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Y6F 2014 - 2015

Hello and welcome to the penultimate blog!

Apologies for this very brief account! We are in throes of rehearsals for our leavers' assembly and we really hope you can all make it next week. Please try to be seated by 2.15 ready for a prompt start. You are in for a real treat...


Lewis Jones is our pupil of the week - he has been outstanding in rehearsals! Well done Lewis!


On Monday, we are off for our end-of-year treat to the cinema - what a lovely way to start the week! Congratulations to the GOLD CARD winners - Molly and Joseph P and to our 100% attendance pupils - you are all amazing and deservfe the trat that is coming your way on Tuesday!


Have a great weekend everyone and with mixed feelings: here's to the LAST EVER WEEK in primary school!





What a week! After an amazing weekend at Winmarleigh, everyone who visited was exhausted so the classrrom was unusually subdued on Tuesday!! All of the children who visited loved their adventure weekend, the children said it was , 'enjoyable, excting but exhausting!' Please see the main website for all the photographs.. coming soon!

The pupils who remained in school did some AMAZING 'crafty' Maya work, including designing ceramic plates. They were shown off in assembly and everyone was awestruck by their design!

Once again, we have been impressing Mrs Baker with our superb writing skills - some of us chose to write a letter to Laura at Winmarleigh, whilst others wrote a selection of pieces about Maya sacrifice... gory stuff!

Sports day was fabulous - we all enjoyed ourselves and Kaitlin and Joseph H won a certificate for sportsmanship! Well done - enjoy the photos!

See you next week! Only ten more days at Westfield - and lots left to do...!

sports day : the races

Sports Day Penalty shoot-out and basket-ball shots!

Hello and welcome to our blog!


On Monday, we enjoyed a science lesson with a difference - we played with playdough!!! This was part of your new topic called Evolution and Inheritance. We created our very own dinosaur but had to think carefully about the body features - they had to match the creature's habitat and lifestyle.

For example, if they were a meat-eater - they had to have the correct jaw/teeth. Look at the photographs - can you tell what the dinosaur eats?


Mrs France was bursting with pride on Tuesday morning as we presented an OUTSTANDING assembly about our Dream Giver work. We showed off our fantastic writing skills and had the whole audience gripped! WOW!




Most of Year 6 took part in transition days Wednesday-Friday. The rest of us enjoyed topic work connected to our latest work on the Mayans. We have learnt about the ancient Maya numer system, imagined we have been to Mexico to visit Chichen Itza by writing a postcard home and even begun to make Mayan masks. It has been absolutley wonderful!


Look out for the photographs when the work is finished!  Next Friday, some pupils are going off to Winmarleigh for the adventure weekend. Please remember medical forms and get packing your bags according to the packing list. Hopefully you will need LOTS of sunscreen!!


Have a great weekend everyone!







Hello everyone!   

What a lovely week! We have been working with enthusiasm and concentration and produced some super work. We MUST be ready for Year 7!!!


In maths, we have been continuing to learn about shape - we are now experts in identifying the properties of parallelograms, rhombi and other quadrilaterals.


In English, the class have learnt about features  of poetry. A few short poems have been studied and we understand several technical terms, like alliteration, similes, metaphors, assonance and sibilance!  We have written some brilliant poems containing a selection of these features. 


Earlier in the week, we planned an investigation about bread going mouldy. We have placed bread in three different temperatures, in sealed bags. One in the warm photocopier room, one in the cool classroom and one in the cold fridge. Which one do you think will go mouldy first? We will show you the photographs - be prepared!!!


A little class competition was held for the best science poster created. We had to show the importance of hygiene when sneezing, with the theme, 'Catch it, Bin it, Kill it!' Katie S won an appropriate prize - Minnie Mouse tissues!


Some of Year 6 have begun to be involved in transition to their new secondary schools and everyone who is going to Abraham Guest will go for three days, next week, (Wednesday - Friday). Pupils going to John Fisher will be going on Thursday. Those of us who are left in school (twenty of us) will be kept busy - and this will involve some creative activities in the afternoons. It will be exciting because we will get to work with some different Year 6 pupils.



See you next week! Have a lovely weekend!


Welcome to Jessica - she joined us this week and won the pupil of the week certificate for blending seamlessly into our class!

Katie was our our handwriting winner! Congratulations!!

Emma - Pupil of the week! Well done!

Hello everyone!

Time is beginning to fly faster than ever here in Year 6, now that we are in the final half term at Westfield! There is much to do before we leave and we have been working hard, especially in English! We have been working on our narrrative style and have really been using our imaginations and creativity! On Monday, we watched part of a wonderful, short (less than six minutes) film called Dream-Giver. Mrs France was super mean devilas, on Monday and Tuesday, she only allowed us to see a few seconds of it. cool Only on Wednesday, were we allowed to watch the whole film!sad


The reason for this was so that we could focus in on different aspects of the story, like the characters and the setting. Our teacher was surprised to hear that some of us sneakliy found the film online at home! (Obviously, we did this because we were intested and were terribly intrigued about what happened next, so she wasn't too cross and we promised not to tell everyone else what happened!!!)


The writing we have completed, as a result, is truly outstanding: "A joy to read!"  said Mrs France. Mrs Cosgrove and Mrs Dwyer have been busy setting up a beautiful dispay, ready for our final pieces of work and we are looking forward to showing off our skills in our last class assembly.indecision


Maths has involved a lot of different problem solving, we have been focused and worked cooperatively throughout the week.


Some Abraham Guest pupils, and Mrs Marsden from Year 7 came to visit us on Wednesday. We were able to ask lots of questions, which made us feel better about our transition to secondary school. nonono


Our new history topic is all about the Mayan civiliization and we have worked as history detectives, trying to work out what life was like, after studying a series of pictures. It was FUN! heart


As well as this, we learnt about micro-organisms in science and now understand that not all micro-organisms are harmful - we need them to make yoghurt, bread and even beer!


