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Y3W 2014 - 2015

Hello and Welcome to Year 3's Blog!


In English this week we have continued to look at our Wordless Book, 'Good Dog Carl' we have been acting out scenes and started to write our own story to go with the illustrations in the book! We are looking forward to finishing them next week, so we can we see the finished product!  


In Maths this wee we have been busy measuring and converting measurements. Test us at home to see what we now know! We have looked at mm,cm,m, km, g and kg!


In science this week we have been looking at forces and magnets. We have identified objects which are magnetic and objects which are non magnetic. We are looking forward to going on a magnet hunt around school next week! 


A big Congratulations to Sam, who won the 'pupil of the week' certificate. His handwriting is looking beautiful! 


Please remember to bring your colourful clothes in on Monday for our Drumming assembly and we look forward to seeing you all at 2.30pm for our wonderful performance. 



Have a relaxing weekend... lots of love Miss Power, Mrs Willcox and Mrs Marron xx

Hello and Welcome to Year 3's Blog!


We have had another busy week at school! We enjoyed it on Tuesday when the Prison Service and Police service visited school to teach us all about actions and consequences. We learned lots of interesting facts and how to stay safe when outside of school! We had the pleasure of meeting 2 cute, lively police dogs who kept us very entertained. 


A big Congratulations to Lyndon, who won the 'pupil of the week' certificate. We are really pleased to see him back in school after being so poorly! Welcome Back Lyndon! 


We had another fun filled morning this morning watching the Eclipse. We all gathered in the large hall and watched it on a giant screen, it was so fascinating. We came back to class and had a great discussion all about it! It linked very nicely to our Light and Shadows Topic in Science! 


Our brains have been working extremely hard this week, we have learned all about volcanoes and mountains around the world and watched some news clips about Natural Disasters. We even wrote a persuasive letter to Miss Power and Mrs Parry encouraging them to visit a range of mountains. We included lots of Super Sentences!


Have a relaxing weekend... lots of love Miss Power, Mrs Willcox and Mrs Marron xx


Hello and Welcome to Year 3's Blog!


We have had another busy week at school and we are so ready for the weekend! We had so much fun yesterday dressed up as our favourite book characters!! Miss Power struggled to recognise us all as we looked so great!!

We had princesses, superheroes, Disney Characters, pirates and even Horrid Henry!!! A huge thank you to parents for making such an effort!  We loved it!!! We enjoyed reading books from the Book Fayre with Year 5 today, we filled the corridor and shared our favourite books! 


A big Congratulations to Hollie, who won the 'Book in a Bottle' competition. She filled it full of clues from her favourite book The Secret Seven.


We are also busy preparing  for our Special Person Assembly next Thursday!! Miss Power and Mrs Parry have become song writers over night and we are looking forward to our performance. We sent invitations home this week, so we hope you can all make it!


We hope you have a happy and safe weekend!


Miss Power, Mrs Willcox and Mrs Marron xx




Welcome Back...... 27th February 2015!!!


ENGLISH...... This week in English we have started reading a book called 'Matt's Million'....  We have really enjoyed the first few chapters learning about a young boy who becomes a millionaire over night!!! We have loved it and can't wait to read the next few chapters. 


MATHS....... This week in Maths we have been looking at fractions... we have found fractions of amounts and looked at equivalent fractions! We will continue with fractions next week as it is a little tricky!!


SCIENCE..... We have been looking at Shadows and how they appear at different times of the day! We are now light and shadow experts!


TOPIC...We have started a new topic this week all about our planet. We will be looking at volcanoes, floods, forest fires and different natural disasters. 


BOOK WEEK....... Please remember to get dressed up on Thursday for World Book Day!!


Have a safe and happy weekend....


Lots of Love Year 3w! xxx

Hello and Welcome back to Year 3W for another fun filled week! We have been very busy this week and are very excited about the upcoming break!!!! 



In English this week we have continued reading our Roman Story, We wrote a description pretending we were a Roman Soldier guarding Hadrian's wall! We included lots of Super Sentences in our writing and some brilliant wow words!!! We have also been busy being text detectives, answering comprehension questions all about the Romans!




In Maths we have been looking at time! Miss Power is very impressed with our knowledge! It was very tricky to start with but we are almost experts now when it comes to 12hr, 24hr, analogue and digital clocks! 




We have now come to the end of our Roman Topic. We have looked at Roman Gods and learned all about Hadrian's Wall. Ask us all about it! 




