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Y6WF 2014 - 2015

Friday 17th July


Well, here it is. It's goodbye!

A huge thank you to all your support throughout the year. Your children will all move on to great things. Please check out the web site home page for links to our recent assembly and videos.

Thanks again.


Everyone in Y6WF

Friday 2nd July


Everyone has been exhausted after a magic long weekend at Winmarleigh Hall. There was some fabulous achievements. Enjoy just a glimpse of some of the moments.


Friday 19th June


With many children out on high school transition, it's been a topsy- turvy week in Year 6. Hope all the children have shone at their new schools and made good impressions. I'm sure they have!

Enjoy our introductory task to our new science topic, Inheritance and Evolution, where we have explored the size and shapes of legs, necks, heads, tails etc to design newly discovered dinosaurs that would have been successful in prehistoric times. What do you think? Could they have chased down prey? Could they have defended themselves? Would they have stood up steady and stable and not toppled over?

Friday 12th June


Apologies for the lack of blog last week but the whole thing crashed which was a huge shame because al the children added extracts from some wonderful story writing that they had done. We will hope to include some of this, this week.


In English we have proofed and redrafted our narratives, "The Dream Giver" and they are ready to go on display. They are truly wonderful. Hope to present some bits later.


In maths we have investigated Pythagoras's theory and the relationship between Pi (3.14) and circles. It was fascinating to solve real life problems using these rules.


In science we have set up an investigation to test the temperature at which bread goes most mouldy. We won't be eating any, however! It was Josh who earned this week's certificate for making a reasoned prediction to do with this.


As promised here are some story extracts. Sit back and relax!


Insidious, glowing slits of terror emerged from the shadowed depths of the cave. What had the dreaming boy unleashed? Cassidy


In the tranquilizing, relaxing room, the three siblings slept a perfect slumber. Hoping they would get the perfect dreams, the peace was motionless. Was this the calmest atmosphere around? Sleeping peacefully, the three dears hid under their cosy covers as the icy wind threatened to bite with icy teeth. Yet, the fireplace stopped the freezing feeling. It was perfect. So welcoming! So calming! So inviting! Ellie


Three children were sleeping soundly, when a dazzling light shone through the wooden shutter. It opened! The Dream Giver appeared on the sill. He lifted his "Dream eggs" and emptied them on to the middle bed. Cracking them gently, he poured onto the objects close to the young siblings (ballet shoes, football book, toy drums). All children were enjoying their dreams but one child was disturbed... Chelsea


Imagine a town that was so peaceful and quiet ,that had a church tower watching over the city, where a pin drop could be heard: this was the town of peace. Underneath the starry night, lay the most quiet town, even quieter than angels above. As the spire of the church tower lay silently in the cloud, every child was in their dreams or were they?  DEMI-LEE


Slowly and carefully, the sweet dream maker checked that the boy was safe and smoothly disappeared into the deep wilderness of the night once again.  Bethany





Friday 15th May

As this is being written, Y6WF are busy celebrating the ends of SATS with craft activities and a big chill. Later we will enjoy the fine weather with some outside games and a bit of a picnic. Later still, will be cinema time (well, DVD) and some well earned goodies.

It has to be said that no more could have been asked of the children, some of which had to sit tests in the morning and tests in the afternoon. Effort was in great abundance and they have no reason not to be very proud of the way they acquitted themselves. All the teachers wholeheartedly agree too.


The curriculum will now fully resume, with lots of exciting new topic and science challenges ahead. it is important that the  children realise that just because SATS are over, school is certainly not and 100% commitment is still required. 


Here we all are, deserving our celebrations!

Friday 1st May


Well, here it is! The maddest, craziest month of Y6's school year. The month that all the hard work will come to fruition; where all the children's hard work will be put to the test, LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Neither pupils nor parents need to be unduly worried or anxious as the children will be well prepared and only need to do their best. To help with preparation Y6 are having school to themselves next Thursday while other classes stay at home for polling day.


On the subject of the election, today, we have done some work around the idea of democracy and how, in Britain, things are decided by the people in a fair system (although, as you know, it doesn't always feel like that if the vote goes against your way). Y6WF wanted to do less Level 6 papers but Mr Metcalfe held the majority. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Friday 24th April


Hope everybody had a restful Easter break.  

