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Y5F 2014 - 2015

Year 5F Blog Friday 3rd July.


Welcome back. It has been another busy week in Year 5F.

In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplication and division. We started the week multiplying by a one digit number using a column, then we learnt how to multiply by a two or three digit number using a column. Towards the end of the week we learnt how to create partial tables, and then how to use partial tables to help us solve division calculations.

In English we created a storyboard to show the story of Pocahontas. We also explored the difference between fact and opinion.

On Tuesday, we visited Abraham Guest. We were taken on a tour of the school and took part in different lessons.

On Thursday, it was our Sports Day. Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson were so proud because each and every one of us gave 100%. Thank you to everybody who came to cheer us along!

Our Certificate Winner is....

Teoni for her outstanding all round effort and for shining during Sports Day.

Welcome back to our blog.


WOW- we have had a VERY busy week in Year 5F!!!!


During the past week the children have completed their final year 5 assessments for English and Maths. The assessment activities were very challenging and the whole class have worked exceptionally hard and have made Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson extremely proud.

Topic – Our final topic is called WORDSWORTH AND WAINWRIGHT. The children discovered that the topic was related to two fascinating men, WILLIAM WORDSWORTH and ALFRED WAINWRIGHT. At the beginning of the week, the children used laptops to research both men. Then on Thursday, they produced detailed fact files to show what they had learnt.

Science – During our Forces topic, the children have learnt about gravity and investigated friction. This week they explored air resistance. The children went outside with giant parachute and ran across the field using large pieces of card, so that they could feel and see the force in action.

Welcome back to the Year 5F blog!!!!


We have so much to tell you!!!!


Maths- in our Maths work we been learning about time. We have been reading both digital and analogue clocks and have learnt how to convert digital time to analogue and vice versa. Did you know that we can read and write time using a 12 hour AND a 24 hour clock????

We also learnt how to use timetables to work out time differences.

English- In English we have been reading Pocahontas. Pocahontas was a Native American who was born in the 1590's. She lived in Virginia and belonged to the Powhatan tribe, of which her father was the chief. She is famous for helping her people make peace with settlers who had travelled to America from Britain in the early 1600's. There is a famous story that when she was just a child, Pocahontas saved an Englishman named John Smith from being killed. It is a thrilling tale, however not everyone believes that it is true. Pocahontas eventually married an Englishman called John Rolfe, and was one of the first Native Americans to visit Britain. 

We wrote part of the Pocahontas story. Mrs Dougherty provided us with an opening for our story and then we were asked to write the next part and describe what happened when Pocahontas first saw the settlers' ship arrive. 

Science- We have been learning about forces. 

Forces are just pushes and pulls- they are measured in Newtons.

Newton meters (or force meters) are used to measure force.


Gravity is a force that makes objects fall to the ground on Earth (and other planets). Gravity also keeps Earth, and the other planets, in their orbit as they travel around the Sun.

Friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. For example, when you try to push a book along the floor friction makes this difficult.

Friction always works in the direction opposite from the direction the object is moving, or trying to move. Friction always slows a moving object down.


If you want to learn more about Forces- click the link below!!



Our Latest Stars of the Week!!!!


Eleanor- for focusing on her work and making great progress as a result!!


Hayley- for being our very own Mary Poppins. Practically Perfect in Every Way!!


Thomas D- for always being ready to learn and for giving his ALL at school AND at home!!

Welcome back to the Year 5F blog. It’s been another hectic week!!


In our Maths lessons this week we have carried on looking at units of measurement. We learnt that we measure length in mm, cm, m or km. Mass (weight) is measures in g and kg and capacity is measures in l and ml. 

After that, we learnt how to convert between units of measurement. 

English – This week we have looked at Greek Myths. We have listened to a range of stories like Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and Medusa and Jason and the Argonauts and considered the different characters and settings.

Topic – Our new topic is called ‘New England’.  We discovered that in the early 1600’s there was a group of people who were unhappy with life in England. In 1620 this group (Pilgrims) left England on a ship called the Mayflower and set out for America (the New World).  The journey was difficult and took 2 months, but the Pilgrims reached their destination- which they called ‘New England’- and started to create a colony. 

