we are having a cinema night- the children will stay at school until 4.45pm and watch Elf whilst eating popcorn and drinking juice.  Your child can attend for only £1 (all proceeds go towards our class Christmas party!).  We can't wait.


And then.......on Friday we are off to Liverpool to Underwater Street.  We are all very excited about the fun we are going to have there and that we will be meeting Santa!


We hope you all have a fab weekend- see you on Monday


Love Rec F 



Wrapping presents in the workshop
Rubie can write her whole name!



We began this week learning about Remembrance Day.  Lisamarie told us 'I went to the poppy parade and we missed the important bit!'

The children made a poppy each and we held a one minute sience at 11 o clock on Tuesday 11th November.

Remembrance day

We have also been learning about the world around us and have noticed that the trees are beginning to change and it has become colder outside.  We know that this is because it is 'AUTUMN' now.  We collected leaves, sycamore seeds (helicopters) and found conkers and shells and created collages.  We had to choose the appropriate resources to help us to stick the autumnal objects onto the paper.  Sometimes we could use glue but for the bigger objects we had to use sellotape.  Cutting the sellotape with the scissors was tricky and we had to ask our partner to help!

On Friday we dressed up in our fancy dress costumes and baked cakes to raise money for Children in Need.  In our class we raised £36.00 thank you to all of the wonderful adults who donated for the dressing up day and who bought our wonderful Pudsey bear cakes.


We have also been busy learning about counting and adding as well as exploring all of the different things in our classroom!
Liam writes numbers with the chalks
Lexie hides from the rain in the den
Tom making his poppy
Stelaa counting and finding the matching numeral
Maisey making her train from junk
Liam touch counts the spots
Grace, lisamarie and Rubie find number bonds to 10
Raees enjoys playing Busythings
Freya explores materials in the water tray

Thank you for popping by once again and for all of your support over the last week.  You truly are amazing and supportive parents!

See you next week

Hello again everybody!


Firstly thank you to everybody that continually check the blog each week to find out the important things we have been learning about in Reception.

For all of the parents that requested; there is now a school dinner menu in the cloakroom to find out what the children have had for dinner.


On Monday we searched for numbers and ordered them on a washing line.  The numbers were hiding around the classroom on Guy Fawkes- we found out all about the very 'naughty' man and what he tried to do over 300 years ago.  We now now why we celebrate Bonfire Night and all looked out for Guy Fawkes on top of the fire on Wednesday.


We have also wrote about the things that we liked and disliked about Bonfire Night.  Please pop in and look at our new display of writing in the home corner.


With Mrs Moore on Thursday, we made a huge handprint and fingerpainting masterpiece which is now hanging outside of our classroom.  We thought about how we could make it look like fireworks and what would happen if we mixed the colours together.  We got very messy but had lots of fun!


We also used wax crayons and brusho to create some beautiful firework pictures.  We have put these on the display board in our classroom because they were absolutely fantastic!  Please pop in and have a look.


We are learning all about Autumn next week, so [please can you help us by talking about the signs of Autumn in the outdoors.


Thank you!

See you next week

Love Rec F

Hi everybody!


Firstly, thank you so much for all of the parents and guardians that came to see our wonderful assembly.  We had a fantastic time showing you everything that we have been learning so far in Reception.


This week we have been practising a lot for our assembly and have been remembering our words to speak in assembly and when we need to stand up......didn't we do well?


We have been thinking about Halloween this week- we started Monday by placing our hands into different containers and describing what it felt like.  Mrs Rothwell told us it was Witches brains (wet string) spiders legs (pipe cleaners) slug slime (gloop) and zombie eyeballs (peeled grapes).  Some of us were very brave and really enjoyed the activity, but it was a little too scary for some who were shocked when they put their hands inside.  Summer said it was 'yucky' and Lisamarie said the eyeballs felt 'smooth'.


We also carved out two pumpkins, we are sure you must have spotted these at the assembly.  We started by cutting off the top, then scooping all of the inside out and then carving scary faces into them!

We have saved the pumpkin seeds to make pictures with when we get back to school after half term.