This week Y6WF continued where they left off by keeping up the intensity in our preparation up to SATS which are creeping ever closer.


They showed super writing skill in creating a story start that used tension and suspense using a range of techniques such as repetition, short sentences or....................CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!


In maths, there has been a lot of success with several full marks seen in the level 3-5 papers. The children's knowledge is there, avoiding silly mistakes is critical so thorough checking can not be stressed enough. The children are more than capable of securing a good range of level 6 maths skills that are normally expected well into high school. Equations, expressions and inequalities are the areas we have looked at this week. See me if you need any extra help! Ha! Ha!


A big well done to Chloe for winning the certificate with her flair and imaginative writing.


Have a great week





Thursday 2nd April


Happy Easter to you all!


Who can believe we are two thirds through the school year?

This week we have concentrated our focus on securing some quality samples of writing for when the children's overall attainment will be assessed. Y6WF children have responded suitably and added a couple of cracking pieces to their portfolio. The range of punctuation and sentence structure used is a delight to behold; some children have such a flair for creating vivid pictures.


Remember when we created wordless books? Today was the day we shared them with Y2WF who listened attentively. In return, they read their own aloud and had lots of good ideas. Check out the photos below. 


This week's certificate was awarded to Bethany who spends all term working and showing great commitment.


Children will be sent home with a couple of pieces of homework, including some very challenging maths problems in which they should try their best to suggest strategies they might be able to use.


Have a great holiday,


Friday 27th March


With SATS a matter of weeks away it is with cautious excitement that we can celebrate some wonderful success in exceedingly challenging Level 6 practice papers. Two children obtained the requirement in maths and two in reading, whilst there are several others within grasp. This is fair reward for their hard work and effort though it is only practice and needs to be maintained and sustained.


Whilst on the subjest of outstanding attainment, Y6WF have undertaken some extended writing work this week. So impressed we were with Megan's piece, Mrs France took it to show the English teacherds at Abraham Guest. They were thoroughly awestruck at the quality and precision of her work and classed it as equal to many of their own Y11 students. WOW!!!!!!!! Needless to say, Megan was awarded class certificate this week. And very well deserved.

Friday 20th March


Firstly, many thanks to all the parents who attended Parent's Evening. It was a pleasure to see you all and I hope you found it useful and informative.


We have been very busy preparing for SATS once more. The class have acquitted themselves particularly well in reading with many hitting or beating their targets. The story is much the same in maths. Eliminating silly mistakes and careful application will yield success for sure.

In writing, the children are using effective vocabulary and varied sentence structure but I have identified that they ought to use a wider range of connectives/conjunctions with accuracy, like: although, otherwise, however, therefore, whereas, despite etc. This will help move it on.


On Tuesday we were visited by officers from HM Prison Service who gave us a frank presentation about crime and punishment and how to be keep safe from the temptations that are presented to young people, as well as how to act in emergencies. The children would do well to long remember about the advice they were given.


Big well done to Jack for earning this week's certficate for impressive reading scores.




Friday 13th March


It has been a very busy week with SATS preparation very much to the fore. After every practice paper we review our performance and identify areas that can be improved on so it is very worthwhile. Working at a brisk pace and checking and re-doing are always key elements to success, even for able children.

A big well done to Cassidy this week for coming out of her comfort zone yet really applying herself during test practice. Although maths isn't her favourite subject, her attitude and desire was spot on. And she has not been alone this week!!


In other areas, we have adapted our wordless story books into extended narrative pieces. The children are capable of writing with such super style and precision. If they maintain it through longer pieces they will progress even further.


Today has been Red Nose Day. To support this we have all come to school with funny faces. See what you think of us!


Bye for now



Friday 6th March


This week has been a celebration of books. We have written our own story books using a wordless book about a man, Philippe Petit, who illegally tight-roped across the Twin Towers round 40 years ago. They are wonderful. Although they contain super language, they were written for Y2 readers so the children had to be careful that all words and sentences were appropriate to the reader.


Here is Y6WF sharing their love of reading with Y2 children. We hope it is infectious!