Have a fantastic half term.


School re-opens on Monday 1st June at 8:35 am.

Friday 24th April


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog. We have all come back ready to learn after the Easter break.


Maths – In our Maths lessons this week we have carried on working on fractions. Some of us looked at how to convert an improper (top heavy) fraction into a mixed number. Some of us found out how to add and subtract fractions, making sure the denominators were the same.

English – This week we have been focusing developing our SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR (SPAG for short).  We looked at how to spell words that end in tious and cious. 

Topic – We have continued our work on the Ancient Greeks and earlier this week we compared ancient Greek vases to our own designs. We examined the features of vases from Ancient Greece, we looked at the size and shape, handles, meanders (repeating patterns), the materials they are made from, their purpose and the colours that are traditionally used. 

Last Thursday (23rd April) was St George’s Day so we celebrated the day by finding out about St George. St George is the patron saint of England but we found out that George wasn’t even born in this country! He was born in Turkey in the Middle Ages. George was a Roman soldier who was ordered to slay Christians the Emperor Diocletian, however George refused. Consequently, he lost his own life! There are many legends about St. George, the most famous one features him slaying a dragon to save a beautiful princess. 

Our Certificate Winner is...


Jake V- for his improved attendance and for returning to school with a 'switched on', focused attitude.

Thursday 2nd April


Welcome back to our blog.


This week we have been busy rehearsing for our Easter Assembly. We want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came to watch us perform. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we all did. Mrs Dougherty and all the Year 5 teachers were literally bursting with pride.



Earlier this morning, we shared our wordless books with Year 6F. We really enjoyed reading our versions of Tuesday to the children in Year ^, they loved hearing, all about an invasion of frogs. We loved looking at Year 6’s wordless books which were called 'The Man that Walked between the Towers'. We found out that the book was based on the true story of Phillipe Petit, a French high wire artist who became famous in 1974 when he decided to walk a tightrope suspended between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.


As always, the entries for the EASTER EGG COMPETITION were amazing!! We were astounded by how imaginative and creative each entry was. Congratulations to everyone who took part, and to our winner, Luke, for his ‘eggscellent’ Humpty Dumpty design.


Our Certificate Winner is....


Michael, for giving his absolute all during our rehearsals.




Friday 27th March


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog.


This week we have been busy practising for our Easter Assembly. We have been working hard with Year 5W to learn the song lyrics and to rehearse our lines before you come to see us next Thursday afternoon. We don’t want to brag- but our teachers have said that we are AMAZING!!!!


Maths - This week most of us have continued to look at fractions- some of us were introduced to mixed numbers and improper fractions, and some of us practised comparing fractions with different denominators. The rest of us tackled different types of maths problems from Mrs Dougherty’s TRICKY- TRICKIER- TRICKIEST challenge boxes.

English – We have been working on our wordless books. Next Thursday, we are going to share them with the children in Year 6.

Topic – We learnt about the importance of artefacts and how they help us learn about what happened in the past. We looked at artefacts from Ancient Greece, in particular Greek vases. We studied the different designs and thought about what each one told us about life in Ancient Greece- it was fascinating!!!!  Later, we created a design for our own Greek vase, which we will be making over the next few weeks.

Our Certificate Winner is.....

Kian B- for turning his frown upside down, and for adopting a much more positive attitude.


We would just like to remind you that the Year 5 Easter Assembly will be taking place on Thursday 2nd April at 2.30 pm. We would love to see you there if you are available to come along.



Friday 20th March


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog.



Maths - This week we have continued looking at fractions. We have been comparing fractions, ordering fractions, simplifying fractions and have started to learn about mixed numbers and improper fractions- PHEW!!!!

In English, we have continued to explore the wordless book, Tuesday by David Weisner. We have carried on writing our own version of the story, using the images on each page to help us. 


In our Topic lessons we have started to learn about Ancient Greek Gods and how they compare to the Viking Gods we investigated earlier this year. 


