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Friday 1st May 2015

Whoa! Where did those two weeks go? Wow -busy, busy, busy that's us!

Last week, we started our new topic -ALPS Adventure.  "Yes," we thought, "we're going to Switzerland!!!".  But no, something even better.  Our topic is all about our ALPS.  We spent some time in the ALPS sketching maps.  Take a look at us at work...(please note -it might look like we're `sunning it up', but this was very important business!frown


Okay, so that may seem busy, but not `busy, busy, busy'.  We've done other things too.  For example, in Science we have started our new topic on Living Things.  We worked as teams to make branching keys.  This is where you use yes and no answers to lead to a particular thing from a set.  We went out onto the field and worked in groups.  Take a look...

Our Branching Key Adventure

Still not busy enough for you eh?  Okay, try this in French.  We learnt a new song in French.  It was all about...well, check it out.  What do you think?

Promenons nous dans les bois (Si le loup y était, philippe jalbert, livre publié aux éditions Milan).mp4

Still image for this video
Then Mrs Wilson asked for volunteers.  When will we ever learn?

As if all that wasn't enough, we also started our new Computing topic.  May may have mentioned it...MineCraft!  Over the next few weeks we are going to work in teams of 4 to build our own ALPS.  We will be `communicating and collaborating' as this is the main focus of our topic.  We started last week by planning it out on paper and writing up a schedule of work.  This week we got to work in MineCraft itself.  Cooooool!!!


Anyway, that's all for now -enjoy your extra long weekend.


*** Attendance for w/c 6th February 2020... RW 94%, RF 90%,1W 96%, 1F 94%, 2W 98%, 2F 95%, 3W 98%, 3F 96%, 4WF 96%, 4W 97%, 4F 96%, 5W 97%, 5F 97%, 6W 97%, 6F 95% ** ** Congratulations to 2W and 3W for achieving the highest attendance. Well Done!**