We have also had our mathematical brains in overload as we blew away our teachers by counting two groups of Halloween objects and adding them together to make a number sentence.  WOW!


We hope you all have a lovely half term and see you on the 3rd November......we are having a special assembly that day for everybody who has come to school everyday since exciting!


Love Rec F




Hello again.....


We have had a lovely week in Reception this week learning all about OWLS.  We now know that baby owls are called owlets.....'Just like baby pigs are called piglets'  Tom told us sad  WOW!


We read the story and thought all about our feelings.  At the beginning of the week we understood happy and sad, but now we also know about shocked, upset, angry and excited.  Freya also knows about 'startled'! (Don't you Freya?)  She blew us away on Tuesday when Mrs Rothwell brought in a frog she found at home.  He jumped from one side of the tank to the other and Freya squealed 'He just startled me!'  We released Freddie onto the ALPS in the afternoon, so remember when you walk by to say hi to Freddie!


We have made some wonderful creative Owls as part of our expressive arts enhancement.  We used fluffy materials, matchsticks and tissue paper to enhance our painted owls (they are amazing!)  We also created saltdough owls and used natural materials to give them wings and other features.  The bad news is Mrs Rothwell will not post the pictures on the blog this week......the good news is we are inviting our parents and carers into school this Friday to watch a performance all about the art work we have made so far this half term!  Please look out for the letter next week explaining date, time and how to purchase tickets (they will be free!)


We have missed Mrs o Brien this week, as she has been at home feeling poorly so we send a big GET WELL SOON and hopefully see her on Monday.  However, we have loved having Mrs Holt in our classroom and we know that she has had a wonderful time too.  Thank you Mrs Holt.


I am sure you have all seen our wonderful split pin owls in the cloakroom.  Mrs Baggaley and some very creative children created a tree for the owls to sit in just like Sarah, Percy and Bill did in the story.  Thanks Mrs B and your little looks fab!


Well done to all children who received Star of the Day this was such a difficult choice every day.....we just have a class full of superstars!


Thank you to all parents who filled in a questionnaire on Friday....your opinions are very important, so thank you for the feedback!


Next week we will be getting spooky in Rec F as Halloween approaches.  We will be learning about the story 'Winnie in Space' and writing spells, making rockets and much much more!


Please check in again next week to view the pictures of our performance and all of the hard work we will be doing next week.


See you soon

Love Rec F, Mrs Rothwell, Mrs Moore, Mrs Baggaley, Mrs Holt and Mrs O Brien.

This weeks learning

Week ending 10th October


Hello everybody!  Sorry to all that have been checking the blog over the past few weeks and not seen any new information.  As all of the children now know, (they are very confident in asking lots of questions!), Mrs Rothwell has been poorly and been unable to write the blog, but we were all glad to see her back on Monday!

Lisa Marie instructed Mrs Rothwell to make her Mum a thank you card-

"You should make your Mum a card to say thank you for looking after you because you have been poorly".  

So whilst Lisa Marie made a card for her Aunty's birthday, Mrs Rothwell also got busy on making a card for her Mum!


Thank you to all of the parents that attended parents evening and the lovely comments that you wrote in our comments book.  We were overwhelmed by the amount of support and kind words that each of you expressed during the meetings.  As you heard at the meetings, all of the children have settled in wonderfully to Rec F and we are having lots of fun whilst we are learning.


We would just like to remind you all to complete the form regarding pupil premium and return it to front office or to a teacher in our class as soon as possible!  no


Cassie celebrated her 5th birthday this week....we could all see that she had grown at least half an inch on Tuesday!  Happy birthday Cassie!



This week we have been learning all about the story Dinosaurs love Underpants.  

The children have engaged really well with the story and have loved the activities we have done this week.  I am sure you will agree, the dinosaurs that they made and painted were excellent!  

We became superheroes on Wednesday as we found out that one of the dinosaurs from the story had escaped from the Mighty Pants War and was going to start stealing underpants from everybody in the world again!  Luckily, we had some fantastic readers in our class who could find all of the clues left by the mean dinosaur in the playground and solved his puzzle.  This meant that we caught the dinosaur- so thanks to Rec F all the undies in the world are safe again- PHEW!