On Tuesday, the Prison Service and Police came into school and talked to us about the importance of staying safe and saying no to strangers. They also helped us understand that our actions have consequences!!! We all took part in a workshop and had a fantastic time. We particularly enjoyed it when Mrs Dougherty (and the other teachers) had to complete some tricky tasks!!!!

Mrs Dougherty, Mrs Carlson and Miss Workman would like to thank everyone who attended Parent’s Evening this week. We were delighted that so many parents and carers could attend.



Our certificate winner is – Leah- for being Lovely, Enthusiastic, Always ready to learn and Hard working.

Friday 13th March


Welcome back to our blog!!! It has been another hectic week in Year 5F.


In Maths this week we still been focused on fractions. We have been working on comparing fractions with different denominators (the number at the bottom of a fraction). We asked ourselves, which is bigger 2/3 or 3/4? To make comparing the fractions easier we converted both fractions so that they had a common denominator. We found this tricky at first but by the end of the week we could do it independently.


Here's how to do it...


Step 1


2/3    three is the denominator         3/4 four is the denominator        


Step 2


Count in 3’s -    3, 6, 9, 12, 15

Count in 4’s-   4, 8, 12, 16, 20

12 is the common denominator


Now turn them both into twelfths


2/3 by multiplying both the numerator and denominator by 4 we can change them into 8/12


3/4 by multiplying both the numerator and denominator by 3 we can change them into 9/12


Now we know that 2/3=8/12 and 3/4=9/12

so 9/12 are greater than 8/12


Step 3


Go back to the original fractions


2/3 and 3/4...which fraction is greater?

Try this at home!!!!

English – We have continued to look at the wordless book Tuesday. We have worked hard to create our own version of the story by writing a description of what is happening on each page of the book. 


Topic – We have continued to learn about the Ancient Greeks this week. We thought about what the terms ‘ancient’ and ‘modern’ meant. We found out about modern day Greece and compared it to modern day Britain. Then we investigated when the Ancient Greeks were around and placed them on a time line. Some of us looked at important events that took place in Ancient Greece and ordered them on a timeline.

Our certificate winner is…..

Leon – for settling back in to school and beginning to show his true potential.


ALSO- Ryan L received a certificate from Miss Workman for giving 100% in all his work!!!

Friday 6th March!!



Welcome back to our blog. It has been another busy week in Year 5F!!!



In Maths this week we have still been learning about fractions. This week we have been thinking about equivalent fractions- fractions that are the same size. We used a fraction wall to investigate equivalent fractions.

We then moved onto using multiplication to create equivalent fractions.

In English we were introduced to the concept of a wordless book. The book we are using is Tuesday, by David Weisner. The book has no words at all but the story is conveyed through the amazing illustrations. We described what we thought was happening in the story based on what we could see in some of the pictures.

In our Topic lessons we thought about where modern day Greece was and what it was like. We located Greece using atlases and globes, and marked Greece on a map. We also located the United Kingdom (UK). We learnt different facts about Greece and thought about how Greece compared to Britain.

On Thursday it was World Book Day and we all came to school dressed as a character from a book. Check out our pictures!!!!

Our Certificate Winner is ….

Ellie W- for finding her voice and making valuable contributions to class discussions.

Week ending Friday 27th February


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog. What a busy first week we have had!!!!


In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions. Earlier in the week we looked at finding and shading fractions of shapes. Then we moved on to finding a fractions of an amount.


We learnt a really effective method for calculating a fraction of a number/ amount – for example 2/4 of 32. Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson taught us a clever way to remember how to find a fraction of a number called DDTT (which means- DIVIDE BY THE DENOMINATOR THEN TIMES BY THE TOP).

So, 32 divided by 4=8 then 8 x 2=16 therefore two quarters of 32 is 16.


In our English lessons we have continued to work on our class novel ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. This week we have been focusing on how to effectively edit our own writing. Each of us wrote the opening to our own version of the Iron Man story. Then we carefully examined it, checking and amending any spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes.

This week we began our new topic which is all about ANCIENT GREECE (Mrs Dougherty is SO excited!!!!). We recorded what we already know about Ancient Greece and thought of things that that we would like to find out. We were then given the chance to work in groups to research different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. Each group reported what they had found out to the rest of the class.