To those who are going to Winmarleigh, parents and pupils are invited to a meeting next Wednesday (10th June) at 3.30 pm.

Have a weekend of fun, relaxation and sunshine!!smiley




Ice lolly treats for hard working pupils!!

We were all awarded the certificate for being brilliant this week.

Hello everyone!

SATs week is over!! Yippee!!!


All of our teachers say that we have done ourselves proud!!


We have been focused, alert and ready every day! The brain-gym and energising workouts we did every day, before each test have helped our positive mental attitude, or as we call it ...  our PMA!! 


The reading test on Monday had a very interesting text about guide dogs - most of us liked that one best! We were confident with the spelling and grammar test as we know our nouns from our proper nouns etc! You couldn't catch us out!!


Our revision paid off in maths as lots of the practise questions came up in the test!! Phew! 


SATS RESULTS will be published in July, which seems a long way away - we will have forgotten all about them by then!!


After our tests were over, we 'chillaxed' for a bit and then enjoyed our usual PE lesson with Mr Willock!


Friday was fun day - we deserved it - don't you agree?







1st May Joseph was pupil of the week - he has had an amazingly positive week and as a result has produced some outstanding work! Well done and keep it up! DO you notice that he also won the trophy for the Upper Phase? We are proud of you!

1st May -it was Katie O's birthday this week- how kind that she brought in chocolate cake!! WOW! Here she is with her friends!


Friday 1st May


Hello and welcome to 6F !smiley

We are working sooooooooo hard!! But - the great news is that we are making excellent progress, as each week flies by. no

The class are trying to make sure that we are as ready as we can be for our all-important tests which start on the 11th May. Not long to go!

All of the teachers are VERY impressed with our dedication and positive attitude!


The reading book this week was all about GOLD. Did you know that if you purified all the gold in the world, it would only be a 20m cube in size, and would fit easily under the Eiffel Tower? WOW! Well done to all the pupils who smashed their target on this paper - keep it up!!


In maths, we have revised area and perimeter as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, and 1000.  Our results are looking good and we are feeling confident!


We stunned Mrs France with our writing this week! We imagined we had been to see a talent show and wrote some fabulous reviews about our favourite act. The writing was magnificent!!!


The general election is approaching fast and we have learnt a little about democracy today - who will be voted in, next week?


Although we are working hard on Polling day, it will be fun to have the school to ourselves - Kings and Queens of the school just for one day!!


Mrs France would like to thank everyone for supporting Oli (her son) in Ninja Warrior UK. It was fantastic fun and how exciting that he got through to the finals!

Special well-done to Mrs Cosgrove who walked 9 miles along Hadrian's Wall last Sunday  to raise money for the British Heart Foundation! Fantastic - we are proud of you!


Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! Pray for sunshine!!! laugh

See you next week!





Katie Pupil of the week! Despite her breaking her arm, she has caught up on all the work she missed! WOW!

Brody: She won the Easter egg competition and was delighted with her prize!

Happy Birthday Rose and thank you for the delicious chocolate cake!!! It was YUMMY!

Sharing our books with Year 5 - The Man who walked between the Towers!

Hello and welcome to Year 6 F blog!


What an EGGSstra-ordinary week! As well as our usual hard work, we have enjoyed a variety of exciting events!


Several of us have continued to reach PB scores in our practice tests! (PB = Personal Bests!) Katie discovered that if you throw less marks 'in the bin' (in other words, answer ALL the questions) you DEFINITELY get a better score!! She SMASHED her reading target!!!!!!


On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of watching the Year 5 Easter assembly. It was very EGGciting!!!!! The songs were fantastic and the funky moves, very impressive!!! Well done Year 5!


Later that day, we worked on a piece of software that allowed us to create animations - the program was called 'MUVIZU!' Thanks to Mr Moore, who helped with the technology, as it was rather tricky!


It was fabulous also to watch a part of the recent WOWS musical extravaganza on a video - what a superb event! Congratulations to all involved and a special well done to Molly who did a solo! WOW! Molly is having singing lessons at Westfield over the next couple of weeks. X Factor - she'll be ready!!!!!


Congratulations to Brody for winning the easter egg competition! It was a great circus cannon!


Finally, today, we have shared our wonderful wordless texts with Year 5F. Their work was also stunning and we all had a great time sharing our opinions of each others' work.  


Have a wonderful, well-deserved break and good luck to the pupils in Easter school next week - hope you have a successful week!










It's Joseph's birthday! Happy Birthday and THANKYOU very much for the YUMMY cake!!!!!!!!!!

Brody and Katie O were awarded their platinum bands today WOW! WOW! WOW!

PE was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leah - Pupil of the Week for being a role-model pupil for every adult who teaches her!


Welcome to our weekly blog!


We have to report cool sad news broken heart- poor Katie S has broken her wrist. cool She has been in to see us after her operation and is recovering slowly. surprise We wish her well! Come back soon Katie - we miss you! heart


This week, we are continuing to countdown to the all-important day in May - the eleventh...the start of SATs week. Due to the Easter holidays and a bank holiday in May, this means that we have limited time left to practise our skills for our test. So. with 19 days to go, it has been a a week of heads down and focused revision!

Another reading paper about caves and caving has resulted in some more PBs - Personal Best scores!! We are always delighted when we achieve a PB!!!no


Similarly, in maths, we are continuing to look at problem areas. Several pupils are asking for additional homework and this shows how driven they are! WOW! laugh


We have completed 2 writing assessments this week - Trainer Try-Out, was one of them. We had to imagine that we had tested out a new trainer and provide a report. Some super writing has been produced - well done!


As well as all this, we have worked on our 'SPAG' (Spelling, punctuation and grammar).  It is vital that we know our word classes - can you explain the following: noun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, article, clause, subordinate clause, connective... the list goes on! We have a LOT to remember!!!