This Week it has been Safer Internet Day, We have explored a cyber cafe and discussed what to do if we didn't feel safe when using technology. The children were very mature and shared their ideas and thoughts! There is a great section on our school website all about Keeping safe!!! TAKE A LOOK!!!! 



We had to say GOODBYE to Miss Kelly today who has returned back to her school, we have loved having her for 6 weeks and will really miss her!!!



Have a great Half Term break and see you all when we return!

Lots of love the Y3 Team x

Hello and welcome back to our Year 3W blog!

This week we have had lots of fun learning more about the Romans and in particular Boudicca.  We have been learning how to ask questions to find out more about an historical figure.  We all wrote questions and some of us played the role of Boudicca and answered the questions in role.  This is called hot-seating.


In maths we have been working on our subtraction skills and subtracting from 3 digit numbers.  We are all still working hard on our times tables too  :-)


In topic we have learned all about how a Roman soldier used to dress and how much of Europe the Roman's managed to conquer.


In Science we have continued with our theme of Light and Shadow.  We learned that some things may look like they are giving off light but in fact they are reflecting light.  The moon reflects light from the sun, cat's eyes and road signs refelct light from street lights and car headlights.  Without a light source shining on them they would not be visible!





We have been really busy this week learning all about the Romans.


In English we all came up with lots of adjectives to describe Boudicca and then wrote super sentences using them. We know what a simile is and how to write 2 A sentences!


In Topic we were really excited to have some real life Romans visit us on Thursday.  They told us all about their Roman lives and re-enacted a Roman battle!  We thought it was really funny when they told us how they use the toilet!!!!


In Science we started a new topic and are learning about light and shadows.  We have sorted different sources of light into artifical and natural light sources and even learned that some animals actually give off light!!


Our maths lessons have been all about adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers and how to subtract near multiples of 10. 


Congratulations to Bo Grigerova who earned the certificate this week for being a marvellous mathematician!!


Welcome back to our Year 3 blog J


This week we are all excited to have a new teacher in our class.  Miss Kelly is just as excited to be here and will be working with us until the February half term, alongside Miss Power.  She is currently busy learning all our names!

Miss Kelly is very impressed with us so far: she thinks we are all very welcoming; have lovely manners and are superbly well behaved.



Our new topic is the Romans.  We are really looking forward to learning all about the Roman Civilizatation and have been doing some research using books and the internet.



In maths we have been learning all about place value in money and comparing different amounts using less than < and greater than > symbols.



We have been writing our New Year’s Resolutions using our super sentences.  We are getting really good at using our 2 A sentences now!

We have been learning the story of Romulus and Remus and have made our own story boards.



Keeping Safe

We have been learning about the differences between good touches and unwanted touches.  We have learned that we all have a right to privacy and personal space and what we should say, and do, to keep ourselves safe.



Well done to Teodora who won the certificate last week!

Well done to Lewis MCCormick who won the certificate this week for 100% effort in Maths and English!



Friday 5th December 2014...... Hello and Welcome back to our Blog!!


ENGLISH.......... In English this week we have been looking at the book The Snowman. It wasn't an ordinary book because it had no words!!!!! We had to look at the pictures and try to tell the story in our mind. We shared what we thought was happening in each picture. We have a wonderful Snowman Display in our class, so we are going to show all of our work on there! 


MATHS.......... In Maths this week we have been looking at angles, we used a post it note to measure if objects had a right angle. We have also found angles in shapes and found acute angles and obtuse angles.


SCIENCE....... In Science we had a special visitor. Joanne spoke to us all about rocks and showed us some of her special rock collection. We asked her lots of questions and now have a better understanding of where some rocks come from. 


TOPIC....... In Topic this week we have been learning about the BRONZE AGE. We thought about artefacts and who they my have belonged to. 


Remember we have our School Trip on Wednesday and we are still waiting for some slips and money! Please bring these in on Monday!!!! 


Have a lovely weekend, Love from Year 3! xx


Friday 28th November 2014...............Hello and Welcome back to our Blog!!


We have been busy bees this week! Miss Power has been testing us on all of the things we have learnt so far in Year 3. She is soooo impressed, she thinks we are sponges as we have absorbed it all! Even things from weeks ago!! A huge WELL DONE to us all!


We have also been busy researching facts all about dinosaurs. We will be using this information to make our own videos.... they will be appearing soon, so keep your eyes peeled!!!!!!!!


Can we please remind parents that our trip money needs paying asap! Also if your child is coming to the Frozen Premier, the money needs to be in tomorrow! THANK YOU!!


Please remember coats for playtime and lunchtime as it is getting very chilly!!