Our Certificate Winner is….


Daniel for displaying his fabulous artistic flair across the curriculum.




Luke received a certificate from Miss Workman for simply being a perfect role model in Year 5.




5 /  




Week ending 13th February.


We cannot believe that it is half-term already!!! The weeks have absolutely flown by because we have been so busy!


In Maths we have learnt about:-

In English we have explored The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

In our Science and Topic lessons we have studied Earth and Space:-

We worked in teams to design a Moon Buggy that would protect an astronaut if it was dropped onto the surface of the moon.

Look at some of the fabulous Earth and Space models we have made!!!

Our Certificate Winner is ...

Bradley, for being a true gentleman and making his teachers smile!!


Have a lovely half-term!!!! 




Friday 6th February!!!!

Another hectic week in Year 5F. In Maths we have been using co-ordinates to plot and draw shapes on a grid. We have also reflected and translated different shapes into different quadrants.


In English we used commas to write lists, splice sentences and show subordinate clauses. We continued to read The Iron Man and generated lots of adjectives to describe both the Iron Man and the setting for the first chapter. In addition to this, we designed and described our own iron giant and setting which we will use next week to re-write the first part of the story.

In Science, we conducted an investigation to see who could design and make a Moon Buggy that could protect an astronaut (egg) when it was dropped onto the surface of the moon (the playground). It was really good fun and we also developed our teamwork and Design and Technology skills.



Our Certificate Winner is.....


Teoni- for displaying true leadership qualities during the Moon Buggy task.

Friday 23rd January


Thank you for visiting our blog!!!!


It's been another hectic week in Year 5F!!!! In Maths we have been exploring negative numbers in the context of temperature.

We read and recorded positive and negative numbers to show different temperatures on a thermometer. Then we calculated the difference between different temperatures shown.We also ordered negative and positive numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. Finally, we carried out addition and subtraction calculations involving negative numbers!!!!! 

In English we have been looking at how writers use personification. Personification is used to give human qualities or characteristics to an object, animal or idea.



We read a poem called, 'Last night I saw the city breathing' and identified lots of examples of personification.

In Topic we used books, information sheets and the internet to research each of the planets that make up our Solar System (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune). We were challenged to use the most interesting facts we could find to create an information booklet about our Solar System. 

Some of our lessons focused on learning more about Earth. We investigated the relationship between globes and maps. We worked in teams and spent time identifying continents, oceans and countries on a globe, which we then recorded on a map of the world.  

In Science, we have continued to learn about Earth and Space. This week we thought about how the Earth spins on its axis as it orbits the Sun. We discovered that as the Earth rotates, light falls from the Sun onto different parts of the Earth, causing night and day.


We also discovered what it was like to be an astronaut and what life was like on the International Space Station.

Our Certificate Winner...


Ryan L was awarded the certificate this week for demonstrating a much improved attitude to his work and classmates this week!!!


Times Tables- Gold Band Winner...


Thomas D achieved his GOLD TIMES TABLE BAND this week and is already focusing on achieving his Platinum band. Well done Thomas!!!! 

Friday 16th January        


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog. 


Maths - In our Maths lessons this week we have been thinking about inverse (opposite) operations. We have used inverse to help us answer calculations with missing numbers. Some of us have explored how to use inverse to generate number facts.


If we know that:


2 x 3 = 6, we also know that

3 x 2 = 6 and

6 ÷ 2 = 3 and

6 ÷ 3 = 2



English - This week we have looked at a text called 'Turn Your Frown Upside Down'. The text included an extract from a story, called The Eruption, about a girl called Mandy who reacts badly to the news that she has to change schools; a poem called Huff, in which the author describes how she feels when she falls out with her friends; and a magazine article called Happy, sad, angry, glad? This was full of amazing facts, the article told us that just 15 minutes of laughter has the same benefits as 2 hours of sleep, that laughing helps to keep us healthy and stress free. It was also full of astonishing information about how animals laugh. Did you know that rats laugh? Humans cannot hear it with the naked ear but scientists can, with the help of special equipment. A rat's laugh is a high-pitched sound, and young rats laugh more than adult rats. Astounding!!!


