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Y4W 2014 - 2015

Hello and welcome again to Year 4W's Blog.

In Maths this week we have been looking at Column Addition AND Column Subtraction. The children have found these challenging but also have had fun.


In English we have had a busy week starting with some computer research . The children have been looking at endangered animals and each child has chosen 1 endangered animal to research. We have compiled a page of information about our chosen animal and then in our English books we have written about them , telling the reader all about it and the threats that have made them endangered. We have also written about the work the World Wildlife Fund do to prevent any more of these animals being killed. As part of this English work we made a visit to the A.L.P.S and had a look around at the areas in there , looking and listening to see if we could spot what wildlife lived there.

Check out the photographs below.


Again on Thursday we went in the hall to work with Tracy and Ryan. We put on our pedometers and had 45 minutes of fun and games with them. See the fun we had below.


Friday 5th December 2014


Hello and it's another fabulous photographic blog this week ! laugh

In Numeracy we have been looking at statistics and went for a walk over to the A.L.P.S to have a look around and decide which part was our favourite!no                                                                                                                                          

After making a tally chart to find out the most popular part of the A.L.P.S ,we walked back to our lovely warm classroom to put our results on a line graph.surprise 

The most popular part of the A.L.P.S was ..................................................THE FOREST !!!!!!!!frown


In Science this week we have been making electrical circuits . We have been exploring circuit work and last week all our groups managed to work out how to light the bulb using a battery , bulb , crocodile clip with wires . This week we have been looking at what happens if we add extra bulbs to the circuit !!! ???mail Will the bulbs light up ?mail Will the bulbs still shine brightly ? Will the bulbs be dimmer than usual ? mail

Here we are below trying to find out the answers!



Friday 3rd October 2014

Well, hello again!!! Yet another busy week in Year 4W.


In Maths, we have been learning all about Place Value.  We have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.  The crucial number here is 5.  If we are rounding to the nearest 10, we look at the ones (units) if it is less than 5 we round the number down.  If it is above 5 we round the number up.  Got it?  Let's see...

Would you round these numbers down or up?

34? (down to 30, or up to 40), 76? (down to 70 or up to 80) What about 55?


When we round to the nearest 100, we look at the tens (below 50 down, 50 or above we round up).  Thousands, well then we look at the hundreds -below 500, we round down.  500 or above we'd round up.


We also looked at arranging numbers on a number line...we even arranged some decimal numbers -----wooooo, scary eh?


In English, we started a new book called Dragonory...and WOW, what a book!  Our the story we have focused on this week has been Dragonory.  

Mr P read it to us on Monday, Tuesday we drew our own Story Maps and Wednesday we added...wait for it...wait for it...are you ready?  `Adverbials of Time'.  "Wow," we hear you say, "How smart are these Year Four children?" Well, very smart actually.  Because we had already used them in our talk for writing, when we came to use them, we already knew what they were.  In our story we used adverbials such as `Long, long ago...' and `One day,' and `Suddenly,'. So yeah, we are kind of smarties!

On Thursday, we did even more of our talk for writing of the story.  Then, we `boxed up' our story ready to write tomorrow.  You know what?  We can't wait!!!

In computing, we will start to build our own i-Raider game.  These are looking really good, and again, we can't wait to get going.

Anyway, we have a little video (below) of our story so far -why not take a look...but please be prepared to be amazed!!!!

Anyway, thanks for dropping in.  See you next weekno

Y4W Dragon.flv

Still image for this video
Macmillan coffee mornig Friday 26th September 2014 - Thankyou for your support .

Hello and welcome to Year 4W blog.

We have recorded some of our thoughts about our first couple of weeks.  Here's what we have said...


I have enjoyed coming into Year 4! I have loved Maths and Topic work –Ellie J


I have enjoyed everything in Year 4 so far.  I have had a fabulous week.  Keira


I’ve enjoyed learning about Egypt –Caitlin


I have really enjoyed our topic work on Egypt –Bethany


I really enjoyed maths and learning about polygons and nonagons –Jessica


I liked making the front cover to our Tomb Raider Video Game -Lily


Okay, thanks for dropping in.  We'll see you next week we hope...bye for now.


Reception class bubble required to isolate until Saturday 19th June, please refer to the letter in Covid section...