Have a great weekend, Lots of love the Year 3W Team! xx




Friday 21st November- Hello again and Welcome to our busy blog!


Again in Y3W We have had a busy week and we can't wait to tell you all about it. 




We are still really enjoying our book 'Stone Age Boy'. This week we thought of questions to ask the characters to help us learn more about them. We also used our knowledge to compare what life was like then to now and discussed the similarities and differences. We have also used our Super Sentence Skills to describe animals found in the Stone Age. 





In Maths this week we have been busy looking at fractions. We have impressed Miss Power with our knowledge and have even started to look at fractions of amounts. 





This week in Science we have continued to be rock detectives. We tested their properties with different equipment. We found that some rocks absorbed water and some didn't, we also found that some rocks float and others sink. 





In topic we have been busy making Stone Age Tools. We made spears, torches and flint knives. We went over to the ALPS with our tools and imagined what life would have been like to live without buildings and home comforts! It was so cold and we were shocked when Miss Power explained that people wouldn't have had warm shoes... they would have been barefoot!!!! YIKES! 






Hello and Welcome back to Year 3s BLOG!!



This week in English we have been looking at the book Stone Age Boy again. We have loved learning more about the Stone Age and have even written a diary extract pretending we were there.



This week we have been looking at multiplication and division and looking at multiples of numbers! We are becoming experts with our x 2,5 and 10! Keep practicing these at home!



This week we have been rock detectives! We have searched around school for things made from rock or from a material containing rock. We then described some rocks and used magnifying glasses to see the small particles.



This week we have looked at a timeline from The Stone Age to the Iron Age. We have also learnt some super words like paleolithic, neolithic, mesolithic! Ask us what they mean!!!



Children in Need

A Huge thank you for all your kind donations today! The children look fabulous in their superhero costumes and fancy dress! 


Have a wonderful weekend and a good rest and we will see you bright and early Monday morning! 


Lots of love Year 3! xxxxx

   Hello and Welcome to Year 3!





This week in English we have been looking at a book called 'The Stone Age Boy'. It is all about a little boy who trips down a hole in a forest and ends up in The Stone Age!!!! It is so interesting and we have learnt all about what he does whilst he is on his adventure!!! We have thought about adjectives to describe him and turned these into Super Sentences. 




This week in Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving, we know to find half of the tens and then half of the ones, we are really impressing our teachers





In Science, we have started a new topic all about rocks and soils, we have thought about what we already know and have identified places where we may find different rocks. We have also thought about something that we would like to know by the end of the topic.





In Topic, we are learning all about the Stone Age!!!!!!! It is so interesting and we have found out many facts. We know how different life was then to now! They made everything out of stone. 



We are ready for our weekend break now as our brains are so full with new information!


Please remember to do your spellings, reading and homework!! We also need trip money as soon as possible! 


Have a lovely weekend


Love Year 3 x

Hello and Welcome back to Year 3s Blog!!


Again, what a busy, busy week we have had. We have worked so hard and are definitely ready for this half term!!!!! 


In Maths this week we have been looking at handling data and even conducted a survey to find out the most popular Crisp Flavours in Year 2! We produced a tally chart and then created a bar chart to show our results. We have also looked at venn diagrams and answered questions about the information!


In English we have read a spooooooooky story just in time for Halloween.... it was called The Hairy Toe!! 

We had to describe what we thought the owner may look like and create some 2a sentences (thats a sentence with TWO adjectives!!) 


We have been busy making something special in topic.. so we cant say too much but mums, dads, grandmas and grandads you are in for a treat!!!!!! 


We hope you have a wonderful half term and enjoy Halloween!!!!!! TRICK OR TREAT!!!


Love Year 3! xx

Welcome to Year 3Ws Class Blog!

Here you will see all the learning we have been doing and all the fun we have had along the way!


In Science this week, we have been busy learning all about the muscles in our bodies and we can even identify which muscles we use when we do certain activities! We played 'Simon Says' to show Miss Power that we could remember all of our muscles! She found it very hard to catch us out! 

In Maths, we have been looking at data. We have looked at how to collect data and how to present what we find in a graph! We went on a hunt to the ALPS to search for Australian Animals in the bush, it was so exciting. 

In Topic we have been busy looking at the World Wonders in Australia and have created a poster to encourage people to visit, we have even included descriptions of each place. We have also described the Great Barrier Reef using 2a sentences! 

Thanks for visiting our page this week! We will back next week to share our exciting news with you!!


Congratulations to Tyler, our certificate winner this week! 


Year 3W  x

*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***