Topic - We have continued to learn about EARTH AND SPACE. We explored the planets in our Solar System and learned a catchy mnemonic to help us remember them.

The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


Our mnemonic is is My, Very, Eager, Mother, Just, Sent, Us, Noodles.



In Science we have been finding out about the famous astronomer Galileo. He developed the theory that the sun was at the centre of the universe, not the Earth, which was the belief held by many. Galileo's belief is known as the Heliocentric Theory, the belief that the Earth was at the centre of the universe is known as the Geocentric Theory.  Although Galileo was imprisoned for his beliefs (because they opposed what the church thought about the Earth and planets)- his theory was proven to be true!!


Our Certificate Winner- Thomas D for being a role model who can always be relied upon to do the right thing.


Friday 9th January 2015


Welcome back and Happy New Year!!!!!!


This week we have been thinking about New Year's Resolutions. We thought about things we would like to achieve this year, both in school and at home and used these to make our own resolutions.


In Maths, we have been learning about Statistics (ways to handle data or information). We looked at how different sets of data/ information can be organised using Venn and Carroll diagrams 

In English, we wrote about what we enjoyed the most during the Christmas holidays. Lots of us described our favourite gift, while some of us talked about how much we enjoyed spending time with our families. We also explored words that end in -tial or -cial. We used dictionaries to find the definitions of words like, potential, crucial, substantial and financial!!!!


In both our Science and Topic lessons we will be learning about Earth and Space- we are all very excited. We thought about what we already know about Earth and Space AND what we would like to learn this term.

Our Certificate Winner is....

Christopher Cooper- who received his certificate for coming back to school with a 'Can Do' attitude.


The children in Year 5F were absolutely delighted to achieve 100% attendance this week!!!!!!!!!!

They will be allowed to wear their own clothes on Friday 16th January.  

Friday 12th December


Welcome back our blog. What a busy week we have had!


Maths - In Maths this week, we have continued to work on division. Some of us have been using the bus stop method (the short division method), whilst some of us have looked at division by grouping. We have been dividing numbers with up to 5 digits and decimal numbers- some of us have even looked at division calculations that have a remainder!!!! We have also looked at division word problems. PHEW!!!


English – This week we have learnt that a mnemonic is a tool that can help us to remember how to spell tricky words. We learnt mnemonics for words like because, beautiful and difficulty.



We have also been exploring homonyms and homophones- words that sound the same but that are spelt differently and have different meanings

All the children in Year 5F have enjoyed reading How to Train Your Dragon immensely and would love to watch the movie next week. However Mrs Dougherty said that it wasn't up to her, we needed to persuade Mrs Baker to allow us to watch the film. We all decided to write her a letter to explain why we thought we should be allowed to watch the movie. 

Topic - This week watched footage that depicted a Viking attack on a monastery. We thought about the attack from the perspective of both the Viking warriors and the monks.  We also produced acrostic poems using appropriate vocabulary linked to the Vikings AND created some absolutely stunning designs for a Viking shield. 

Earlier this week, the children in Years 5 and 6 were invited to a very special showing of ELF. Lots of us stayed to watch the film and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Mrs Pennington and the Upper Phase staff commented on our outstanding behaviour!!

Certificate winner- The winner of the Handwriting competition was awarded a special certificate this week AND also received an Argos gift voucher. Our winner was… Bradley M who has worked hard to improve his handwriting this term. 

Year 5 will have their Christmas Party on Thursday 18th December. The children (and the teachers) cannot wait!!! The children are allowed to wear their own clothes on party day.

Friday 5th December


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog!!!


Earlier this week Mrs Dougherty was contacted by one of our school governors, Mr Lawrence, who had heard some mysterious noises coming from the Westfield ALPS. He wanted us to explore the ALPs in order to find clues about the creature he had heard.


When we went to investigate, we couldn't believe our eyes. We found a huge, prickly nest which had two large, oval, sparkling eggs nestled in the centre. In the heart of the ALPS, there were four gigantic footprints gouged into the soft, muddy earth.  We saw green and gold glittering scales scattered around and large yellow fangs embedded in the crooked trees. Piles of scorched wood littered the entire area. Many of us believed that there was a dragon living in the Westfield ALPS!!!