Friday 27th February


It's all systems go! Now that the half term has come and gone we have started to step up the preparation for SATS in May and the pace is frenetic. 


In English, not only did we complete and review a past paper, we have studied the differences between main and subordinate clauses within complex sentences. As well as that we have revised the punctuation of direct speech (some of us improved them by adding extra adverbials that stated how/where/why the speaker spoke). 


In maths we have polished up how to multiply and divide fractions by whole numbers and other fractions. The class have also been introduced to algebraic straight line graphs. They quickly learned how to recognise lines such as x=3, y=5 or y=x. We will chip away at skills such as these as some children may well be in a position to take Level 6 tests this May. Here's hoping!!


Pupil of the week this week is Austin for applying himself appropriately in the practice tests and revealing great potential in maths.


Well done to the children who have been busy on their UK Learning Logs. I'm never failed to be impressed with some of the efforts. I love the research I've seen on Cockney slang. It would be marvellous to see creative work (poems, stories, designs,) as well as presenting factual information.


Have a great week,




Friday 13th February

Unlucky for some? Not us! We break up for HALF TERM today after another very busy week. A huge well done to all the children who have achieved 100% attendance since Christmas. You will be making good progress, for sure.


In English we have done some assessed writing (about who the children would nominate for a prize). They were excellent. Did you know that " ....the world should have an abundance of Megans....?" Quite right!


In maths we have been dealing with fractions. We have been changing mixed fractions into improper ones before we can subtract them; answering some really challenging questions. We have also learned the BODMAS rule for ordering the operations in long calculations.


This week has also been Internet Safety week. All children are aware of the risks when online and what should happen if any problems occur.


In topic we have completed our London guide books. You will agree they look stunning!


Well done to Junior for being pupil of the week. He is so enthusiastic when faced with hard, challenging work.


Well done to both Megan and Demi for earning 30 Well Done Tokens.


Have a great break,


Friday 6th February

Welcome back!

We had a special visitor today. Crocky the bearded dragon called to say hello. You will see him below. But why? I hear you ask. For part of our English this week we have been looking at the features of "guides" or "How to.." texts. One of them we studied was all about keeping bearded dragons. So, Ellie's mum kindly offered to bring Crocky in to show us. He was a most pampered reptile to say the least, devouring a couple of live locusts before our very eyes. The class was most enthralled and all enjoyed a stroke, even Demi. Don't worry - I think all fingers are still intact.


In other areas, this week has been something of an assessment week in English and maths. Test practice will becoming more prominent in the coming weeks as we near SATS. The children have such good potential and with determination and focus they can achieve very well.


Our London Visitor Guide books are taking shape. Watch this space as some finished ones will be posted.


Big well done to Chelsea who has won our certificate for being what every teacher wants: quiet and conscientious.

Bye for now!

Friday 30th January


BBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It's freeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! But well done everyone because we are 100% attendance. Great Effort! no


English- Reading and responding to different types of texts has been the focus this week. All Y6WF perform well in mock SATS papers and this week they were introduced to really challenging texts that focus on authorial intent and use of language (high level skills that go beyond usual expectation). There were some promising answers but lots more practice needed.


Maths- We have been reading scales and number lines, including those that are moving by just a thousandth at a time. The rule for working out how a scale is moving is: big jump divided by small steps.


Topic- We are in the process of creating London Travel Guide Books. We still need to research famous places of interest and add extra pages.


A big well done to Ellie for producing some very thorough science work. She investigated a hypothesis, tested it out and used clear results in drawing conclusions. Here she is:


Bye for now,




Friday 23rd January


Hello again! Hope you are all well.


It has been such a busy week again. Here are some of the key moments.

In English we have been reading and identifying the features of non chronological reports (that's information texts put simply). We have noticed that they can be written for different purposes and audiences depending on how they are presented. Some people want to extract quick facts, some want information given in detailed paragraphs. We have tried both. The challenge was could we use "Super Sentences" in this type of text but we managed very well.


Well done must go to Jack this week for making some noticeable contributions to our discussions and shared work this week.


Maths has all been about transformations: translations, reflections and rotations. Y6WF couldn't believe how much drawing they've been able to do! Actually it was a challenge when changing a shape by a scale factor of x 0.5!