We have also been writing about our favourite dinosaur from the story and counting and adding dinosaurs together to find the total.

Aren't we clever?



A huge Westfield welcome to Ahmed, who started our school a week ago and who has settled right into the class as though he has always been here.  He is showing all of the grown ups and children just what a fantastic friend and wonderful worker he is going to be already!




Next week, we are learning about the story Owl Babies.  We will be focussing on our feelings and the feelings of the Owls from the story.  if you would like to share this story with your child please visit 




Just before we go, please can we remind you to bring your child to school on time.  Due to groups that we run throughout the day, your child maybe missing out on some fantastic learning opportunities if they arrive at school late.  The doors are open from 8.35am to 8.50am.  If your child arrives after 8.50 they will be marked late and risk missing their group work.  Thanks


See you next week!

Love Rec F















Week ending 19th Sept


Hello again....we hope everybody has had a good week!  We have been super busy in Rec F learning about Goldilocks and the three bears and thinking about the size of objects in our classroom.  We also looked at patterns in the environment around us and went on a pattern hunt. 


On Monday we went to PE again and we are getting much better at changing ourselves already.  Please keep helping us at home to do our buttons on our t-shirts.....we find this a little tricky!


We have been measuring objects using our hands and thinking about smaller and bigger, longer and shorter.  We sometimes get a little muddled about height and length so the teachers have been helping us to remember that somebody is tall and a river is long.  This has helped us a little to remember.


We had a very special treat for snack on Tuesday......we read the story of goldilocks and the three bears and then we made porridge!  We could choose if we wanted it to be plain, with honey or with jam.  We had a great time making the porridge; mixing it all together and using the microwave!


On Thursday afternoon our new helper in our class Miss Marron came to see us.  She played with us on Busythings, which we all love- and is beginning to learn all of our names.


On Friday we walked over to the ALPS.  The grass was a little wet as we walked over and Mrs Rothwell explained that sometimes in the morning 'dew' forms on the grass......this makes it wet! 

In the ALPS we all chose something that we would like to draw.  We explored the ALPS and even found potatoes, onions and garlic growing in the flowerbed.  Mrs O'Brien loved the smell of the garlic, but Alfie E didn't like it very much!


After that we went into the wooded area and acted out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Freya played an excellent Goldilocks, remembering all of the words that Goldilocks said in the story.  Off marched the three bears whilst Goldilocks sneaked into the house and explored.


We have had a fabulous week.  Lisa Marie and Lexie explained that they would love to learn about The Gingerbread Man next week.  Mrs Rothwell asked us if we would like to learn about this too......and we do!  So next week we will be baking Gingerbread Men and learning about positional language.  We can't wait!


This week Charlie bear has gone home to Thomas' house....we hope you both have a wonderful time.


Pop by next week to see our Gingerbread Men!

This week

Freya measures the stool using her hands
Grace measures Saskia!
Tasting the delicious porridge
It was just right!
Liam loved his porridge
Raees enjoyed mixing the porridge
Sam matched a pattern in our pattern hunt
The children created their own patterns
Stelaa painted letters onto the floor
Tom tried around the apple down the leaf
Drawing on the ALPS
Noah found a potato
Liam found an onion
Mia and Rebecca discussing what they will draw
The Three bears!
Goldilocks fell fast asleep.......
The bears return home......
They roared three times at Goldilocks!

Bye for now!


Love Rec F

This week has flown by.........


We have been very busy this week learning all about SHAPES.  We now have a great understanding and can describe and name 'triangle', 'square', 'rectangle' and 'circle'.  Some of us have gone beyond this and even know how many sides a 'hexagon' has!  

We are going to be learning about 3d shapes soon.  We have a shape museum in our classroom.  If you have anything at home that is shaped like a cube, cylinder or cuboid and do not mind us borrowing it, please bring it in for our shape display.....this will help the children to think about where they may see 3d shapes in everyday life.


On Monday we went to the hall for PE for our first ever time in Reception.  We were all trying our very best to get undressed and dressed all by ourselves!  Could you help us at home by showing us how to take our jumper off and put it back on by ourselves?  