When we got back to class, some of us wrote a letter to Mr Lawrence to inform him of our findings. However, others created posters to tell everybody about what we had found.


How exciting!!!!! 

In Maths this week we have been exploring short division AND division by grouping. We have found this very tricky, but have persevered and as a result are making good progress!!!! 


In our Topic lessons, we have been learning about Viking long ships. We designed our own long ships, and created some amazing watercolour images.











Our Certificate Winner:-


Hayley - for continually impressing her teachers with her mathematical ability, and for being a 'Division Diva' this week!!

Friday 28th November.


Welcome back to our blog.


Since the beginning of Year 5 we have been working hard in our French lessons in order to develop our speaking and listening skills. Mrs Wilson was amazed by the quality of our conversations and by how well we could spell our names using the French alphabet. Check out our video- what do you think??

Year 5F French Conversation

Still image for this video



In Maths this week we have continued to learn about different ways to multiply numbers using short and long multiplication. Next week, we are going to explore division- we can't wait!!!!


In our topic lessons we explored the differences between Invaders and Settlers. We discovered that in 865 a huge Viking army invaded England and conquered many parts of northern, central and eastern England. We learnt that in 878, the Anglo Saxon king Alfred the Great, agreed to draw a boundary between the Anglo Saxon and Viking kingdoms, which was named Danelaw.

This week Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson awarded the certificate to all the children in both Year 5 classes. They were impressed by the children's mature and sensible attitude during the Keeping Safe lessons that took place this week. 

Friday 21st November!!!


Welcome back to the Year 5F blog. We have had another busy and exciting week!!!!

In Maths we have been exploring different methods to multiply one and two digit numbers. Some of us used practical equipment (photographs to follow), some of us used the grid method while others used the short multiplication method. By the end of the week we were even multiplying decimal numbers!!! WOW!!! 

We have continued our work on How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell in English. After conducting some in depth dragon research, we wrote a non-chronological report about a dragon. Our reports provided details about the dragon’s appearance, diet, attacking techniques and the best methods to train it.


In our Topic lessons we learnt that the Vikings had their own alphabet which was a special kind of writing called runes. We decoded words written in runes then used runes to write our names and a secret message for Mrs Dougherty to de-code.


On Monday we watched a production of Sleeping Beauty, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!!!!! One of the best parts was when Maleficent absolutely drenched Mrs Dougherty with her water gun! We’re not sure that Mrs Dougherty enjoyed that part as much as we did!!!!


On Thursday, all of Year 5 visited The Deanery High School and took part in a dance lesson with a dance group called Square One. We learnt some funky dance moves and had a fabulous time. Afterwards, we took part in an anti-bullying lesson, the teacher had an Opinion Minion called Dave which threw to us when she wanted us to answer a question. We all worked together to make a flower that was filled with positive comments and ways to help people feel better about themselves.


Our Certificate Winner this week is Dylan who has absolutely ‘shone’ this week. Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson said KEEP IT UP!!!!


Friday 14th November.


Welcome back to our blog.


We have been very busy bees this week and have been learning all about properties of number in Maths. We have been exploring Multiples, Factors, Prime and Square numbers. We are number wizards!!!


In English we have been reading Cressida Cowell's 'How To Train Your Dragon' and have been investigating the different features of the dragons that she describes.


Our new topic is called Valhalla. It is all about the Vikings!!!!! We found out that the Vikings came from Sweden, Denmark and Norway and that they invaded England and Scotland in 793 and ruled here until 1066. We cannot wait to learn more about these fierce warriors.


Today is Children In Need and we came to school in fancy dress. Check out our photograph below!!!





Children In Need 2014

Friday 24th October.


Welcome back to our class blog!!!


In Maths this week we have been learning all about AREA. Did you know that area is the total about of surface that a 2-D shape covers? And that we measure area in square units?