In topic we have used the internet to find out some key human and physical geographical features of the capitals of the UK. Did you know the estimated population of Greater London could be as much as 21 million. Mind blowing!

Friday 16th January


Welcome back!


In English we have used ideas from Gangsta Granny to generate some different reasons for writing. This has included letters and even playscripts so we have been rather busy. Incorporated into this, we have been learning how to construct "Irony" sentences which is such a sophisticated context. Despite this, Josh created a super example when using a rainy scene as a stimulus. He wrote:


The weather man said convincingly that it was weather for pools, but the only pool, was the pool of rain in our back garden.


In maths we have been revising some aspects of place value such as ordering and sequencing and applying what we know in a range of challenging problems. As well  as this, 6WF have been delving into algebra work that is usually saved for high school. Can you expand these brackets? 5 (y+3) or b (b+5)


In topic, we have started working on Capitals. We are focusing on London but we can identify all the capitals of the United Kingdom. 


Use the link above to see an interview with David Walliams, the author of Gangsta Granny. We want to write just like him!


Bye for now







Friday 9th January



Can you believe it's 2015?

The children all appear refreshed and ready for what will be a tough term with SATS not too long after the Easter break. Tyler is certainly well up for the challenge and has been awarded this week's certificate for being hard working and enthusiastic.

In English we have been making deductions about the characters in Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. We are attempting to use PQA to put forward our ideas. Point, Quote and Analysis. This will allow us to justify the ideas we suggest.

In maths we have been converting between measures, including between metric and imperial. Did you know that 1kg is approximately equal to 2.2lbs. This has helped us try some really tricky problems, such as:

Mr Green sells apples at 40p per kg.

Mrs Ball sells apples at 24p per pound.

Who sells the cheapest apples?

Try it!

By the way, many happy returns to Ellie who turned 11 this week. Can't imagine why she didn't want Mr Metcalfe to sing for her though.


Bye for Now.


Friday 19th December


Everybody associated with Y6 would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

It hasn't all been cards and cakes this week (though there has been plenty). We have been learning control on the computer. This involves creating precise flowcharts to tell a computer controlled system (like a pelican crossing) exactly what to do. Check out the pictures, which also feature Christmas cake making and some very cheeky elves!

Y6W have 100% attendance this week. AMAZING!!!!! This will become even more vital in the New Year as we embark on our preparation for SATS. It will be intense and challenging but these children should take it in their stride.

Have a great holiday, won't you?

Children and Teachers


Friday 12th December

Electrical wizardry has been the focus of the week with many of us putting the finishing touches to the electrical games we have designed and made in science. We have learned how to wire up circuits to achieve desired results such as lighting a bulb, spinning a bow tie or sounding a buzzer. In our games, the player has got to match a question to an answer and if correct, you will get a surprise. Check out our pictures!

Friday 5th December

Welcome. Can you believe it is actually December? Christmas is coming yet Y6WF are not letting up quite yet.

In English we have been recounting a variety of contrasting events including hot air ballooning and the grizzly events at Quarry Bank Mill where a cotton shuttle was found covered in thick, red liquid. Shock! Horror!

In maths we have been calculating area and perimeter of rectangles, triangles and compound shapes, including a range of tricky problems.

In topic on Thursday we enjoyed a Victorian Christmas experience. Visitors from Wigan's Museum of Life were invited to show us how rich and poor children from that era would spend Christmas. We learned lots of fascinating fact such as:

Victorians put candles on their Christmas trees. - Jheen A

Victorians didn't wrap their presents up. -Demi-Lee

Victorians made their own toys out of old materials. Josh

Victorian Father Christmas (Saint Nicholas) wore GREEN, but because of Coca-Cola, he now wears RED!- Jack & Cassidy.


Here we are making Victorian crackers. Bye!



Friday 28th November


This week has been assessment week in Y6WF: the children have undertaken tests in reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and maths. Papers and results have not all been collected and collated but it is fair to say that many of our children could do a great job in their SATS if they were to take them right now! Both children and parents will be able to see their current attainment soon when they meet with the teacher for their end of termly "progress chat."


In other areas, in science we embarked on a project to make an electronic board game that uses a circuit to work. As yet, the children have not got very far but there looks to be some exciting creations taking place. Watch this space!