French was fun this week, we imagined we had visited Paris and sent a postcard home! Wouldn't it be lovely to go there for real? We know about so many of the buildings and tourist spots now!


Four more days in school before a well-earned rest...

Have a great weekend everyone!smiley


Katie O Pupil of the week is avaricious for success and achieved a personal best in a practice maths test! WOW!

SAT BUSTER books are full of little ten-minute tests... We are trying to improve our scores each time!

Mrs Pennington came in and performed a cartwheel when she found out that we have 100% attendance this week! (Mrs France is always promising to cartwheel but she never does!))

As you can see, we are now on the new dinner-ordering system! We get to choose our lunches now! If we are late, we have to have a yellow band which means NO CHOICE!!!!

Hello everyone!

It has been great for our teachers to meet parents this week! Important discussions have taken place about our progress and attitude to learning. With only 24 more school days until SATs, (including today) we need to remain calm and work super hard! Everyone is now aware that SATs week begins on 11th May for a week and it is VITAL that everyone is in school that week!


We are currently learning about test technique and trying desperately to make our scores the best they can be! Mrs France believes that having a positive attitude and not giving up will make the biggest difference of all. Well done to everyone who, like Katie O, is showing signs of being 'avaricious' (greedy) for success!


As well as practising for SATs and working our socks off this week, we have enjoyed a few other exciting events. On Tuesday the prison service and community police came in and gave us lots of important information about staying safe!


Tag rugby in PE has been such fun but challenging too!


Today, we have witnessed a moment in scientific history the partial solar eclipse! We were able to watch TV coverage together in the hall and we could see how much darker it became.

Emma - Pupil of the Week - for letting her light shine in Maths - Perfect Timing! Well done!

Comic Relief - Funny Faces!

The man who walked between the towers by Mordicai Gerstein

Hello all!

Here's an update of what we have been up to this week...


We have continued to work on our books: 'The Man Who Walked Between The Towers.' Our writing is fantastic and it has been giving Mrs France goosebumps because it is SO powerful. Today, we have shared our work with our peers and evaluated it. As  well as this, we have been finding out what the real book's words were. (By Mordicai Gerstein.) Of course, ours were better BY FAR!!! The amazing paintings in the book were terribly inspiring - remember to have a look at our books next week at Parents' Evening!


The Year 6 staff are looking forward to meeting everyone - it's not too late to make an appointment, if you haven't already!


In maths, we have completed our work on ratio and proportion and completed a test; we are awaiting our results!!


On Wednesday, we were invited to watch the Year 3 'Special People' assembly. It was fantastic; they made up some amazing songs. Our class sent thank you letters and Year 3 were so pleased they asked if they could post some on their blog!!! So - go ahead and have a look on the Year 3 blogs!


Let's hope we have raised lots of money for Comic Relief today with our funny hair/funny face donations!


Have a great weekend everyone!

See you next week,

From the Year 6 team!

Pupil of the week: Lewis J - a role model reader!

This  week has been a FABULOUS week in Year 6!


We have 100% attendance! WOW - well done everyone!


On Thursday, we all came in dressed as our favourite characters for World Book Day!


Congratulations to Emma L who won our competition called a 'Book in a Bottle!' Her bottle was all about 'The Little Mermaid.'

In English, we have worked on a wordless text called 'The Man who Walked between the Towers!' It is all about Philippe Petit who is famous for walking on a tightrope between the famous New York Twin Towers.


Also, Mrs Baker came into observe our maths lesson about ratio and proportion and we hope she was impressed!


Have a great wekend!

Molly was our star pupil for making superb progress in reading. She had lots of well done stamps on her latest reading booklet! Well done!


After a relaxing half term, we are back in the flow of life in the fast lane of Year 6!


We are honing our Maths and English skills. We have been continuiing to get to grips with operations in Maths - addition, subtraction, and a touch of division. Lots of these calculations are 'life-skills.' After all, we need to know how much change we are due when we go shopping don't we?!!


 In English, we have completed a reading paper called, 'The Great Plague.' It wasn't an easy test but Mrs France predicted who would do well, purely by the way we were sitting and by how positive and determined we looked!! Some of us didn't realise that this was part of the test!!  We found out it's true!! A positive attitude increases scores! WOW!! Our scores are looking very promising and we put a BIG SMILE on our teacher's face. smileysmileysmiley

The really fun part is that when we receive our papers back, we are asked to 'stamp' them, using Mrs France's special 'well done' stamps. no

It is very rewarding to see how our scores are improving over the year. (AND how much LONGER it takes us to stamp our papers!!!)

Our aim is to throw less marks in the bin. Sounds strange doesn't it? If we haven't attempted a question, we have thrown the marks IN THE BIN!!! So whilst we love our marks going UP, that is one number that needs to go down!

Mrs France's other top tip is to NEVER leave out the type of question that involves just ticking or circling words - because even if we are unsure, we could have a lucky guess, couldn't we?!


As part of our grammar work this week, we have been learning about homophones - a word that is pronounced the same but has a different meaning. For example: the word 'rose' (a scented flower and past tense of 'rise.') We have another ROSE in our class, but she's another story!!

Can you work out this one...?

I love _____ on the beach.

I know you are _______ to me! 

Answer next week!


Some of our class have been involved in singing with Mrs Baker, as they are involved in an event quite soon. We are hoping to hear a performance, as we have been told they are fantastic!!


Next week is World Book Day, so get thinking about your costumes, everyone! Also, remember our competition: 'Book in a Bottle.' We can't wait to see everyone's ideas!


Bye for now - have a great weekend!

Mrs France, Mrs Cosgrove, Mrs Dwyer and Year 6F xfrown




In the final week before half term, we have been busy bees, as always!

