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Class Blog 2014-2015

Pupil of the week - Joseph. For perseverance with a practice test that was, "really HARD!!"

Easter School... We are happy with our cinema vouchers.

We love Norbert in our French lessons!!


Welcome back to school!!


All the pupils returned to school focused and ready to take on the busiest half term! The 2 week break has left everyone feeling full of renewed vigour and positivity!


Congratulations to all the pupils who came into Easter Maths School! They were superbly behaved and worked their socks off! The best thing of all is that they have much more confidence in many areas of maths - WOW!! Today they have been rewarded with a cinema voucher!


On Tuesday, we presented our 'good work' assembly. We told the children all about Philippe Petit, an inspirational tightrope-walker . We wrote a book about him recently... everyone was impressed!


We have had several practice tests this week and are feeling much more prepared and ready to face the challenge of SATs - BRING IT ON!!!!!!!


As well as this, we have celebrated St George's Day - here are some amazing facts that we didn't know before Thursday...


George originated from  Cappadocia inTurkey.


George was born around 2000 years ago - he shares his birthday with Shakespeare! (23rd April)


George's parents were practising Christians. When George grew up, he became an excellent soldier in the Roman army and was promoted to be a guard for the emperor. He was against Christians and ordered for them all to be killed. George was brave and refused to cooperate. He died an honourable death for his cause. Many nights later, the Christians and the Crusaders thought about George's bravery and began to wear the red cross. Later, he became the patron saint of England.


We finished the week by completing some fabulous poems connected to our patron saint!

Have a great weekend - see you next week!