As part of our "Keeping Safe" work we discussed how and when we would make emergency calls. The children had fun role playing how they would make an emergency call. Take a look.

Friday 21st November


Welcome back!

We had a fascinating trip to Quarry Bank Mill on Thursday. The children behaved well and were not too phased when the Victorian superintendent put them through their paces in the school room. Check out all our fabulous pictures below.


In maths we have been calculating any kind of percentage (from a fraction) and rounding them to the nearest percent. Very tricky! Calculation is the following:

eg 5/8 x 100

So 5x100=500, then 500 divided 8 = 62.5

So that's 63% to the nearest whole percent.


In English we wrote some super character descriptions, using a 3 good/bad sentence:

eg Young, caring, lonely - has there ever been someone like this?

We have also identified prepositions like under, around, through, behind etc.


Mr Metcalfe has asked all Learning Log files to be completed and returned asap so they can be judged.


This week's certificate was awarded to Chloe for her originality and creativity when writing.

Don't forget to check out our trip photos.

Bye for now!


PS It's great to see some of us are super role models during lunch break!


Friday 14th November



Superheroes abound today as we contribute to Children in Need. Don't they look spectacular?

We have had some heroes in class this week. Cassidy's extract from Maleficent will make you truly spellbound. It was original work that demonstrated effective and enthralling use of speech punctuation. Cassidy reads her own work beautifully and shows the menace of Maleficent.

There has also been some wonderful examples of describing setting, using a range of adventurous vocabulary and engaging sentence structures. Josh, particularly impressed. 


In maths we have solved patterns and puzzles by finding and following rules. Try for yourself:


Five gentlemen met for the first time. Each shook hands once with everybody else. How many handshakes were there?


As well as that we have been solving problems with fractions. Half a cake was shared equally between 5 friends. What fraction of the cake did each receive?


In topic we have been considering how poor the conditions were for children who worked in the coal mines of Wigan. We posed as a member of the House of Lords to request that conditions improve.

Check out our charcoal drawings of trappers and drawers. Most were only our age!


Please remember to send in any outstanding trip letters. We go to Quarry Bank Mill next Thursday.


Bye for now,


Friday 7th November


The week had an extraordinarily good start when on Tuesday morning we walked to the cinema to view a screening of Disney's Maleficent. This provided much of the inspiration for our English this week. We explored the features of fairy tales, reviewed the film and developed how we can use speech marks and other techniques when writing effective dialogue.

In maths we have extended our understanding of fractions by introducing how to multiply and divide them. Check out our pictures of us demonstrating how to calculate two thirds divided by three quarters (oh, and by the way, that is Megan hiding).

In topic we have identified that children as young as seven would work in Victorian coal mines. Bethany asked, "How could children stay awake opening and closing a door for twelve hours?" We all agreed how tough it must have been.

This week all of Year 6 received part one of their "growing up" sessions. They were very mature about it!

Congratulations to Cassidy who this week won the certificate for her wonderful vocabulary choices when writing.

Have a good week.



Friday 24th October

Welcome back to our final blog for this half term and what a half term it has been! This week saw Y6WF perform their good work assembly to Mrs Baker and the rest of the Upper Phase. The children showed off their work superbly. Demi- Lee delivered very well; Jack and Tyler were brilliant at describing how to add fractions while Austin, Junior and Terri were wonderful at explaining how to solve linear equations. Everybody shared something in a clear and articulate way.

In English we have focused heavily on grammar and punctuation. We have classified nouns into common and proper, concrete and abstract. Where would you place these?





DW Stadium






In our maths, we have been solving real life problems that require several steps, using mental and written calculations. Some of them were really tricky but we were able to have a goods go at most.

In our Victorian topic we have been sketching and water colouring pictures in the style of Whistler. Amazing! Meanwhile, most of us have animated card figures to represent "The Charge of the Light Brigade," a poem set in the Crimean War where 600 brave troops went into attack hordes of enemy artillery. Hopefully we can set up links to view them soon.

It is great to see that some Y6WF children are being recognised as role models during lunch time. They are at all times in fairness. And many of them have gone through the half term at 100% attendance. Most important!