We have completed a lovely writing task, called 'Simply the Best,' where we had to nominate a member of our school for an award. Can you believe that we actually made Tracy (one of our lovely welfare team) actually CRYcool - in a good way!! She was so touched by the wonderful things that were said about her by both Olivia and Bradley - outstanding writing - well done!!  Other members of staff and our friends were equally pleased to be nominated! crying

As well as that, we have been learning more about SPaG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar). We had a test to see what we can do well and where we need help. One of things we found tricky was finding a suitable question to an answer! What would your questions be to the following answers?

Answer: Every Saturday.

Answer: I ride my bike.

Top tip - questions begin with words like: who, what, where, why, when, how... You could play this game at home - Here's the answer - what was the question!


We have become fraction frazzlers this week! We have been practising: converting and ordering fractions, changing mixed and improper fractions and finding a fraction of an amount! Many of us are feeling confident!no


Healthy eating and the importance of a balanced diet has been the focus in science. We learnt some key vocabulary - protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, ets. Do you know why sailors, long ago, got a horrible disease called scurvy? We do!  As a result, Mrs France noticed how many more of us have begun to eat fruit at breaktime!


We had the pleasure of watching the Year 2, Chinese New Year assembly today - it was AMAZING!! Did you know that Lewis G and Katie O are both 'monkeys' in the Chinese zodiac!


There are Chinese New Year celebrations held in Manchester over the 21st-22nd February - maybe you could go and see what it's all about?


Pupils have been SO MUCH BETTER at returning homework - fantastic! This is great preparation for secondary school! Well done. Reminder - there is some due back on 23rd February!! Make sure it's in on time!


Have a restful and enjoyable half term! Happy Valentine's Day!! heartheartheart

From Mrs France, Mrs Cosgrove, Mrs Dwyer and Year 6F

Our STAR!! Katelin - for having an outstanding work ethic, perfect behaviour and as a result she is making SUPERB PROGRESS!!

Learning about the Chinese New Year with Mrs Roberts - thank you Mrs Dwyer for making our AMAZING dragon!

We are EXPERTS on keeping safe online.

Sophie: Pupil of the Week in 6F. She is a delight to teach, every lesson of every day! Mrs France is SO pleased you came to Westfield!

WOW - Well done Alex and Sophie - you were awarded your Times Tables Wristbands!

Hearts racing, faces beaming, legs skipping: do you think circuit training looks like fun? Our brilliant PE lesson with Mr Willock!

Hello everyone!

The week has whizzed by in a flash! frown


Mrs France is delighted with the class for all our hard work this week indecision - here's what we have been up to since our last blog:


We have been challenging sterotypes in our 'keeping safe' work. Emma L and Sophie created such a powerful writing that they had to go and show Mrs Baker. Emma was arguing for a girl's rugby club because she LOVES it and cannot find anywhere to go and play and Sophie wants her younger brother to be able to join her gymnastics club which is JUST FOR GIRLS!! It was interesting to hear everyone's views and ideas! mail


English - as well as completing a reading assessment, we have had some fun writing a guide for a strange (made-up) creature called a 'MIPTOR!' We have made Mrs France giggle with the various ways we have included 'warnings.' Our animals are truly bizarre!  devil


We have learnt a new super-sentence type this week called  'some;others.' Molly, (clever girl) included one in her writing: 'Some miptors are happy and merry; others are fierce and unfriendly! Isn't it effective? It gives us a great opportunity to show off how to use a semi-colon. no


Maths - we have completed an assessment and Mrs France is right - the more positive our approach, the better the result - we have some pleasing results. We have been encouraged to learn our times tables and try for our wristbands and also, we have been challenged to work on telling the time - so please TEST US at home! We need to be able to tell the time - it is a life skill!! But, we also need to be able to work out questions like this: 'I leave home at 10.30, my journey to my friend's is 1 hour 40 minutes - what time will I arrive?' angel


Science - we learnt some very important information about looking after our bodies and the dangers of smoking.


In CAPITAL'S Topic work, we have continued to work on our London Guides. The class used an interesting website to help us find facts about the tourist sights - we are rapidly becoming experts!!


Our assembly about 'World Book Day,' went well - we were able to give lots of information about the day ... It's going to be great FUN! We can't wait to see what Mrs Dwyer comes as - she's being very mysterious and she's very BUSY making things!! surprise


Break times and lunch times have become VERY exciting - we have taken delivery of an AMAZING music machine - it looks like so much fun that the teachers all want to play out!!!! 


One final week before half term - time to rest and recuperate before a busy half term leading up to Easter!

Finally, reminders that we should all be bringing in homework every week - and planners to show we have been reading - this is VITAL for our progress this year!


See you next week!

Katie - Pupil of the Week. She is the homework QUEEN!

100% Attendance = Non Uniform! Woohoo!

SCIENCE - Yes we DO get out of breath when exercising! Yes our our heart rate increases! Do you know why?!!!

Hello all!

The week has flown by as we speed our way through the spring term! We cannot believe that January is nearly over! sad


We have enjoyed learning about castles this week in a reading comprehension that we have studied. We are learning about how to tackle different types of questions. We have some strange names for them! Did you know there's a SPOTTER, a CLUE-FINDER, a SORTER, a CHATTERER a POINTER enlightened and an EXPLORER??!! Each type of question tests our reading skills in different ways. The spotters are easy-peasy - we just need to read carefully and SPOT the answers in the text. E.g.

Edinburgh castle was built on a massive extinct volcanic rock.

Q- What type of rock lies underneath Edinburgh Castle?

Answers on a postcard to Mrs France please!!!

The clue-finders can be a little tricky -we have to work things out. These questions often start with 'Why...'

Mrs France has reminded us about reading every day! Pupils are also reminded about the homework deadline day - it is always MONDAYS!!! surprise


In maths, we have worked through lots of different things, including the 'mean average.' Again, we worked well on this - Add the numbers and divide by the amount of numbers.