This week we have been using a formula (length x width =) to find the area of simple shapes:-


So, 9m x 2m = 18m²


We also discovered that we could use this formula to find the area of compound shapes if we split the shape first:-





First, we found the area of shape A:-

3cm x 3cm= 9cm²


Then we found the area of shape B:-

10cm x 2cm = 20cm²


Then we added them together to find the total area of the shape:-


20cm² + 9cm² = 29cm²


In English, we have been finding out about the features of a newspaper report. Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson were impressed by how many features we could talk about and identify independently!! We then used our knowledge of newspaper reports to plan and write an article based on an excerpt of our class novel, The Enchanted Wood. 


We have also impressed our teachers with our Learning Logs. They are amazed by how creative we have been and by the amount of effort we have put into completing them. Some of us made 3-D models. Check out our pictures below.




Our Pupil of the Week:-


Keegan was awarded the certificate for coming to school every day, with a positive attitude and ready to learn!!!


Mrs Dougherty and Mrs Carlson hope that you have a fabulous time during half-term and cannot wait to see you on Monday 3rd November at 8:35 am!!

Friday 17th October


What a busy week we’ve had in Yr 5F!


Maths- In Maths we have been learning about the perimeter of regular and compound shapes. The perimeter of a shape is the distance around the outside. We learnt that to find the perimeter of a rectangle you can use a formula:-

2 x length + 2 x width


English- In English we have been learning about adverbs. Did you know that adverbs can relate to time, place and can also describe a verb? We used adverbs to write fantastic sentences about The Enchanted Wood.


Anxiously, the children tiptoed through the dark mysterious woods.


Topic- Yesterday we went to Martin Mere as part of our topic, ‘Woodlands and Wetlands’. We had a FANTASTIC day!!!!! We spent the first part of the morning exploring the different wetland habitats in our groups. We saw all types of weird and wonderful birds. We loved the Mandarin Duck, the flamingos, the Grey Crowned Crane and the Pink Footed Geese. Check out our pictures below. 



Martin Mere

We were given a bag of birdseed and had a lovely time feeding the birds as we walked around. Some of the birds were very friendly and came and nibbled the seed out of our hands. 

Later on, we went pond dipping and found all sorts of fascinating creatures like the Water Boatman and Great Diving Beetle.

After lunch, we went to the adventure park and had an absolute blast!!!!!

Our Certificate Winner is:-


Millie, for having a truly outstanding week. For making great progress, particularly in Maths. For her blossoming confidence AND for being an excellent and thoughtful friend.



Not surprisingly, Millie was also awarded the Pupil of the Week trophy.

Friday 12th September


Hello and welcome to Year 5F’s very first blog of 2014!!!


We have been exceptionally busy this week and have been working hard in every lesson!!


In Maths this week we have been investigating place value. We have worked with numbers that have up to 7 digits. To help us compare and order numbers we have asked ourselves what each digit is worth. For example...

53,781 the 5 is worth 50,000, the 3 is worth 3,000, the 7 is worth 700, the 8 is worth 80 and the 1 is worth just 1 unit!


In English  we read a story called Bling. The story was about a boy called Billy who thought he was a loser because he had no friends apart from his beloved cat, Goji. However, Billy's life changed when he met a mysterious creature, the Chimichanga, who granted him one wish. Billy wished for gold and the Chimichanga obliged by providing Billy with a magic cushion.  Billy was able to  use the cushion to transform any object into 24 carat gold within one hour!! Almost overnight Billy became very popular and made lots of friends who were fascinated with his new found ability to turn everyday objects into gold. However, Billy became careless and one day disaster struck! His precious cat, Goji, found the cushion and was turned to gold, The Chimichanga told Billy that in order to save Goji he would have to sacrifice every gold item he had made. Billy was torn- he wanted Goji back but knew that without the gold he would no longer be popular with all his new friends! What would you do? 


Topic – This week we have begun our first Topic, it is called Woodlands and Wetlands. We visited the ALPS to look for some creatures and plants that are living in our own woodlands. It was great fun and we couldn't believe the variety of wildlife we were able to find. We saw birds, insects, rodents, spiders, fungi, trees, plants and flowers! We also designed some outfits with a Woodlands and Wetlands theme.




 Luke C - for simply being a superstar and an absolute pleasure to teach!!

*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***