Demi- Lee was certificate winner for her contributions to assembly. Congratulations!


Have a great half term. Bye For now.


Mr Metcalfe and Y6WF


Friday 17th October


Hot off the press, Wigan MP, Lisa Nandy has literally just left us having paid a visit as part of Primary Futures week. She was invited to share some of our work we have been doing around our aspirations for the future. Check out the pictures below. Needless to say, she was suitably impressed with the children's work.


This week in English we have worked a lot on editing and improving (redrafting) our argument writing to produce neat final versions. They are superb!


In maths, we have spent a lot of time improving our written methods for division as well as learning how to round up or down after division.


Our Victorian topic saw us using detective skills to work out what strange looking inventions were. We worked out quite a few but the Morse Code machine really wasn't a sewing machine.


Chelsea was our certificate winner for being an eagle eyed SPAG problem spotter. Well done to her! 

Friday 10th September


Welcome back to Y6WF. Many thanks to all the parents who attended Parent's Evening. It was a pleasure to discuss how well the children are doing.


In English this week we have been writing our own balanced argument which puts forward the reasons for and against children having televisions in their rooms. We are crammed full of ....."therefores and consequently and however and on the other hand etc. Super connective words and phrases.


In maths we have honed our multiplication and division methods ( that's long multiplication and division of decimals)

eg  3.45 x 4.7 or 9.52 divided by 17.


Check out these wonderful science books the children have produced that show their learning in our science topic "light." Mr Metcalfe keeps using the word "QUALITY" and he is not wrong!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now.


Friday 3rd October


We can't believe we're in October already, can you?

It's been another busy week in 6WF but time goes quickly when we are working hard.

In English we have started to look at the features of balanced arguments. Should children be allowed TVs in their rooms? What do you think?

In maths we have practised mental and written skills for addition and subtraction, as well as looking at place value. Take a look at how we can round all kinds of numbers to different "nearests." Plus Mr Metcalfe is showing us how to tackle linear equations like this:



Can you find the value of y?

Friday 26th September


Welcome back again to Y6WF.

Have a look at when we acted out some role play as custom officers confronting a suspected smuggler.

We were so authoritative and had to use serious, formal language.


Friday 19th September

Howdeeeeeeee Pals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I had better try again.

Greetings and a warm welcome to another Y6WF blog.

Was I too informal? This is what we have been studying in English this week and we now have a better idea of when formal and informal writing is required.

Our maths has mostly been on place value. Some of us have been reading and writing whole numbers to billions. WOW! Some of us can round decimals to their nearest 3 decimal places. Amazing! Test yourself. What number is this? 6,356,185,562

Something extraordinary happened earlier in the week when we ventured into the ALPS to look for mathematical shapes. Lying in the trees was a fox! Sadly, it was poorly and died later.

Today has been voting for the important role of School Councillor. Here are some of us delivering our manifestos

Friday 12th September


Well here we all are. Welcome back Megan. Glad to have you with us.


This week we have been reading historical fiction and using the clues to describe life from long ago. We have started the process of drafting and redrafting our writing to convey settings with a historical context. Early next week we are producing the final draft. Mr Metcalfe has high hopes that they will be quite special, having been improved twice already. We will include some in next week's blog, hopefully.


In maths, we undertook an assessment earlier in the week to show where we all are. Although there were some good results, mistakes were aplenty. However, the potential to do well is  there for sure. Some of the high level skills we have been working on are: 


8- - 6=

5+ -8=

-5+ +7=

-4- -5=




4/9 + 2/3


Have a good week!

Friday 5th September


Hello and welcome to what's going to be a fantastic final year for the children.

They have all settled in very well and look sure to relish the challenges ahead.

PE is Thursdays. They will need red t shirt, blue shorts, trainers or pumps plus sport socks if possible. It will be delivered by a specialist from Abraham Guest so the children are guaranteed quality PE.


What we have said about being in Y6


" It's a delight!" Austin

"It's gone so fast!" Hannah

"I'm loving the hard work!" Josh

"It's amazingly awesome!" Jack

"It's been so fun!" Demi-Lee


Watch this space for weekly updates.




PS please sign and return home time arrangements

*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***