Look at the stickers earned: Katelin = 6  Sophie = 7 Joseph = 8

What'a the average? 6+7+8 = 21.

Divide 21 by the amount of pupils (3) - the average is 7

 As you can see from the photos, we got a little bit out of breath cool in our science investigation. Mr Metcalfe said that our heart heartand breathing rate stays the same after exercising! We proved him wrong!! It was quite difficult to count breaths and take the pulse! Phew!!!!

Topic work has included starting a guidebook about London. We have loved learning about our AMAZING capital city.

Our challenges for next week from Mrs France are: 100 attendance AGAIN. All homework in. Everyone must remember their planner and reading book every day!

See you next week! smiley

Look at who got times tables bands this week!

Emma L Pupil of the week - what a star!

Feeling our pulse and listening to the rhythym of the pulse as we blew into the tube. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.

Hello and welcome to the Year 6F blog!

Well done to all the pupils who have worked very hard this week and therefore deserve a relaxing weekend! We are delighted with the amount of children who have achieved their times tables bands, in recent weeks. It is such a BRILLIANT thing to know our times tables - a real life skill. Will we meet Mrs Baker's challenge for all pupils to achieve their wristbands before they leave Westfield?


Lewis J really has excelled this week and deserves an extra-special mention! Not only has he gained three wristbands in one week but he has had a dogged determination to achieve his GOLD - and after three attempts HE DID IT!!!!!!! Mrs France nearly exploded with excitement and pride! nofrownno

He is a real inspiration to everyone! Who will be next?


A special note of praise must go to Emma J, she was such a fantastic, confident public speaker in a DIGISMART presentation - it really was fascinating to learn some new facts about wildlife - thanks everyone!


We have been transforming shapes in maths - using reflections and rotations. We have discovered that a sharp pencil, tracing paper, a mirror and a ruler are the key to success! Katie S seems to be a whizz! Well done! indecision


English work has involved learning about the features of non-fiction and we have produced some interesting work which links well to our topic, CAPITALS.  It is fun learning about London. Do you know what the tallest building in London is? (We do!) Can you guess how many languages are spoken in Greater London..? Over 300!! WOW!


Mr Metcalfe taught us all about the pulse and we even tried using tubing to make the lub-dub sound, Next week, we are going to test the effect of excersice on the heart. heart


In our 'Keeping Safe' lesson, we have created acrostic poems on the theme of having respect for others and how to be assertive. Beautifully done!


Thank you for reading and see you next week! The 6F team! surprise

Alex was our pupil of the week!! His writing is becoming creative and full of HUMOUR! Well done and keep it up Alex!!

Emma L and Katelin each with a new times tables bands each this week!

Joseph P and Katie O proudly showing off their GOLD BANDS!!!

surpriseHello everyone!

It has been a BUSY, BUSY week here in 6F! We have been making a determined effort to stick to our New Year's resolutions and more of us have gained our times tables bands this week. Excitingly, Katie O and Joseph have achieved their GOLD BANDS!! WOW! WOW! WOW! Mrs France was absolutely delighted but it was quite funny when Katie played a trick on her. She pulled a sad face winkas if she hadn't been successful! She was incredibly convincing cool but in the end her giggles and huge smile frowngave the game away! Well done everyone - more next week!


Our new topic began on Monday and it's called CAPITALS! We have started by finding out about British capitals and are looking forward to learning more about London soon!


In PE, we have been completing circuits and we got very hot and sweaty!! Our pulses were thumping and we were all out of breath! This links nicely to our 'Animals including Humans,' science topic, in which we are learning about the heart. heart


In English, we have been stepping into the shoes of 'Granny' and 'Ben' in our writing and it was very exciting to receive brand new, amazingly detailed dictionaries, which we have used already! Our writing has been so powerful that it has made Mrs France laugh out loud and also cry, because it was so emotional! Excellent work Year 6!

Keep it up! no

Have a great weekend everyone and get ready for another fun, busy week in Year 6, next week!




Olivia - Pupil of the Week! Olivia is growing in self confidence and self belief, every day!

All of these children have achieved at least one times tables wrist band this week! Brody managed TWO! WOW!!!!

We are REALLY enjoying our book - Gangsta Granny!



We have settled straight back into school after a really great Christmas holiday! It was wonderful to catch up with our friends!


At the start of the week, we began to make New Year's Resolutions. Some of us have said that we will make a determined effort to learn our times tables and aim to achieve more wristbands. Mrs France, Mrs Cosgrove and Mrs Dwyer all think this is FANTASTIC and several pupils have achieved bands this week:

Emma L, Sophie, Katelin, Rose, Katie O and believe it or not, Brody has achieved TWO BANDS IN ONE WEEK!! Wow!


All of us have enjoyed working on David Walliams' book, 'Gangsta Granny,' and today, we have compared the film version with the book.


In maths, we have been learning about measures, both length and mass, and converting measurements.


'Capitals'is our next topic - Lewis J, is especially excited!


Mrs France would like to remind us all to make sure that we remember our planners every day and read every day, as well as bringing in homework. The homework deadline is Monday!!!!


Have you done yours?!


Have a great weekend!


Hello everyone!

We have had a relaxing week leading up to Christmas! We have has a couple of new pupils this week - Magic the reindeer and Callum the teddy brought in by Sophie and Brody!

The party was a success - we played a silly chocolate-eating game and danced around in the hall. Everyone was beautifully behaved!


Congratulations to Lewis G who won Pupil of the Week for being kind, sensible and mature.  Singing in the hall was fantastic this morning - the choir sounded wonderful. Mrs Pennington kept on shouting, 'IT'S CHRISTMAS!' but Mr Price has refused to let her join the choir!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Our Victorian cake-making and decoratiing was a HUGE success! Mrs Cosgrove thought we were all AMAZING!!

We learnt how to use a 'Control' programme on the computers. Mr Moore was VERY impressed with our skills! Thank you for helping us Mr Moore!