We played a few games that taught us how to catch a ball...our favourite was tadpoles- Mrs Rothwell's team won as they got 16 catches!  Unfortunately Mrs Moore's team dropped the ball right at the end and had to go back to zero!  


We have also been on a shape hunt, played shape corners, made shapes using natural materials, mixed saltdough to create shapes and played the mystery shape bag game!  This week has been packed full of shapes!


We read a book this week about a Princess who had to change her shape and colour to escape from the nasty wizard.  The story is called 'The Princess and the Wizard' and we now know that the author is Julia Donaldson and that means that she wrote the book.

We created some amazing writing about our favourite part of the book.  We looked at the letters in the writing area and thought about the sounds we could hear in words to help us write our sentences.


Rubie said 'The Princess turned into a blue fish'


Saskia liked the part where she turned into a yellow chick and hid in the farmyard


Maisey liked the part where she had to clean up the Wizard's toothpaste from the bathroom.   Eurgh!


We have had a fabulous time exploring the continuous provision.  Our favourite part of the classroom this week was mixing the water potions together.  Liam and Raees had a brilliant time exploring the different colours and noticing that if we mix different colours together the water became a new colour.

We have been practising this too in the painting area.


Next week, we are learning all about measuring and using mathematical language like longest, shortest, biggest, smallest.

We are also going to be reading the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.......Mrs Rothwell has a lovely surprise for us on Tuesday afternoon!


Please remember to bring PE kits and reading books on Monday.


See you next week!

Love Rec F

This can be bought in Asda for £3.95

Exploring continuous provision

We made a den on the bridge
Cassie takes responsibility for pegging the den up
Mikiee chooses the glitter he likes in the tray
Lisa Marie sells ice creams from the house
Rubie and Thomas perform a song on the stage
Lexie makes shapes in the glitter and cinnamon
Liam cooks dinner in the home corner

The shape hunt

Alfie spotted that the tyre is a circle
Anureet found a triangle. 'It has 1,2,3 sides!'
Samuel matched his triangle to the Westfield badge
Thomas spotted a hexagon hiding from us!
Freya's smile says it all....."A CIRCLE!"
Lexie found lots of squares on our hunt!

Welcome to our class blog.  We like to share our week with our Mums, Dads, Grandmas, Grandads, Nanas, Granpops and anybody else who would like to see how busy we have been!  If any parents have something special that they would like to be on our class page, please inform Mrs Rothwell.



What an amazing first week we have had in Reception F.  All of the grown ups in our classroom are so proud of us for being such big boys and girls.  We have all settled in to reception very well and have been exceptionally well behaved.



We visited our new classroom on Tuesday with our grown up from home and we loved exploring all of the new things inside and outside. 


On Wednesday we said bye bye to our grown ups from home and got busy in Reception!



Lexie made her Mum delicious food in the kitchen
Rebecca got messy in the foam
Jessica turned the table into a cot!
Noah dressed as an evil witch
Maisey explored colours
Lisa Marie and Anureet made a zoo
Noah and Mia are now best friends!
Rubie, Summer and Lisa Marie making friends

We have had lots of fun learning independently in the continuous provision (that is the grown up word for all of the things in our classroom that we can do!) 



We have also been working very hard with the grown ups in our classroom.

We made our own rules as a class on Wednesday.  You can see these on our classroom door.  We thought of some very useful and helpful rules to make our classroom a friendly and happy place.


We also learned how to use beebot, thinking about going forwards, backwards, left and right.....we blew the teachers away with our mathematical knowledge!



This week Charlie Bear, our class teddy who visits our homes at the weekends, went home with Noah.  We hope that Noah and Charlie have a fantastic time together!



Next week we are learning all about shapes.  We have a shape museum in our classroom for everyday objects that are shaped like a square, triangle, rectangle, circle, cube, cuboid, cylinder or sphere.  If you have anything at home that could be used in our museum we would love to borrow it!


Please remember to sign our reading records when we bring our books home next week.  We will change reading books every Monday.


Thank you for popping by to look at our blog.

Love from Rec F, Mrs Rothwell, Mrs Moore, Mrs Baggaley and Mrs O'Brien



*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***