       Hello and welcome to Y6F blog .


We have been learning about area in maths ,to be honest it is quite tricky! However, with perseverence, we are getting to grips with it!


In English, we have had a writing competition. We wrote letters to Father Christmas to see how much our handwriing has improved. Congratulations to Brody who was our class winner! Take a look at the results on our homepage!


Our electronic games look amazing! We have made quiz boards with a circuit board - it wasn't easy! We had to check our wires very carfeully and with a little help from our friends, we DID IT!


Our Keeping Safe lesson was about the media and how it can infuence the way we think about ourselves. We had a think about what is amazing about ourselves and then repeated the activity for a friend in class. It was easy to say lovely things about our friends and it is so important to LOVE ourselves!


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Sophie's gymnastics team came first in a competition at Flick Flack in Chorley. She won 'silver' in everything! WOW! Congratulations!

We have had a great week! We have been making electric light-up games, creating our Christmas Booklets and baking Victorian Christmas Cakes!

And here's a few more!

Shaun's amazing achievement certificate!

Hello and welcome!


Our 'Pupil of the Week'is Shaun, whose writing has become much neater and more imaginative! WOW! Well done Shaun and keep it up!


We have completed assessment week and have worked soooooo hard!! Mrs France is very impressed with our hard-working and mature attitude! By the time our final SAT tests are here, next May,  she has promised us that we will be saying, "BRING IT ON - WE'RE READY!!"

Some of our writing has given Mrs France goosebumps because it is so powerful! WOW!


In Topic, we made our very own Victorian toy: a spinner! They look fabulous - don't you agree?


Our 'surprise,' on Thursday, lived up to expectations! We learnt about a Victorian Christmas and then made our very own Christmas Cracker! It was great fun!


To start the week, we made an Advent promise as well as thinking about what we are grateful to have in our lives. A chocolate treat from the calendar awaits one lucky person, per day - it's a nice end to the day!


It's the handwriting competition next week and the winners will be announced next Friday, in a special assembly; who will it be?!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Year 6F









It's all about Crackers!

Victorian Christmas! Cracker-making!

Pupil of Week: Bradley for having an amazing work ethic and an increasingly mature attitude! Well done and KEEP IT UP!

Emma's birthday cake! YUMMY!

Hello and welcome!

There is no doubt - we have worked our little socks off this week! And, we have made Mrs France incredibly proud, in lots of ways!


Following our visit to Quarry Bank Mill, we have thought about how our lives contrasted with those poor Victorian working children, whose lives were so awful. Did you know the poor things had to work for 12 hours a day in the cotton mill, six days per week?


It was exciting to discover that we had received a letter from a Victorian child. Mrs France received a letter from the Master at the schoolhouse from Quarry Bank MIll. He was asking for our help! The master said that his children had been asking what life would be like in the future! Each of us received a very old, crumpled letter, in a distressed envelope, complete with a red wax seal. There was an 'S' imprinted into the wax. Very intruiging! Some of us guessed  it could have been from Samuel Greg - the owner of the mill. In those days, gentlemen used their signet rings to seal letters and scrolls!


We set about writing back and told the Victorian children how much our own lives have improved. Some of us showed a lot of sypmathy for the children, in our letters! Mrs Baker was visiting our classroom and she said our work was a,  'Sheer pleasure! to read!'

Here is Molly's opening paragraph:

'Dear Victorian Girl,

I felt very emotional when I read your letter, I wish I was alive in your time to make a change. When I visited Quarry Bank Mill, I felt so angry with Samuel Greg. Why could he not just stop all of  the cruelty and help you poor and sick children? At your age, you should be free and happy, not be a slave. You have probably forgotten what it feels like to be a child.'


Molly's writing brought goosebumps to everyone! Also, she was so inspired after her visit to the mill, that she made a Victorian dolly! As a result, in music, we have been singing 'Miss Molly had a dolly who was SICK, SICK,  SICK!'


Our class assembly on Tuesday, was very well received - we shared our topic work and a photo slideshow. Our voices were loud and clear and our work was STUNNING!


As well as all of this, we have been designing an electronic game in science and completing some assessments.

So - we do deserve a relaxing weekend!


See you next week - we know there is something exciting happening next Thursday, but, as usual, Mrs France's lips are sealed!




Our week got off to a very exciting start on Monday morning! Oh no it didn't... Oh yes it DID!! Can you guess what our surprise was? You've got it! A panto! What a treat and even better - it was Sleeping Beauty, which linked perfectly with our recent work on the film Maleficent!


As if that wasn't enough excitement for one week - we also had an amazing day at Quarry Bank Mill which deepened our understanding of what life was like for Victorian mill workers. We stepped into the shoes of the Victorian apprentices who worked at the mill from the age of 9 to 18. They worked a very, VERY long day - twelve hours, from 6 a.m. The jobs were dangerous and difficult. After that, they spent an hour in the school room at the apprentice house. Although life was dreadfully hard for them, the alternative (the workhouse) was much worse!

You can see (below) that we looked a little afraid of the terrribly strict schoolmaster. Every time we spoke to him, we had to call him 'SIR!' The biggest shock was that the boys were treated in a superior way - they had to line up separately and were always allowed to go everywhere first! Thank goodness we live in the 21st century!


Congratulations to Leah! She won the pupil of the week award because she stood out in the crowd as she made copious notes throughout the entire day at Quarry Bank Mill. Well done!



Enjoy the photographs!

Have a safe and happy weekend!




Our Superhero day to raise money for Children in Need!

Hello everyone!

Our pupil of the week is BRODY!! Congratulations - what a STAR! smiley

What busy bees we have been this week! Finally, we have completed our 'Charge of the Light Brigade' animations! Please do take a look at them in the 'Latest News' section of our website...


Are you impressed? We were honest in our evaluations and realise that some improvements can be made. It is vital, for example , that the fallen (in other words, 'dead' soldiers remain still!!! Hope you enjoy our work!


In English this week, we have continued to use the film Maleficent to inspire our writing. We have written some fabulous descriptions of the setting, which was called The Moors.


Katie S opened her descritpion with this: 'Imagine a mythical world where secrets are kept, where enchanted creatures come out to play, where crystal clear waterfalls drift off the mountains: this place is called The Moors.'



We are becoming fraction frazzlers, in maths and have been ordering them by finding common denominators, as well as finding fractions of amounts. Perseverence has been the ksy to success in this tricky concept!


Our new science topic is ELECTRCITY. We have been making circuits and working out how to make a bulb brighter.


Today is Children in Need day - all the teachers in the Upper Phase have come dressed as the superheroes that they really are: The Remarkables! devil

Hopefully. we will raise a LOT of money for this worthy cause!! no


There's lots to look forward to next week, including our visit to Quarry Bank Mill on Thursday. A reminder - WE MUST BRING ALL PERMISSION SLIPS IN BY MONDAY 17TH NOVEMBER PLEASE!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Year 6Fheart





These children have achieved 100% attendance last half term! Well done!

Our Cinema visit to take part in Film Week!

Hello and welcome!


Our pupil of the week is Leah  who is making brilliant progress in writing. Well done and keep it up.


What an AMAZING week! As part of our English work, we have been to watch the fantastic film, Maleficent! Firstly, our behaviour througout the morning was excellent! Mrs France said that Westfield were easily the most sensible children in the cinema and we all remembered our manners on our way out! We all throroughly enjoyed ourselves and have completed some wonderful follow-up work this week, including a film review. Our work will eventually go on display in the Upper Phase group room!


Topic work included writin a diary. We stepped into the role of Jimmy Turton a Vitoriam child-worked in the mines. Some of our writing had such pathos (in other words it made Mrs France feel like crying because ot was SO sad!


Fractions have kept us busy in Maths this week - we have learnt how to find equivalent fractions and how to simplify them too!


On Wednesday, Louise came in to talk to us about growing up and the changes we will experience... We were so mature and sensible throughout the morning.


Finally, Mrs France was delighted that we were all in school the day after Bonfire Night and has made us promise to take care over the weekend if we are celebrating with fireworks over the weekend.

Sadly, Jack  is moving to another school today - we will miss him and all wish him well!

Good Luck Jack!

Whistler paintings

Indoor breaktime fun!

Welcome to Year 6F weekly blog!


Congratulations to Katie S our pupil of the week! For giving 100% in EVERY lesson. She is a wonderful Year 6 role model and a pleasure to teach!


We are still reeling from Lisa Nandy's visit and the fact that she tweeted about us world-wide! She was so impressed by the pupils she met in Year 6F, in particular, Lewis G, and Olivia who told her, in detail, all about their future career aspirations! She told the pulic that she had met the future fire-men and fashion designers in the world! WOW!


It was VERY EXCITING to choose some new class books from the book fair this week. We are thoroughly enjoying them!


In English, we have been learning everything there is to know about nouns - both abstract and concrete. It was fun to experiemnt with interesting and poetic ideas combining them.


Our computing lessons have allowed us to use a program called 'stop-animation,; Look out - you will se our creations very soon.


In maths, we have employed what we know of multiplication and division to help us solve tricky word problems - Sophie and Katelin have particulary impressed Mrs France with their superb concentration and perseverance!


Our art work has focused on the Victorian painter, James Whister, we have sketched and created a water-colour. What an enjoyable lesson!


We have a new thumbs-up award - thanks to Mrs Dwyer! The most impressive group win the award, along with a sticker each! We all love it when it lans on our table!


Everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break next week, but of course, we will be thoroughly excited to come back, ESPECIALLY as we have a cinema visit to look forward to! Have we all remembered our permission slips?


Have a great half-term break everyone!


We survived the tail-end of the hurricane - even indoor breaktimes in Year 6 are fun - thanks to our great welfare staff who bring fabulous games for us to play with!


Hello and welcome to our weekly blog!

Congratulations to our pupil of the week: Katelin - she has eagerness to learn, amazing listening skills and a calm approach to work. As a result, she is making AMAZING progress! Well done Katelin!

Another busy week here in Year 6!


We have been mastering the art of long division and have made enormous progress in this tricky concept! In English, our 'balanced argument' writing has been completed and Katie's work is proudly on display. Mrs France was super impressed with our fantastic hard work and attention to handwriting!


The Year 6 Speaking Group, (Emma, Jheen, Junior and Charlotte) represented Westifield at the Junior Speaks competition on Tuesday. They were fantastic and showed all the necesssary skills: poise, expression, pauses, use of gesture and a touch of humour:  they have made us all very proud! The group called themselves '21st Century KIDZ!' They spoke about what it is REALLY like to be a child in the 21st century... Well done!


We have thought about overcoming obstacles this week and considered what our aspirations for the future are. We have written ourselves a note, which will be sealed and opened at a date in the future. How many of us will achieve our dreams?


Lisa Nandy, our local MP came to visit and we showcased our work - our brilliant speaking skills and our hopes for the future - she was terribly impressed by what she heard and saw today. See the photographs, which may appear in the local newspapers!



Lisa Nandy came to visit. She was very impressed with our speaking group.

Are you impressed with our hopes and career apirations?

We enjoyed the cakes! We are proud of our mind apples and just look at our Light Books!! DId you notice that we are in non-uniform? 100% attendance last week!!! YESSSSS! Go 6F

Hello everyone!

Congratulations to Katie O who won the achievement certificate this week - for 'bringing her sunny smile, positive approach to lessons and fantastic all-round attitude into class EVERY DAY! What a pleasure to teach!

 Mrs France was able to meet many of our parents/carers this week and she and Mrs Cosgrove and Mrs Dwyer were able to explain how well we have all settled into Year 6. Everything has been explained...including our progress so far, our general attitude and behaviour and homework expectations. Any parents who were unable to come this week are welcome to make another appointment.


The week got off to an exciting start for Bradley. It was his 11th birthday and his generous mum baked the most delicious cupcakes. They were lovely!


Meanwhile, in class, we have carefully planned and begun to write a balanced argument on the subject of :'Should primary school children be allowed televisions in their bedrooms?' Mrs France is impressed so far and after we have edited and improved our work, she will have the tricky task of choosing some to be displayed! Oh dear!


Our speakers are in full rehearsal and will be ready to face the challenge of the local compeition'Junior Speaks' which takes place at Sacred Heart school on Tuesday 14th! Good Luck to Emma, Jheen, Junior, and our main speaker, Charlotte! There are 28 teams taking part and we are sure they will do us proud!


We have been scratching our heads whilst doing some very tricky long multipications in maths but we  have persevered and are gaining confidence!


Our 'Light' topic is coming to an end and as a final piece, we have made some super little books to explain our new-found knowledge!


We all think we deserve a relaxing weekend after such a busy week and as always are looking forward to another exciting week at Westfield, next week. We have a VIP visitor coming to see us next Friday, but, as usual, Mrs France is keeping us in suspense! Who will it be???????????????


In PSHE, we thought about how to have a healthy mind - and drew our ideas into an apple - an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


Bye for now - have a GREAT weekend!

Hello everyone!


Congratulations to Molly for her achievement certificate... 'For going the extra mile in English lessons this week. She has an admirable determintaion to improve her writing! Well done Molly and keep it up!


Another busy week here in Year 6F! It was lovely to see some of our ex-pupils on Tuesday. They visited our assembly and gave us lots of useful information about Abraham Guest Secondary School. This was particularly interesting as we are all thinking ahead already to which school we will opt for in the near future!

Excitingly, Mrs Carlson began a cookery club this week. Some of us have already been selected and more of us will have the opportunity to take part later in the year. See the pictures - we had such fun and the food was delicious!


We are continuing to work hard in all our lessons and have been learning how to write a balanced argument in English. We have discussed the issue of whether mobile phones should be banned in schools and we had some interesting views! Next week, we will be writing our own discussion text focusing on the issue of TVs in bedrooms... please tell us your views at home! In addition, we have been thinking about the forthcoming competition: Junior Speaks, where 28 schools in Wigan compete to win first place. We have written our ideas about the topic, 'What's it really like to be a kid in the 21st century.' It's not easy you know!!!


We had an exciting science lesson where we made periscopes. It was funny seeing Mrs France hiding behind her desk and able to spy on us!!!!  Our topic work involved writing a diary from Oliver Twist's point of view - you can se some of our work on display next week at Parents' Evening! The teachers are looking forward to meeting everyone and hope that you can all make it.

The book fair will be open after school next week - please see the newsletter for more details!

Have a lovely weekend!

Our first cookery club...

Making periscopes!

WOW! What a busy week!


BREAKING NEWS! Bradley and Emma L have been voted in as school councillors - we are so proud of them and wish them well!


Sophie was our pupil of the week - she is an asset to the class and we are thrilled that she came to Westfield!


We have been learning about formal and informal language in our English lessons. We were asked to write an informal email and asked to use all the correct features. Mrs France thought our work was GR8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our shape and angle hunt on the ALPS was fun and worthwhile - we found myriad shapes!


In science we have investigated shadows and refracrion - that is the bending of light and it can create some weird and wonderful 'optical illusions.'


We are all looking forward to hearing about Mrs Baker's Winmarleigh Hall visit next week and on Monday, we are doing something very exciting, but Mrs France hasn't told us what it is yet!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!







Hello! We have had a great week! Our star pupil of the week is Lewis Jones, who has made an excellent start in Year 6, has been impressing us with his fantastic use of vocabulary, both written and verbally! Well done Lewis!


We read a story in English and it was set in 1938! Mrs Cosgrove brought some fantastic artefacts in (from her doll's house) for us to see. It was fascinating to hear about how life has changed in so many ways since this time! We were shocked to find out that 'washing day' was on Mondays and took all day! We are in the process of drafting a description of a room and learning how to improve it by checking and re-drafting better ideas using varied punctuation and improved vocabulary. .


2D and 3D shapes have been the focus of our maths work this week and Mrs France was particularly pleased that we could identify lots of nets correctly. We now know how to find properties of shapes including, vertices, edges and faces.


On Thursday we enjoyed a games lesson with Mr Willock from Abraham Guest. He will be teaching us thoughout the year and he insists that we all have a kit. This must be remembered on Thursdays.


Some children have remembered to bring their homework in and the last day will be Monday. Mrs France has reminded us to learn all of our spellings over the weekend!


See below for some photographs of our games lesson...





Hello and welcome to the very first blog of the year! We are all feeling very grown up in our new uniforms and every one agrees that we look terribly smart! Don't we?! (See the photograph below!)


We are settling into new routines very well and coped with the changes to the timetable without any fuss!  In English (we don't call it 'literacy' anymore,) we have been looking at reading skills and thinking about how to write a diary.  Shape work has been the main focus of our maths and we have begun a LIGHT topic in science! Also, this week we have had French with Mrs Wilson and PE with Mr Wilcox from Abraham Guest!


Mrs France, Mrs Cosgrove and Mrs Dwyer are delighted with our hard work and super attidude throughout the week and it was a very difficult choice to pick a pupil of the week. However, for going the extra miile and setting an incredibly high standard in Year 6, the award goes to ROSE!! Well done!


Can we remind all parents to please sign the planners that we have brought home?



Have a great weekend everyone



*** School reports are to be sent to parents via Weduc on Friday 10th July. Take Care, Stay Safe ***